... a solo show that would put many performers half his age to shame ... superstar..Locorriere demonstrated the true meaning of the word ... instantly recognisable, spine-tingling, sexy vocals wowed the audience ... a truly magnificent singing voice ... rising from the tenderest emotionial whisper to a powerful roar, his voice is one of the most distinctive sounds in popular music ... Dennis Locorriere, fully lived up to his world-wide reputation a one of the most enduring musical legends of our time.... he enthralled a capacity audience... oozed star quality and charisma... held his appreciative audience spell-bound... truly memorable night... ranking alongside the appearances by other legends such as Johnny Cash... I was totally swept away by the power and emotion in his voice... It was one of the greatest one-man shows I have ever seen... Not many singers could sing like that for two hours on their own with just a guitar...Absolutely brilliant top performance!!!!... such a generous performer with bags of charisma and a terrific sense of humour ... pure brilliance ... Long may he tour ...
Dennis Locorriere former lead singer of Dr Hook in actionDennis LocorriereDennis Locorriere Live
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New  Palmerston North, NZ
The show was amazing!  I grew up listening to Dr. Hook when my parents were playing it on the record player and last night got to see Dennis Locorriere and the Band play all the songs I knew and some I didn't along with my parents who travelled to see the show with my wife and I.
I loved hearing Dennis' stories about how certain albums and songs came about and how he interacted with the crowd. The show in Palmerston North had an early "interlude" with a fire alarm going off, but when we are all back in and seated Dennis kicked the show of 'right where we left off' - literally.  straight back into the final verse of 'Only 16'.

Brilliant show, and I would certainly go again given the chance. Thank You..
New  Auckland
I have one word to describe the concert in Auckland. Awesome!!!
This was a great night and Dennis seems to just get better and better. Keep doing what you are doing. You have a real talent and you sure know how to use it.
New  Palmerston North New Zealand
DL was on Fire last night he was so good we had to leave the building for 25 mins then we got back in to a great night that nearly brought the house down.
Paul and Janette
New  Hamilton
Hi Dennis,
Your show last night in Hamilton was sensational. The vibe was in that theatre was not something you get to experience very often at a live show. Well done and thank you for keeping Dr Hook music alive. Enjoy the rest of your time in New Zealand.
regards, Bevan

New Timaru, New zealand

Thanks for an amazing evening, I loved every minute and havent stopped smiling since. X

New Christchurch

Wow!!! Dennis - thank you so much for a truly awesome show last night in Christchurch. We had such a great time singing along to all your fabulous songs....you put so much into your shows! And I am STILL singing! Please come back again soon!!!
Dennis Locorriere & His Band
Post Cool

the brindley, runcorn
Really enjoyed the show, we had a fantstic night xxxxx C

Dennis, Just a quick line to say how much I enjoyed the show last night in Kilmarnock. I saw you in Glasgow earlier this year and I thought your band was excellent so I wanted to catch you again before you go your separate ways. I was hoping to see you at the Ferry but I had gigs over the weekend with my band so I decided on Kilmarnock instead. It sounds like I had a lucky escape. I can only ask that you do not hold it against the Scots that a select few decided to act like dicks. Post Cool is one of my favorite albums of 2010 and I found it very refreshing to see that you included so many songs from it in the setlist of this tour. It really annoys me when you go to see an artist/band who are supposed to be touring an album but their setlist contains 18 "classics" with 2 new songs hidden in the middle somwhere. Some might say that they are just keeping the fans happy but I feel that it shows how little confidence they have in their new material if they choose to neglect it so soon after it has been recorded. Anyway, I've started ranting so I shall summarize: Great voice + tight band + perfect setlist = fantastic show! Cheers Dennis, come back soon! Steven

great night denis as always , old and new songs a good mix , but i wonder why so many of your songs make me have tears in my eyes....hurry back ....loved you since 1973 that will never stop xxx AD


The Ferry Glasgow
Mr Locorriere was fantastic, the songs from the new album were soooo cool. I was pleased, as those are the songs I had travelled so far to hear,the oldies are nice, but its much more exciting to hear new material that's every bit as good ,in some instances even better.The venue was not the best, we could not get a decent viewpoint downstairs, so we chose to watch on the screens upstairs.This did not marr our enjoyment of the show, as the man,and the band "ROCKED"(literally). JB

ferry glasgow
just to say fantastic show, when r u back in glasgow ! L

Another great gig,full of warmth and humour...old favourites mixed in with some great new songs from the new cd...a really tight band, and Dennis,s vocals throughout, and his lead guitar on the last number were brilliant Great versions of Queen of the Silver Dollar, and Lucy Jordan...as they say up here ...Haste ye back. A

Rothes HallGlenrothes
Hi, what can I say yet again another brilliant night from you and the band. Saw you in February in Aberdeen and it was fantastic. This was equally fantastic if not better than that. Thought you handled the rose presentation brilliantly, no doubt a song in that, and would just like toass that I really enjoyed Gary Fletcher brilliant guitarist. Anyway I hope the rest of the tour goes well and that you are back in Aberdeen very soon. Stewart

Saw the show on Friday 3rd Sept - Dennis you were amazing. Really luv the Dr Hook songs, but as a solo artist you are fab. The band are great, but as always, your personality shines through! Can't wait for the next tour. S

Hi Dennis, Just wanted to say you were great, really enjoyed the show. The supporting band was terrific too. You should do this for a living!! KB

Hi Dennis,really enjoyed the show last Friday,it was good to hear the old hits from your Dr Hook days,together with your new material from your new album. You have a wonderful voice and excellent guitar skills,most enjoyable show. Best Wishes Clive

Dennis. Wow - What a great concert, full of warmth and humour . Having seen your 'one man' show many times,it was fantastic hearing all the songs with your superb backing band, and is it just me or is this new album maybe one of the best you have ever done? - some amazing tracks there.Looking forward to seeing you next time, and please give the Robin 2 another go if you do.Cool! well ok Post Cool!! A

Norwich Theatre Royal 2nd April 2010 and Symphony Birmingham 9th April 2010
Dennis, What can I say you transported me back to 1976 when I first saw you at the Rainbow Theatre in London and again in 1977. You still have a beautiful voice and are a talented songwriter and musician. How could I not follow you to Birmingham! Looking forward to seeing again. Mary X

Its been six years since I last went to a concert(lived in Northampton at the time) and found that Dennis was sounding as brilliant as ever ... I must admit I am a diehard Hook fan and that is what I wanted to hear BUT I loved hearing the new ones and I know a lot of those are going to become favourites alongside the others.(The new album has been bought) I went through my teens with the music and it has kept me going through the years and dare I say that Dennis I rate you far more than some of those mega big superstars that I enjoy as well!! You are talented, dependable for quality and approachably human ...long may you continue to give total enjoyment to all who listen to you. A brillilant concert all round, your band, your support act (well what can I say ..he's Welsh ...) Come back soon ....please ....... J.W.

Nottingham Royal Centre
My Husband and I recently went to the concert at Nottingham's Royal Centre. I would just like to say what a fantastic performer Dennis is. We thoroughly enjoyed his performance and bought the CD immediately. We've always been fans of Dr Hook and booked the show as soon as it was advertised. We look forward very much to the next time we can see Dennis and his fantastic band Regards Margaret and Alan Garrod

Actually, I went along to the show to see Andy F-L, but I thought your set was awesome, and I enjoyed both the old and the new choons. I'll be buying a copy of Post Cool. I was also very impressed with the guitar work of Pete Brown... I thought he was absolutely amazing. Thanks for a great evenings entertainment... I'll certainly come to see your act again :-) GP

Symphony hall Birmingham
Would just like to say my husband and I really enjoyed the concert. Thought that hearing the new materiel was just as enjoyable as hearing the old songs.We thought the whole evening with Andy Fairweather-Lowe also was one to remember thank you both SMJ

Hi Dennis Saw your show at Birmingham Symphony Hall last night - what can I say, you get better with age!! I love all the concerts that you do, whatever the format, but I do prefer it when you have a band, and boy what a band this time. The whole evening was fantastic and your new songs are great. I have one thing I would like to ask you - if you are going to be singing the songs about your ex wives, does this mean you won't be singing She Believes In Me anymore? If so, it's a real shame as it is such a beautiful song. Finally, your guitar work on Hearts Like Yours And Mine was sensational and a fitting end to a wonderful show, but then I never come away disappointed. This goes back to seeing you in Dr Hook and then almost every year since you came back solo to the UK in I think 1991 or 1992. You stood on the stage at the Alexandra Theatre in Birmingham and asked the audience to shout out their requests. I have never forgotten that night. Have a great final gig in Belfast & come back to the West Midlands soon. Lots of love & luck Chris Beavon P.S. My husband Derek thinks you are great too!

You are so right - you should come to Wales more often - it may not be true that we can all sing (particularly in my case) but we don't let that stop us. Mainly I wanted to respond to your thanks for us listening to your new songs even though you assume we want to hear the old ones. This is ofcourse also true but can I say that the ones become old friends surprisingly quickly. The last (and first time)I saw you was in Beaufort a couple of years ago where I heard your solo stuff for the first time. During the Show in Cardiff I found that the song I wanted to hear most was 'Shine Son'. So keep introducing the new stuff - it just gives us more 'favorites' to choose from. take care and come back soon Diolch Gaynor

Saw you last month at the Cliffs Pavilion in Southend. I was in the front row and presented you with a rose which you said you'd eat later(will get you chocolates next time!) Really enjoyed the night and have since bought the new album which I've played so much even the hamster knows the words!Hope you come back to Southend again soon. A.

Just had to send you aline to say thanks for a fantastic show last night. I have seen you many times but last night excelled all before, owing to the great band and the excellant set list, it was as if i'd sent you my favorite list of songs,old & new. Only wish you'd song acouple more "out of the dark "tracks, but i guess thats me been greedy. Thanks J.P.

birmingham symphony hall
hi dennis im just writing to say how much i enjoyed the show at the birmingham symphany hall last night 9/4/2010 it was a wonderful night and it was a pleasure meet you at the end of the show and have my picture taken with you i was the gentleman in the wheelchair i was with my parents it was great to hear somer of the new songs from your post cool album it was also good to hear some of your dr hook hits thankyou for a wonderful evening S.H.

Have just arrived home after a wonderful night out at Dennis' show at Symphony Hall in Birmingham. I love the new band. They are refreshingly young and talented, and compliment Dennis beautifully. Dennis was awesome , as always. He seems to have absorbed energy from the youth surrounding him and gave a stunning performance. He reminds me of a diamond. You enjoy its beauty as a whole, yet when you look deeper into it you see the many, many different facets that make it into the special stone it is. As a diamond, Dennis' talent is a gift to be treasured by us all. A great show. Thank you B

St David's Hall Cardiff
Hi Dennis, What a fantastic night. Everything was so good, you (of course!!), the songs and the band. When you finished with "Hearts" it was magic!!! Only thing missing was a chance to get up and dance, so difficult to keep still in my seat...lol Hope Cardiff was good to you, and hope you come back to see us again. Little seaside town called Porthcawl would be a brilliant venue for you. We also have some great after show parties in our local hotel. Thanks for autograph and photo, I'll try and submit it to your page when I figure out how to do it. Technology keeps running ahead of me, it gets harder to keep up!!! Thanks again for a brilliant night, Take care, Audrey xx

Great show in Worthing last weekend. Band were excellent but Lr. L was supreme. Greatly appreciated the mix of the old and the selection of 'Post Cool' tracks during the evening. Thanks Dennis for signing my old vinyl copy of 'Live in the UK' and 'Post Cool' of course. As of yesterday 'Post Cool' was no. 4 on Amazon 'country' chart??!! See you in September, I hope R.P.

Truro, hall for Cornwall
Thanks for a great show you and your band were amazing having seen you many times before in the last ten years each time gets better. I am looking forward to seeing you live again. Garry.

Well, where to begin? Having been brought up listening to Dr Hook, and probably being the one band that would always remind me of my mum, you were the obvious choice as a belated treat for Mothers day! I suspect that here is the point where I should probably apologise, bare with me.When I first heard your show being advertised on the radio, I didn't actually realise you were part of the original group but thought that mum would probably enjoy your concert anyway. Obviously I was pleasantly surprised to discover you are in fact an original. (In more ways than one I suspect!) My only excuse being I was probably in nappies when you joined Dr Hook, so hope you don't think too badly of me. Apologies and explanations aside, I was absolutely amazed at how brilliant you and your new found band were. I was expecting to enjoy a few of your "oldies", as a reminder of my childhood but was honestly only really there as I knew it would make mum happy. Imagine my surprise to be absolutely blown away by you. Every song was as enjoyable as the next, although some were completely different. Best of all though, I think, was your personality and charisma. You came across as a genuine, kind, intelligent and extremely humerous guy.Someone that I'd actually quite like to be friends with.(Why that was such a surprise, I don't actually know. I mean you don't look bad or anything! ha ha). Seriously I was very impressed with your interaction with the audience and how you genuinely appeared to be enjoying yourself, it certainly made my night out a memorable one. The only downside to the whole evening was that I never realised you would be available for signings and meet and greets as it were, so I had pre booked a taxi for us. So although I purchased a copy of post cool, unfortunately we were unable to wait long enough to get it signed. We waited as long as we could but time wasn't on our side unfortunately. I know mum was disappointed, but I have promised her that next time you give a concert near us I'll drive, ensuring we can spend as long queueing as needed. Looking forward to seeing you again, hopefully not too far in the distant future. Thank you again for a wonderful evening, and may everything work out well for you! Best wishes Marie x

princess theatre,Torquay
Absolutely brilliant. The new songs were fantastic, after hearing them I had no choice but to purchase the new CD 'Postcool'. The band were as tight as a gnats arse. And Dennis L, has a voice to die for. After the gig Dennis took time out to sign autographs,pose for pictures, and to meet his fans. He also gave my son (aged 12) his plectrum from the nights show, spending a few minutes talking with him - even though there was a queue of people waiting to meet him. Mr 'D.L' did not charge us any money to meet him, as some so called stars do (check out the meet and greet tickets for other artistes £200+), thanks for everthing last night. Well worth the price of the entrance fee. You made my sons night really special,you are a true gent. We both look forward to seeing you again in the not too distant future,I am now one of the converted. We will both spread the word about what a great performer,singer,songwriter and artist you are...A big big thank you from the both of us. Good luck.....Laurie and Jack (Not quite 'Postcool')

torquay, devon
Hi Dennis, thanks for a BRILLIANT show last night, you were great and my mate Alan, was so impressed with his first live show and your kindness afterwards in the bar, meeting fans. I hope you like the present too.I love the new material and your band are an incredible bunch of talented people, long may you all continue. please come back soon. love and respect twinkle xx

Fantastic set in Torquay last evening and good to meet you. The 5 dragees I brought along had a great time and will venture out to see you again !! The photos and autographs were much appreciated and all were suprised at your availability to meet and greet. P

great show new album one of the best yet. A

King's Theatre, Southsea and Worthing Pavilion
Hi Dennis We just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed your show on the POST COOL tour. We live in Southsea and saw you there on 14March and were blownaway! We loved it so much we came up to Worthing on 3April too!! Your band are amazing and it was such a pleasure to hear you all together.Wow. We are running out of shows to come and see you again, but please come back one day!! Thanks a million Dennis for what you do... With Love to you and yours XXXXX P and C

Torquay - April 6th
Hi Dennis Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the concert last night. It's not fair that we can't all be born with the talent you were born with!! The band were superb too, especially the guy who played all the instruments (Joe Brown's son?). Enjoyed hearing Wide Eyed and Legless 'live' too (AFL). Loved the tracks you played from Post Cool - the one about the guitar that's been everywhere and the one about being a dickhead! Am gonna try and download the album today to get the bonus track. I read your blog most days, was interested to see you mention Muscle Shoals once. Was just curious to know if you ever met Lynyrd Skynyrd and what you thought of them. I'm a big fan of theirs (the original stuff, not the post crash stuff with RVZ's brother) and it's a shame they never really seem to get any airplay in the UK. Hope you enjoy resting after this tour and hope to see you play again in the South West in the future. I met you briefly after the show last night but sadly was too overawed to say much! My friend did ask you about your no. 13 badge though. Will attempt to download the photo. Best Wishes Sarah

Cadogan Hall
Your show at the Cadogan was fantastic! I have been a fan for ever but can only say you get better and better. Also, your personal problems have added a depth and irony to your creativity and performance, so let that be some comfort! I love your new album and please keeping on touring! D.P-H

cadogan hall
Great show Dennis,you didn't look tired belting out "Queen of the silver dollar" Great band too,it was my 4th time seeing you perform and won't be the last.. G.

Norwich Theatre Royal on April 2nd 2010
Hi Dennis, Thank you so much for a fantastic evening of the most fabulous music, your voice as ever was incredible, we loved all the old stuff from the Dr Hook days and really enjoyed the new ... especially Ask Her! (I cant stop singing it). Next time you come to Norwich please, please sing Oh! Jesse, it's my all time favourite song ever. Best regards, your ever loyal fan Sarah. p.s. didn't get a chance to meet you after the show to get my album cover signed .... next time! S.S.

Another brilliant night at Worthing Pavilion , my wife and I enjoyed your concert, it was the fourth we have done..did alot of our courting to your music , Sylvias mother Lucy Jordan When you're in love with a beautiful woman etc. we wanted to buy your new C.D but the queue was huge so will pick it up later. Keep up the good work we both love the music. M.S

Buxton Opera House - 30 March 2010
Dennis and his band were absolutely amazing. A great performance and no stops for a rest. He improves with age. His band was terrific and Amy Smith was outstanding, as was the drummer, keyboards, guitarist etc. I would go to every single performance if it was possible. Well done Dennis and all....come back again soon. Nev & pals.

Great, great show. I last saw Dennis with Dr. Hook in Brighton in '79? The new songs from Post Cool went down well and Dennis has lost none of his songwriting ability. Thanks for a great night and thanks for signing my vinyl copy of 'Dr. Hook Live in the U.K'. How about a live album from the current tour? Thanks Dennis Roger


Dennis We have been to many of you’re shows and have toughly enjoyed each for there content and individuality. Last night was another spectacular show dare we say in its own way one of the best. You and the new band seem to gel so well as if you had been performing for years. A new re invented Dennis someone destined to go on forever. To you thank you for many years of great music and entertainment, to the band a truly a great mix of musical talent, we cant wait till we can get to the next show. Chriss & Avril

Orchard Theatre Dartford - 31/03/2010
What a fantastic night - loved the "fresh new songs" from Post Cool & of course the classics - we all luv them don't we??? Band was excellent, AFL excellent & of course Dennis EXCELLENT Thank you for signing my copy of your Post Cool CD & posing for a couple of pics - I brought tickets for my friend for her birthday & we had the most fantastic time rounded off by meeting you eventutally, even though there were loads of people to get through - you were kind enough to take the time after a busy old tour - seen you loads of times before but never had the courage to come and meet you - thank you for a fantastic night & for making my best friend's birthday so special - Patsy

Another great night - enjoyed the new stuff (Ask Her stands out in my mind) and love the old stuff - so glad you did Lucy Jordan and Sylvia's Mother. We really enjoyed it - come back soon! B
Norwich - Theatre Royal - April 2nd 2010
This morning, from my 4th-floor Norwich city center hotel window ,I swear I could see scaffolding around the Theatre Royal and a team of Norfolk's finest workmen beavering feverishly to repair the roof that AFL & DL raised last night ! Andy does a fantastic 40-min set that showcases his 30-odd years in the business - I especially liked his "intros-medley" to show us some of the folks he's worked with ! Dennis and The Band With No Name were in top form again from the very first song (Call Me) right thru' to the encore finale (Hearts Like Yours and Mine) . Lovely Amy and multi-instrumentalist Pete were out of view from where I sat , but their contributions to the evening were obvious. Paul and Mike kept it all together in the Rhythm Deparment and Richard's excellent keyboard work added great depth and atmosphere to it all , I think. Over 90-minutes we were treated to almost all of POST COOL live , a couple from DLs other solo albums and a handful of Hooky favourites . No show-stopping incidents - just a dropped plectrum , that was swiftly replaced from the back-pocket ! Like me , the 600-odd good people of Norwich that packed the theatre enjoyed it all immensely , with lively , appreciative and noisy applause and cheering . A pretty hefty Meet 'n' Greet queue afterwards too . THANK YOU - Dennis and The Band - for another wonderful evening . . . . and to all the good guys and girls that help things move along so seemingly effortlessly ! Good luck with the home-crowd tonight (03-04-10) . A.M.

Hi Dennis I have just returned from watching your concert at Norwich and have to write to congratulate you on your best show to date! I have seen you recently at Southend and that was fantastic but tonight in Norwich was exceptional.Thank you so much for all the pleasure you give everyone especially me when you are 'on the road' Until recently I used to follow another 'star' around covering as many as 30 concerts out of 50 and I know how tiring it can be without being the actual performer!!! Unfortunately that has had to stop as i am physically unable to get around easily any longer. However that doesn't stop me attending the odd show now and again and repeating myself when someone has your talent and wonderful charm it makes the struggle to get there all the more worthwhile. Many many thanks. Please keep touring and we will keep coming and supporting you. Love and kisses Cindy x
Norwich Theatre Royal
Great show, real music, fantastic band. And a really warm personality behind it all. Every tune a real delight - brilliant to hear all the new material. S

Sage Gateshead
Back in the 80s I went to see Dr Hook at the Apollo in Glasgow and just loved the show. Then about 4 years ago I found out that Dennis was still around and touring and have now seen him at Customs House, City Hall Newcastle, Gala Theatre Durham and most recently the Sage at Gateshead. His shows are just fabulous; his recent material brilliant. The show at the Sage with AFL in support - was every bit as good as the rest and long may you continue to tour sir!! We had the added bonus of meeting him post show. Post Cool has never been off! Dancing on Daddy's Feet is superb ; but my favourite of all has to be Shine Son - just class! B.H.

Buxton Opera House
Finally managed to see you after the weather prevented me going to Northampton.Great show really enjoyed it.Pleased to see you are using a lot more of your songs and less of the Hook songs as I think they are equally as good. Thanks for a great night out. A.S.

Buxton March 30th
Great new show, so exciting. Missed the intimate sharing though, do away with the warm up act and spend more time with us...pleeeese. New band were really great, specially Pete Brown and Phil the drummer, what a backing. Can't wait for your next show. F.P.

Buxton Opera House 30 March 2010
Absolutely brilliant performance by everyone, could have stayed to listen to Dennis for ever! The whole band came together as one as they are all excellent musicians. The stage lighting added big time to the atmosphere and the sound was just right. Sometimes, especially in smaller venues, the music can nearly deafen you (and I like loud music!). Lastly, but certainly not least, Andy Fairweather-Low was lovely. His guitar playing was great to behold and his band where just brilliant. Altogether a truly wonderful evening that will live on in my memory for a very long time. With lots and lots of thanks to everyone. Sarah xxx xxx
Buxton Opera House
Hi Dennis, saw your show last night at Buxton and it was brilliant. It's the first time I have seen you live and you didn't disappoint! I have loved the Dr Hook sound for many years and I also enjoyed your new material from 'Post Cool'. Didn't manage to stay behind to meet you in person but if you are ever passing through Matlock, Derbyshire let me know!! xx T.L

New Theatre Oxford
Just wanted to say what a brill performance. Absolutely terrific. W.R.

The Anvil - Basingstoke - 24th March 2010
Anvil - Basingstoke
Dennis, great night, fantastic band you compliment each other well. A treat to myself (belated 50th) with my friend in tow (another dragee), she thought you were fantastic – another fan to add to the many. I don’t know what you do, or how you do it but you gave me goose bumps with your performance last night – emotional, energetic and most of all fun. Thank you for being patient with your fans with photos and signings – it’s very much appreciated. C

Nottingham Royal Centre 26.03.10
Hi Dennis I just wanted to thank you for a fabulous evening 26.03.10 in Nottingham. I enjoyed the show and your energy so much. Even my "dragee" enjoyed it!! Your band were fantastic: is there an instrument that they haven't mastered?!! I thought that Andy Fairweather-Low and his band were a perfect compliment to the evening and wouldn't hesitate coming back to see you all again. You sang all of my favorites except one: Sexy Eyes. Maybe next time...... Kerry xx

kings southsea
once again a brilliant show, on 14/3, post cool is the best yet playing it over and over, please come back very soon will never tire of listening to you, hav'nt yet after thirty or so years xx L.J.

seen you many times Dennis each show brings your true talent and feelings in life ! you have been with me through very hard times and good times .please come back soon and brighten up our lives take care love you J

Leas Cliff Folkstone 15-march-2010
Finaly after 20 jrs,we had the change to see the real voice of Dr.Hook again.(Fans for almost 40 jrs). Buy tickets, take a few day's off and go back in time.It was a beautiful evening and we enjoyed the whole show from the beginning till the end it was a verry good performence from Dennis,and his band. We had seats in front off Dennis, what a passion we saw. We met him after the show, he signed our new CD (a very good one)and also the first album we have from his Dr.Hook day's (Sloppy Seconds)Dennis we love you, take care off your self. Make a long(er) story short, also the best greetings to the (tour) truckdriver. BW Henny en Marianel from Holland

Nottingham Royal Concert Hall
Once again a flawless performance. Fantastic, brilliant what more can I say. The highlight for me was Queen of the Silver Dollar, a particular favourite of mine that I will never tire of hearing, however last nights adaptation was just the best ever, absolute total breath taking perfection. L

Anvil, Basingstoke
Saw you on Wednesday, as "dragees" in a group of 8 from Eastleigh. (I think you had previously played The Point). Superb from start to finish. Next time we will bring dragees of our own! Thanks for a great show. Any chance of seeing you at Glastonbury? Best wishes Tom

The Anvil, Basingstoke
Hi Dennis, thank you for a really wonderful show last Wednesday. i am playing your new CD Post Cool constantly. i think you and your wonderful band gave such value for money, the new songs make my spine tingle. i especially LOVE Ask Her!!! i have been a Dr Hook fan for more years than i care to remember, and the quality of your songs have continued to improve, if that is possible. i can't wait to see you again. Valerie Lowten. x

Sage Gateshead
I cant stop talking about you..... or playing your music. Your charisma is infectious. I saw you at the City Hall on the Hits & History tour, then with Bill Wyman and then solo at the Customs House. Please dont stop doing what you do......you make the world a better place. Have a great tour Dennis , see you next time xxxxx VW

Hello I have just come back from your show in salisbury. I saw Dr Hook twenty eight years ago and always enjoyed your music. Had a lovely evening wanted to say thanks for touring again and for all the many hours of enjoyment I have had listening to your music. Will always remember my first live gig. Venetta X X X

The Anvil, Basingstoke Wednesday 24th March 2010
Hi Just wanted to say what a great time i had last night. Have seen you perform many times before but this is only the second time with a band they were great. Your songs sound different when they are performed with a live band. Hope you manage to get your guitar sorted! l love the new CD "Post Cool" W

anvil basingstoke 24 march 2010
saw show last night really really great got so carried away i swallowed my chewing gum!!met you afterwards when you signed some items and kindly got down to my size (i'm in a wheelchair) and posed for a photo thank you very much look forward to seeing you again SL

The Anvil Basingstoke
Hi Dennis...seems no time at all since we saw you here in Newbury last September. Thanks for another fabulous show in Basingstoke last night. What a band this year....they really rock.....(and they all look so YOUNG....the way we feel....but haven't looked for longer than we care to admit!! ....but you are right there rocking with them! Love the new songs...obvious favourite for my husband ...Ask Her..(ex-wife of course)...and I'm impressed with myself (for me of course!!!!!) See you next time...don't forget to come back to Newbury...with or without a band! Liz S

The Lowry, Salford
Wow, what a night. Dennis was fantastic. I saw him in Southport in the Hits & History show and went to see him again last night. He was brilliant. He has not lost his charm or charisma. Came to meet us afterwards. Fantastic guy. Thanks you Dennis for a wonderful show. AG

Sage Gateshead
Just to say thanks for a truly superb night. It was everything I have come to expect from a truly superb musician. Also like to say thanks to Andy Fairweather-Lowe who I haven't seen for years. His voice is still unique. IB

Just been to another fantastic concert at the Lowry, Salford J&P R

Salford Lowry Monday 22/03/10
Wow what an night. Didn't know what to expect - saw you with the Rhythm Kings in 08 and loved it and booked the Lowry only a few weeks back having seen it in the paper. What a show. We congratulate you. We are still enthusing from the music - such a great band with you. Just had to let you know. Loved it. Kate Smith - Lytham St Annes

The Lowry, Manchester.
Brilliant show last night, looking forward to next time. PS

lowry salford quays
wonderful night - my daughter and her husband took me to see Dennis - fond memories of travelling through France some 25 years ago with my other two 'children' and my late husband who loved Dr Hook - the music made the journey and the holidays even better. The evening was superb .... Thank you for a good night out and the musicians were super. SM

Lowry Salford
Thanks for a moving show tonight; my beloved and I were sat right in front of you! Am I glad I had bought Post Cool at the weekend and had heard the songs already, so many that brought tears to my eyes. Thank you again, you were wonderful as usual. xx JT

The Sage Gateshead 19th March

Hi dennis our daughter who lives in OZ arranged for us to see you in concert she even e-mailed you to tell you about us (it was an anniversary present) We had a great night especially since we got to say hi and a photo too what a bonus that was thanks so much J & N F

The Sage Gateshead

What a fantastic night of musical excellence -I love the new album (some of the best lyrics yet in my opinion) and it was wonderful to see so many songs perfomed live. What a talented band. The harmonies of the voices were superb and Amy added a new dimension to the old favourite Dr Hook numbers. I feel revived,inspired and so lucky to have been there. Thanks again Dennis for continuing to come out after the concerts to see people. You are truly a rare human being!!AFL played an amazingly varied set - a brilliant support. A night to remember on dark gloomy days and hopefully look forward to the next time. Thanks . J

Tunbridge Wells March 2010

hi dennis just wanted to tell you what an awesome show it was last night, dr hook holds many special memories for me, when i was a little girl you were my mums favourite and it was totally amazing to see you last night,many special memories. I loved the new stuff and have downloaded post cool from i tunes today, loved 'ask her', very funny. thank you again for such a great and memorable evening, and you are so not post cool... totally cool!!!! enjoy the rest of the tour and will definately see you again lisa xxx

Had a brilliant night at the concert, still as good as the first time as we saw him, Dennis just gets better and better!! Loving the new band and the new album is excellent, can't wait to see him again xx maybe london if we're lucky!! R & G

Congress Theatre, Eastbourne Saturday 13th February 2010
It was so nice to finally hear Dennis singing live after being a fan for many years. What a pleasure to hear all my favourite songs and from the new Album Post Cool to. Thank you for a fantastic evening. Cheryl and Graham

St Albans Arena - Saturday 6th March 2010
I had been listening to and enjoying Post Cool for the last 2 weeks so you can imagine my delight when DL & band played almost the entire CD worth of songs on Saturday night. Not only that, they also sprinkled in some old time Dr Hook favorites as well. The new arrangements and additional vocals lifted the entire set. DL is in deed One of The Lucky Ones to have gathered such a talented group of musicians around him. DL was on top form and in fine voice and when it came to it proved that he and the band could rock out like the best of them. I am not going to talk about individual songs that were played on Saturday or tell you the set list. The delight of a DL set is that you never know what his going to play next or in what order. Don't you think that keeps it all kinda interesting for both him, the band and his fans, us. All I will say is that the songs chosen on Saturday were all well performed and well received. A concert of well blended material was how I described it to DL as I spoke with him after the concert as he signed my souvenir pro gramme. I was grateful that, like so many others, I was given an opportunity to shake the hand of a guy who I have supported and whose talent I have admired greatly down the years. Thanks once again DL for a truly great night it really was Post Cool....... To those of you reading this who have not yet purchased a ticket for one of the remaining shows I would suggest you beg, steal or borrow the money to get one. I promise that you will not be disappointed. Sorry almost forgot, AFL & The Low Riders were also good as well. Ron1

It’s difficult not to repeat what everyone has already said about the show already. I can only add that the whole evening at Eastbourne was flippin’ fantastic from start to finish. DL had a great selection of material – a lot of brand new Post Cool songs, some older DL solo stuff (love ‘The Heat’, always spine tingling) along with a very generous collection of Dr Hook favourites. The band added a whole new dynamic dimension to the songs, some of which I had only heard sung live to the accompaniment of DL’s lone guitar. Of the new songs, I particularly enjoyed the powerful lyrics and melody of ‘Crashing Down’, the bluesy sounds of ‘She Don’t Care’ and the jovial humour of ‘Ask Her’. Couldn't have been a better ending to our girlie weekend for all us 4 mums than to listen to both AF-L and DL’s albums over and over throughout the long 4 hour drive home on Mother’s Day. It just leaves me bubbling over with excitement at the thought of seeing the magical show all over again in my home town … eh, city … on 2nd April. SW

bournemouth pavilion
Hi Dennis, One more email from one of your fans.I like the idea you MAY read it. Yes i loved the show...old and new...my old faves were 'Dancing on daddys feet'(pleased you included it on new album)and 'More like the movies' and 'If not you',sorry if titles not correct but you know the numbers i mean...New album, LOVE 'Different faces',can so relate to the lyrics.,sad aint it...Well, brilliant album all round. Had my front row seat,met you, got my signed photo...now i want MORE lol. You are wearing the years very well,one year older than me and you are still looking hot lol...your humour shines through,you give us,your fans ,not just a good show and excellent music,but time...even after a show and the travelling and the blogs you still find time to meet and greet...and for that alone THANK YOU Dennis....hope to do it all again soon. Love from Zseta xx

Eastbourne 13th march 2010
Dennis thank you for a brilliant show last night.We live in suffolk and traveled to Eastbourne to see your show. We introduced two family members who live local in Eastbourne they and WE thought your new band was fantastic. Thanks again for a great show. look forwad to the next one. Regards Eileen & Alan.

Congress Theatre, Eastbourne
What a terrific concert! I confess that I did not know much about AFL, and so his contribution came as a pleasant surprise to me. What a great sense of humour from such a serious looking man, too. As for DL, it was so good to see him again, and what a fantastic display of the new material. I was very impressed with the way it sounded, and his energy never fails to amaze me. It was a great evening. Thank you. p.s. Love the new CD too! C

Cliffs Pavilion, Southend on Sea
Yet another evening in the company of an exceptional artist. What better way to spend the night than in the company of Dennis Locorriere. MR

liverpool philharmonic
Superb, Andy fairweather low brilliant and thought how can Dennis beat that!!, but sure enough he did, best yet,his band all young and up and coming musicians were fabulous,a credit to there parents.His new albumn post cool as expected, the best,but I have been a fan for too many years to remember. Till the next time......PB

Pavilion, Bournemouth
My son bought me tickets as a Christmas present as I'm a BIG fan of AFL. His slot was absolutely brilliant and so was yours Dennis, I remember the Hook days and your voice is as awsome now as then, the band terrific (Paul Beavis is best drummer I've ever seen)and your chatting between songs is captivating. All in all your show should be available on the NHS to cheer the whole nation up. This won't be the last you see of me...... PW

Cliffs Pavillion Southend
Dennis and Brilliant Band. Thankyou for yet another wonderful evening, seen you several times now and it's always guaranteed to leave us floating on a cloud. Soooo glad you ended with Hearts Like Yours and Mine. Just couldn't believe we were lucky enough to hear you play that again and as the finale too. Brilliant. Please come back again soon. Jan n Tony

cliffs pavillion westcliff on sea
loved the show and new band, enjoyed chat afterwards .. see you at next concert luv Jackie x

St Albans Arena 6/3/10
Absolutely BRILLIANT!!! Post cool is soooo cool!!! Have not stopped playing it,again and again and again. All the tracks are FANTASTIC. We brought the kids to the show last year and this week, they love you and so do we. You are such a wonderful, wonderful singer, entertainer and down to earth man, you really are the whole package. Regards Tracey

Cliffs Pavilion
Hi Dennis, brilliant concert last night, Queen of the Silver Dollar was different class as was your audience interaction, ha ha. Seen you a couple of times now but will definitely see you again. Anyone who hasn't seen you doesn't know what they're missing. More power to your elbow, John

What can I say that hasnt been said before - the show was brilliant, yet again. AFL was great and then the man himself with a great band. Pete Brown was excellent. Loved the arrangement on "All it takes is time" very moving. Dennis kindly signed the "Post Cool" CD so I am a happy bunny. - Cant wait for the next show in Worthing. S O'C

Southend Cliffs Pavilion
Dear Dennis - We enjoyed the show last night very much. Loved all the new songs, thought you looked well, and the new arrangements worked too. AFL is great support, and all in all a really mellow, well thought out programme. We got a bit tongue-tied when we met you, but hope you liked the 'Ladies in Hats' Calendar. We've been coming to see you for 30 years, isn't it great we're all still rockin', and you're still giving your fans superb music. Melanie, Polly, Trevor and Joe

Cliffs Pavilion
Thank you for a most enjoyable evening. It is always good to hear the old songs as well as the new. I couldn't help but laugh at 'ASK HER' - brilliant. The only thing wrong with the evening was that it ended too soon! If only I had known that we would get to meet DL I would have dusted of my treasured 'A Little Bit More' LP (yes, I said LP), and brought it along for signing. I drove the family mad by playing it almost non-stop for months on end when I was 16/17. Who'd have thought I would still be enjoying all those songs and DLs sexy voice more than 30 years on! Keep at it! T

St Albans
Fathers birthday, he's seen you gig before and had 2 tickets for the St Albans show.I wasnt too excited about the prospect but agreed to come along with him to see your show.( After all when Dr Hook were at their height I was a teenager into Bowie and getting ready for punk and new wave music to arrive ). So the show starts, the support act comes on Andy FL. He kicks in to Peter Gunn and the hair on the back of my neck stands up. This is good! He then goes performs all blues, jazz etc, and I am impressed and enjoying the night. Already the support act has made it a very good evening. Out comes DL.Chats to audience, cracks jokes,what a warm generous performer.The further we get into the show the more I realise how lucky I am to have " made the effort " to keep my father company.I have probably been to close on one hundred live gigs, from Bowie, to Destinys Child,to Emmylou Harris to Kraus and Plant and I would put this in my top 10 easily. DL connected to the audience, sang with emotion, backed by a terrific band.I have just checked future dates on the tour and we be attending Birmingham and or London. Finally DL in answer to your question " I dont know ( why I waited so long.) but I shouldnt have, and I am now emailing friends today telling them to catch you on tour while they can as they have waited too long to but now have opportunity to put that right. IM

Barnstaple - Queens Theatre
Dear Mr Locorriere, I realise you must get inundated with email messages from Joe Public but just wanted to pass my sincere thanks to you for really making me and my wife have a great night at Queens Theatre recently (Barnstaple). I 'discovered' you whilst at University when I 'found' the Dr Hook 'Best Of' CD in 1993. It took me through my years at University, several relationships, and although having seen bands such as Razorlight, Paul Weller, and Noel Gallagher etc its your music that has always been there - at home, in the car etc. When I heard you sing on Thursday night it was like waiting for 15 years to hear you live - and for me it really was magical. Such a great night - and I realise its a little corny - but it really was like listening to a diary from 1993-2010. Massive thanks - just writing this listening to a great new CD that some guy signed for me - you wanna listen to it - its call Post Cool (hey arent we all!), Regards, Andrew

When you're in love with a beautiful man.... On Thursday evening I fulfilled a lifelong ambition by seeing and meeting the owner of the most beautiful voice of Dr Hook - Dennis Locorriere! I drove down from Birmingham, where I was running a course, to my home in Devon and arrived just as the lights were going down. When Dennis came onto the stage, I was blown away by actually seeing this man live...IN BARNSTAPLE. The Queens Theatre always have excellent performances but this was so completely heaven sent and beyond such a humble venue for such a superstar... Dennis and his amazing band performed new songs and Dr Hook favourites. It seemed a little surreal to be politely sitting in our seats singing along quietly to all his Dr Hook lyrics but it was still one of the most memorable evenings of my entire life as I never dreamed I would ever get to see the greatest singer songwriter that ever lived.The whole performance was flawless, passionate, vibrant, sparkling and BRILLIANT from beginning to end. A consumate passionate and wonderful man, Dennis led his fans through a journey of deeply evocotive, stirring memories of the past and those memories yet to be made with his wonderful and inspiring lyrics and music. I am now on a mission to source the albums I need to replace from their vinyl forefathers as I yet again immerse myself in the unique sexy tones of the maestro of song. Dennis, from the bottom of my heart- thank you, oh thank you, thank you!! H

loved you since Dr Hook...never seen you live ..where the hell have I been ???Fantastic show Fantastic band Fantastic songs..loved it loved it loved it..... Julie Price xxx

The Queens Theatre

Dennis and his band were Brilliant, Brilliant Brilliant and ever better on every level and in every. By far the best thing I have ever seen at Barnstaple and is certainly up there with one of the best live performances I have ever seen and I have been to lots of live gigs. Dennis is a real gentleman and if the show wasn't enough in its self, the icing on the cake was meeting him afterwards. It took me back to the days when bands came back to my place for a fried egg sandwich. So in the unlikely event Dennis if you or any members of the band should ever be back in Barnstaple and your should fancy a fried egg sandwich you know where to come, although my kitchen is better stocked these days. Anyway all I really wanted to say was thanks for a fantastic evening, superb music and singing, oh yes and Post Cool Brilliant. Lots of love from both myself and my daughter Many thanks Love Elizabeth and Lara xx

glasgow royal concert hall
First time message.Went with my oldest daughter to see you.Pleasant surprise to see you with a band. As always was not disapointed with the performance. Have seen you every time you've been to Glasgow RD

I want to say it was a fantastic show at The Grand Opera House York . Dennis gives so much emotion and his special artistry to every song he performs, His voice is pure magic . Love the new songs and thank you Dennis for the photo. SA

Loved the show, AFL and his band were good. The star of the show was Dennis, liking the new songs and it was nice to hear songs from OOTLO live. A standing ovation too thats COOL! DP

Dennis Locorriere does it again. Another fantastic show, great support in A.F.L. and Dennis's band was quality all round. Lucy Jordan with Amy's backing was the best I've heard it, Queen of the Silver Dollar likewise, well done for bringing a girl into the band who not only looks good but sounds good. The new songs were pure Locorriere favourite being Different Faces. Roll on the next time. DN

opera house york
Went to the show initially to see Andy F L, but you were absolutely stunning! Loved Ballad of Lucy Jordan, that voice is as distictive as ever, would definitely go to another show. S

York Opera House
Finally met Dennis at York after being a fan since the 70's - the performance tonight was the best ever. Saw him on his solo tour last year, didn't think it would be better but DL plus live band combo - brilliant. Dennis shows his 'young' band that 'old' rockers knowwhat stamina is all about. My particular fave of the night was Different Faces,such asincere song and told a story as well as any Silverstein classic. Post Cool - Sheer Magic. JJ

New Barometer of success
Last nights show in York was superb! Andy's opening with the Low Riders brought back some real memories. What can I say about Dennis thats not already been said. The band were fantastic and added to the experience. The queue at the meet greet was the longest I have ever seen in all the years of seeing Dennis.Can't believe that Dennis finished before Midnight! Hopefully will get the Post Cool CD signed next time. A double bonus for my listening pleasure, Bankrupt/ALBM arrived today. Bliss. M

New Thank you Dennis for coming to the Edinburgh Playhouse, it was great!
Hi Dennis (if you see this message) Thank you so much for coming to Edinburgh earlier this week and entertaining us so brilliantly. My husband and I were in the second row and absolutely were anthralled with you, your band and Andy Fairweather Low and his Low Riders and we can't wait to see you again! Don't make it too long before returning .. Bestest wishes and HASTE YE BACK!!!! Sylvia Beaumont (North Berwick, East Lothian)

New Aberdeen Scotland
Thank you Mr Locorriere i was at your concert in Aberdeen on the 22 Febuary 2010 , it was a fantastic evening, i have enjoyed your music since the 70s and to be part of that night was great ,very much look forward to your return to Aberdeen All the best KS

New glasgow royal concert hall
Hi Dennis,thanks for a great night we enjoyed listening to old and new songs it brought back lots of memories for myself keep up the good work,your new CD POST COOL is really good both vocally and instrumental your voice hasnt changed at all. Take care luv anne x

New glasgow
hi i really enjoyed your gig the other night myself and my wife have seen you several times even as far back as the apollo. i really enjoyed some of the new songs especially ask her.when is the live dvd likely to come out . and how can i purchase your new cd. many thanks again for the great show it was a blast cheers iain and cathy

New Dundee Caird Hall
Hi Dennis, 'really enjoyed your show tonight, you also managed to included in your fantastic set your version of the 'dead fly' which I haven't seen since I was a punk rocker!!!-how you bounced back up onto your feet so quickly I'll never know but it was pretty impressive-and you never missed a note! The rest of your band were brilliant and we all left the place with big smiles on our faces, you certainly light up the room! Thanks again and Keep on Truckin' B.


concert hall glasgow
hiya just been to show in glasgow fantastic as usual canny wait till next year it will be my 45th show keep them coming luv jackie x

Glasgow Royal Concert Hall
Hi Dennis I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the show last night you were amazing, I loved the set and hearing some of the old and some of the new was a great balance, good luck with the rest of the Tour and hope to see the DVD released soon. Thanks once again for a fabulous night and counting the days till you come back to Glasgow. Maggire & Stephanie xxxxxxxxx

Glasgow concert hall
Hi Dennis just wanted to say thanks for yet again anither fantastic performance last night (also loved Andy fairwether Low) I've been to your concerts for past 5or so years and cant wait for you to come back again (dont know if you remember me - you drew a TV on my ticket haha) anyway just wanted to let you know I think your amazing and hope one day you will sing one of my songs on stage :) yeh i'll dream on haha see you next year love and hugs Yvonne x

hi dennis was at the glasgow show last night it was fantastic, when will the dvd be released. Sandra x, i was there with my friend Ann and we both thought you sounded amazing, you all were the band and Andy etc. Come back soon. lol. xxx SB

Edinburgh Playhouse
Having not long ago seen DL perform solo at a small intimate gig at Lathones and now centre stage at the Playhouse with a band behind him was such a contrast. We were taken by the resemblance of Pete Brown to Rod Smarr from the Hook days. DL and the band were simply sublime and we had a great night. Sandra is recovering from a small heart attack so we did not wait to chat with Dennis as there was a long queue waiting in the foyer. Maybe next time!! Keep up the good work. K & S

Edinburgh Playhouse
Hi Dennis Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the fabulous show last night at the Edinburgh Playhouse. We've been avid fans since the early days and enjoy the old and the new. Keep them coming - you never fail to entertain us. Cheers Fay

liverpool phil
Dennis a big thank you for yet another fab concert!wHAT A SUPPORT i used to have a photo of andy lowe on my bedroom wall ,im older now so you can go on my pension book cover!( only joking not there yet couple of years to go).Your band is full of very talented musicians and what a great ambassador for liverpool young Amy is!I could ramble all night Dennis bout memories brought back by your music but will spare you.TAKE CARE and a big liverpool hug SM

Aberdeen Music Hall
To say tonight was spine-tingling would be an understatement...this was by far the most emotional show I have ever been to in my 41 years. I saw Dr Hook many moons ago and thought it was amazing but to sit second row tonight and listen to THE most amazing voice of all time was something I will never forget...from laughter to tears (twice!!) I have never been moved so much in public by anyone's music and voice...Thank you Dennis for giving me and my mum a very special night that we will share for always...come back soon!! Susan xxx

Liverpool Philharmonic-Feb '10
Through teenage years, relationships, & subsequent marriages (I'm one up on you Dennis!), your music has been a constant in my life. Back then, I never envisaged having numerous front-row seats to your shows - that always seemed beyond my reach. But I've done it, and I can't begin to describe the pleasure I've had from seeing you perform live - with or without a band. This 'Post Cool' tour was definitely no exception; it seems you've entered a 'new' phase' in your musical 'life' and it was mind-blowing! I love all the new stuff - there are songs that brought a lump to my throat, and songs that made me feel all warm inside (as ever, when I attend your gigs). I'm always amazed at your energy, verve, passion. when performing - God (and you!) must know how draining it all must be - yet it never shows! And I so admire your talent in being able to put life's experiences into words/music-something we can all relate to. That, and your down to earth, humanistic approach to l ife is a major part of your success - and long may it continue!!! Absolutely loved the show Dennis, and I wish every success for the rest of the tour, you definitely deserve it! Thank you, so much! (Who knows, maybe next time I see you I'll pluck up courage to ask for a photo with you - that would really be the icing on my cake - and I DON'T do photo's!) Looking forward to Southport - hope you enjoy the gigs inbetween. Loadsa luv & best wishes,x
ps: The band were brill too! Think Amy is an asset to what was already perfection . . . and I'm not being biased 'cos she's a Scouser! Bon Chance! x PB

Aberdeen Music Hall
The words to your songs are so full of truth! I go back all the way to the beginning with you and last night you sang the music of my life! What a wonderful performance, you were on fire. Hope to see you again soon. S

Aberdeen Music Hall
I was at your show last night and enjoyed it immensely. Great music, songs and your band are really talented... Keep up the good work and hope to see you again. Best wishes to all. Sheena Muirhead

Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool
Just fantastic, I didn’t think it was possible; Dennis just gets better as he gets older. TP

Liverpool Philharmonic Hall
Just wanted to say what a brilliant show! Your voice gets better and better with time. Loved Andy and his band, he still seems to love performing and his voice is also still great. I've seen you many times on your own and with different bands but this band were excellent. Amy has beautiful vocals and made the old and new songs sound even better. Where do you get the energy!!!??? You looked great but as you said this was only the third show!! Good luck with the rest of the tour I'm sure you 'will kick arse!' hope you return to Liverpool soon. PG

fab night
i went to see you last night in liverpool, i have to admit i hadnt heard much of your stuff since i was little( im 30 now). i was blown away by your presence on stage, you are such a great performer and you have a lovely way about you, i could almost say you are a cutie pie !! the only thing that spoilt the night was a dirty vile man behind me spitting into a tissue all night, will be going to asee you in southport, keep doing what you do becaue you rock x E

Thank you for a brilliant evening at the Liverpool Phil last night, my husband came with me as a late substitute and he enjoyed the gig too! Always a bonus. Looking forward to the album, sounds great. Have a good tour. KM

Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool
Just a note to say what a wonderful show it was last night. As always, Dennis never disappoints and it was great to see him nurturing the new talent of his band members. His guest, Andy Fairweather Low, together with his band, were also fabulous. So rock on Dennis, my friends and I look forward to your next visit to Liverpool. JS

St Georges Hall Bradford

Went to the show last night and as usual Dennis did not fail to deliver his best. He gave almost two hours of none stop brilliance and is as passionate about his music as ever. His backing group was terrific and together they gave an excellent performance.S

Swan Theatre, High Wycombe
Hello Dennis, I felt I had to write to thank you, Andy and your excellent band for a fantastic evening at the Wycombe Swan Theatre last Tuesday. I grew up listening to your music as my parents were big Hook fans. When I found out about your tour I treated my folks to an evening out. We certainly didn’t leave disappointed – it really was a brilliant show and I think everybody was impressed with the new album. I’m sure I can’t be the first to say that you and your band are extremely talented. I don’t know where you guys find the energy!!!! Thanks once again for an excellent evening and a lifetime of brilliant music. We enjoyed the show so much that we’ve booked to see you again in Oxford next month! Keep up the good work. Michael

High Wycombe What can one say ....Been seeing the man for a good few years now and last night was simply one of the best. The new band are far better than the last one. More energy.New songs seem like than been around for years,but we know thay haven't. The old songs have been given make overs and "Queen" is and sounds great as does "Lucy" another one of his favorites ladies. All I can say is "JUST GO AND SEE THE SHOW". I like to also say that Andy and his band are a perfect way to start the evening off. God bless you all CE

High Wycombe
Brilliant show, it must have been good because I didn't daydream once!! Everything was good. The boys in the background were excellent and I also enjoyed Andy Fairweather Low. Between you both it brought back many memories. Thank you. JH

Wycombe Swan 16.02.10
soooooooooo gooooooooood, loved the whole gig, andy was brill and his band too, dennis, what can we say,your like a good bottle of red, ageing to perfection!! well done all xxxxx A & B

Wycombe swan 16.02.10
HI, Just got back from the show at the Wycombe Swan and must say once again Dennis didn't dissapoint. Despite being the first show on the tour it was a great mixture of brand new songs and the old classics, all superbly delivered with the passion of the great showman Dennis is. This time he was backed by a brilliant band of musicians. A really enjoyable gig. Plus the evening was started off by Andy Fairweather Low and his band who were, to say the least, brilliant and worth the entrance money alone. If you're thinking of going to one of the shows all I would say isgrab those tickets fast because once the word gets around they will soon been gone. Well done to Dennis and all the musicians etc involved Sid Morton

2008 / 9
The Lost Tapes

harlequin theatre redhill on 29th October 2009
The show was the best yet. I have seen Dennis, 5 times when he has been doing his own stuff, and 1 in 1983 when he was with Dr Hook. I was 18 then, and it seemed like the clock had gone backwards, as I took my son who was 18 on the day of the show. My daughter who is 16 was also there. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Dennis sang some new songs, but some of the oldies, The Millionaire, Queen of the Silver Dollar, Pencillen Penny, A little bit more.etc. Afterwards Dennis was very happy to sign whatever we wanted. When we left, my daughter said that was absolutely brilliant. She thoroughly enjoyed it, so did my son and I certainly did. We will be seeing Dennis in the spring. Thoroughly good value for the money. The show lasted 2 and half hours, and the time flew by. Thanks again, for a very enjoyable evening. GR

Theatre Royal Wakefield
It is a little late but I would like to sayI really enjoyed the show at the Theatre Royal Wakefield. I loved the choice of songs.I must admit I go to see Dennis Locorriere singer song writer rather than Dennis Locorriere from the Hook band. I can't wait for the new album and looking forward to February at the Grand Opera House York. SA

Theatre Royal Wakefield
I am still buzzing five days after the show! The show was fantastic, just as I hoped to hear, some old songs and new ones. A charismatic personality and brilliant stage presence, his vocals are still as beautiful now as when he was in his twenties. I enjoyed hearing about dennis's life, which made the event more personal. Sixty and still sexy ay girls!!! What a georgeous man, down to earth, autographed his picture and posed for photos (although mine didn't turn out, gutted!!!). A fan since a teenager, a dream come true to actually meet the man himself. Can't wait to see Dennis again, hopefully in York 2010. Thank you for a most memorable night, keep on doing what your'e doing dennis we love you, from one of your biggest fans ever! x x x LC

Must be the 12th time we,ve seen DENNIS,AND DR HOOK. He just gets better. Great singing,guitar work and hilarious humour. The complete show.!!! Looking forward to the next show. GG

We had such a good time. It was great all being together my mum And Dad aged 78 and 79 were there too - a genuine 1st
My 3 kids who all have different and eclectic music preferences LOVED the show and you will be delighted to know that the NEW songs favoured amongst their favourites- you won them and I feel the whole audience over- ALL of us will be coming to Cardiff to see you for the Band tour in the Spring- it wasn't a request more a demand !! O wants to hear more of your stories and said afterward - that guy is really nice I love his style T thought you looked and played like Jack Black and getting any praise from R for anyone for anything is rare and has to be well earned- he was the 1st post show to say Thanks Dad I was a bit worried about coming tonight but it was superb -please can you book tickets for Cardiff so I can see him again O also says J her boyfriend MUST come next time - your audience fan- base grew some last night!! And everyone we spoke to post show enjoyed the night so much - Have to say My eyes did water in a classic Shine Son S and I loved the new songs !! of course we love the classics and they are always a delight- the final song is superb and the tune about your friend the Takamine- the kids all LOVED that
Thanks for a superb night, thanks for many years of entertainment and for being YOU - not many would have read my e-mail let alone respond!!
Looking forward to the Cardiff show already :-) Fondest regards D

Great show last night, first time i'd saw you live. Thanks for giving your time and your plectrum to my grandson Kyle. Hope to see you in Glasgow in 2010. cheers RM

I'm just home from Dennis' fantastic gig in Kilmarnock. Thought I'd check if tickets on sale yet for Glasgow, Feb 24th. Got first 4 tickets in front row! Happy to report that tickets now on sale for Royal Concert hall, Glasgow. BC

Harlequin Redhill
.. Certainly not the first time I have seen Dennis having enjoyed earlier Dr Hook concerts and also Dennis either solo or with band. A thoroughly enjoyable show with a chance to hear both well known songs, some not so well known songs and some brand new songs. Every song was well performed and I enjoyed them all. Dennis is a great story teller with an excellent quirky nature mainly amusing but sometimes with a sad edge. I mean both the story in the songs and the story in comments between songs. An excellent show for which many thanks.. PM

i took a work mate along to redhill last night after he listened to your solo albums at work, after we worked in a school with an area dedicated to shel silverstein (see earlier post). And have to say once again you gave a faultless concert  from your first step on stage when the woman behind me said you better be good to the last song , my work mate is now a big dennis locorriere fan . His words were " it was like having a evening with a old friend with not only your songs but your banter and stories etc and the voice fantastic".Your new tracks all went down well and think that on behalf of  everybody last night it will be a eagerly waited for album once again your lyrics are so spot on relating to every day life.thanks for a great night looking forward to the new year tour. GM

Wimborne - Sunday 4.10.09
Well, i just knew this was going to be another fantastic memorable evening from Dennis, as all his performances i have seen so far have been ( and i have seen lots). But this night was well and truly top rate, totally mind blowing. He gets better and better each time i see him ( and there are not many performers who anybody can say that about these days!, especially those who are getting older!) He really shows us just how passionate he is about his music and life. I love the "One Of The Lucky Ones" CD and am looking forward to his new album in Spring 2010. Well done Dennis and thank you for your brilliant performances. Come back again soon. Frances in Salisbury

After months of waiting and staring at our concert tickets in anticipation, Dennis Loccorriere, the “Voice of Dr Hook”, finally arrived at the Brindley. And no he is not the guy with the eye patch Ray Sawyer. A mistake that many people make.We had last seen him at Winsford Civic Centre 4 or 5 years ago. That was a great show lasting over 2 hours. However,as anyone who has visited both venues will know, the Brindley is far superior for vision and acoustics, in fact for me in every way!
Dennis bounded onstage to a capacity crowd of very keen fans .He always seems to be on the move throughout his performances and so full of energy and enthusiasm that the audience can’t help but be carried along with him. He is a great raconteur and so we heard lots of about his life and music. One story, between songs, involved a guest appearance with his friend Elvis Costello when they were both living in Nashville Tennessee. Scattered throughout the concert were many tales of his days with the great Dr Hook. He played many of the hits from that time including The Millionaire, Sharing The Night Together, Cookie and Lila and When You’re In Love with a Beautiful Woman. We were encouraged to join in but most just preferred to hear him.
He also delved into the Dr Hook archives playing some of the rarer songs that were new to many and certainly seemed to please the an enthusiastic crowd. There were lots of wonderful stories about the late Shel Silverstein who wrote many Dr Hook hits and collaborated with Dennis on others.It was obvious that he held Shel in very high esteem and feels that he influenced his life both professionally and privately.
I was pleased to hear him also focus on his solo material including “Shine Son”, a marvelous tribute to his son Jess. During his performance of “The Heat” he reprised the Beatles “Here comes the Sun” and, later, in another number their “Norwegian Wood”. His guitar playing is superb, and, believe me, I have been fortunate to see some of the best in the business!
Overall Dennis truly had the audience in the palm of his hand. As I said earlier it is a testament to his enthusiasm and energy that he seems to be in constant motion all over the stage whilst singing and playing and he certainly succeeded in weaving a spell over the Brindley audience.
We were also fortunate to have a preview of some material from his new album due out next Spring. That is certainly going to be on my “to buy” list . It was very interesting to hear how Dennis’s writing and performing styles have matured now he has hit the big 60. He assured us that he still felt as he had 20 years ago and he certainly does not look his age, in fact he looks better than when we last saw him.
Dennis treated an ecstatic crowd to an encore of three songs including, one of my favourites, a blistering version of the Dr Hook hit “Queen Of The Silver Dollar” taken from the Sloppy Seconds album. He thanked us all for being such a great audience on his first visit to this marvelous theatre.
After the show I caught up with him for an autograph and photo. He noticed that I had the rare “Pleasure and Pain” Dr Hook box set so I got an autograph with a cartoon showing a shared memory from the last time I’d seen him. We shook hands and I gave him a Radio Halton pen, which he assures me he will treasure. Jim Wood

Darwen Lancashire
Hi Dennis I finally got to see you perform at Darwen Library Theatre last week, and I certainly wasn't disappointed. I loved every minute of it. I especially enjoyed More like the movies (my absolute favourite), Shine son, and one called Ask her (I think). Oh and, If not you, too, a beautiful song. Looking forward to next year. Keep it up....I LOVE your voice. Sheila xxx

Runcorn 10/10/09
I feel vey privileged to have been at your show in Runcorn last night. Your performance was absolutely awesome and I, as many others, was totally blown away by your performance. How wondeful to watch and hear you perform so confidently as Dennis Locorriere, rather than DL the singer of Dr Hook. ..... loved you as a solo artist, from the moment I heard you that way. ... you are a master of your craft. ... All I can say is that as long as you are out there singing, then I will always be out there to listen. I could listen to you forever, and never tire of hearing your voice, that touches my very soul. Thank you so much for the amazing experience of last night. You were truly awesome, and I will find another date on this tour to enjoy another evening with Dennis Locorriere. ... Thank you once again for a truly amazing evening.

Please bear with me as I am only just learning the workings of this laptop and have a long way to go. This 60 year old brain is'nt as quick as it was, so please excuse any mistakes. was at the Morcambe concert, it was the best ever, lots of new & old songs BRILLIANT ... Where on earth does Dennis get his energy? plus after a two hour show he still has the the time to come and greet his fans a true gent. . Thanks sooooo much for an enjoyable evening. TKB

Darwen Library Theatre
I travelled 130 miles from Maryport to see Dennis perform in Darwen on the 8th October 2009 and all I can say is, it was well worth every mile of it, including the countless miles of single-lane motorways! Locorriere's fantasticly unique voice and amazingly talented guitar skills, mixed with his comedian-like recounts of stories from Dr Hook and other life aspects made for a brilliant night in! It surprised a few people that I (a boy of 18 years of age) had even heard of Dr Hook let alone be able to sing along to almost every song from 'Judy' to 'The Queen of the Silver Dollar' but I think that just goes to show that even this far down the line, Locorriere's music is in the blood of young and old people alike. All in all it was an unmissable show and I hope to see Dennis Locorriere back in Cumbria in the very near future! DH

Tivoli, Wimborne
Saw DL for the second time at the Tiv on the 4th Oct. Dragged my husband kicking and screaming last year, as I have always been a big fan and saw Hook live when I was young and gorgeous. He didn't need asking twice this time round. SO good, and will be buying the new album. Has DL got a painting in the attic, cos there's definately a bit of Dorian Gray going on? He's getting younger! ... Good luck with the rest of the tour x AM

tivoli theatre oct 4th
i had a great night last night,i missed out on meeting dennis afterwards as my friends needed to get back,i just wanted him to know how much him and his music are appreciated, next time i shall make sure i get to meet him, and i really loved the new song about his best friend (his guitar) i totally understood that.i so wanted to get a signed photo maybe next time as i will make sure my mates wait for me. damn good night and a much deserved birthday present to myself. loved it. shell X

tivoli theatre wimborne
i enjoyed the performance and the humour ... its nice to see someone like dennis at the tivoli.many thanks RT

Tivoli Theatre Wimborne
Absolutely marvellous, have missed your tours the last 2 years as have been on holiday, and could not wait to see you again,still wonderfuly and as for singing I was singing with you all the way through but no that loud!, as we had about a 2 hours journey home could not wait to see you but could you maybe on the next tour come back to Yeovil as you used to play there, cannot wait superb, I keeping think cannot get any better but it does, carry on please and keep that wondergul singing LC

Morecambe and Southport
Saw Dr Hook and two DL shows, the last one Thurs 1st Oct in Morecambe. The man is so talented and mindblowing, completely at home with his guitar and a close up audience, a supreme entertainer. .. Allan Thomas

The Stables, Wavendon, 3rd October 2009
Absolutely brilliant show! We have seen you on numerous occasions over the years. You have always put on an amazing show but, somehow, each one turns out even better than the last one! Whether it is the fact you change the songs you play from year to year, the sheer enthusiam you share with us all or whatever it works! Thanks for taking time out after what must have been an exhausting show to meet your fans (and sign my CD/DVD!). Looking forward to next time! T & F E

The Plowright, Scunthorpe
Saw you for the umpteenth time last night and you were better than ever. The new songs are true Silverstein inspired stories with limitless feeling. Whilst we all love the Dr Hook stuff you've now established a true identity of your own and I can't wait to get the new album. The banter with the audience and your permanent humility make it a truly memorable night out. ... See you next time. Dave

the platform
Loved all the new songs, and as always the old songs.
Dennis you never seem to amaze me your the best every, always enjoy your passion for lirics and music WOW enjoyed every moment look forward to the next time (cant wait) the last song was beautiful thank you so much lots love pat crop ..

I was at Torrington for your show last night. I had been looking forward to it for months and you did not disappoint. It was a fantastic evening. You always give 150% and the audience appreciates it ...

Durham and South Shields
Hey Dennis, Just a few thought out words, I hope you take them to heart!
Both shows....Awesome, Amazing Shows. Cookie an Lyla....Awesome. Yesterdays Blues....So awesome we've been jamming it whilst drunk!. Call Me.... Awesome. Ask Her....Hilariously Awesome and True. My Guitar.... Awesome and Original. The Final Song of the show, which I didn't catch the name of....Beautiful. The signature you put on my guitar at the South Shields show....Perfect, although as of yet hasn't brought me any Locorriere quality powers!. The time and energy you give to your fans....One of a Kind! Your overall energy....Man I wish I had that much energy, and I'm only 23! Jeans and Trainers....I think they looked perfectly fine! and finally... news that your touring next year for your new album...Damn Exciting! Thanks for your dedication and the wonderful music you bring! Graeme!

Fantastic show. Really enjoyed it. Choice of songs was really good. Wish I could have had the chance to tell you in person but there is nothing sadder than an ageing groupie and there were so many people waiting to see you that I decided not to. Hope the tour continues to go well. PB

The Plough ,Great Torrington
Having loved the voice for years, this was my first experience of Dennis Locorriere live and I was so impressed. His professionalism was undeniable but his intensity and musicality was a revelation. I am so sorry to have missed years of experiencing such a fantastic phenomenon. I hope this touring business carries on because I want more! Nice man too. Thanks to everyone who helped make the show so amazing and special thanks, once more, to the Maestro. X LE

Was at Grays to watch you, I have always wanted to see you in concert and I wasn't disappointed, you put on a fantastic show which you seemed to enjoy just as much as your audience did. ... Your new and old songs combined brilliantly, my wife especially loved the song for your son, and your between songs patter was just as entertaining.... sound great, and as for your guitar playing, fantastic, the way you played it on Queen of the Silver Dollar was different class... Look forward to seeing you again, I think you enjoyed performing as much as we enjoyed watching you. Will definitely see you again, brilliant, happy touring, John and Maxine Bowles

I was lucky enough to catch your first night last Thursday in Crosby. Although I've seen you a few times now it was quite a thrill to share an opening evening with you. Well just to say thanks really, maybe next time you're around Liverpool I can buy you a cold one? It would be good to have a chat if you had time. Anyhows, best of luck with the tour. Take it easy A

durham gala
had awonderful night it was my birthday and the vibe rocked DP

Customs House, South Shields

Once again another great performance from Dennis, I have seen him, on each occassion he has visited and I have never been disappointed. Takes me back to the days of City Hall in Newcastle when he visited with Dr Hook, Mr Entertainment. cannot wait for his tour next year wish I could book now so that I know I will there. LC

Customs House South Shields 11/09/2009
What an absolutley fantastic night of music. This was my first DL concert and I can't wait for the next one. I laughed,cried and cried with laughter. I have always loved the special emotional quality of DL's voice but wondered how it would come across with just the guitar. I was not disappointed but amazed that it was even better live and what a great guitar player! The mix of old and new, quirky and singalong was just right. I can't say which was my favourite cos I loved them all. However the one about marriage break-up "ask her?" (I'm not sure of the title) deserves a special mention! I really want the lyrics!! It was really kind of DL to sign stuff just to make the night absolutely perfect. Thank you Dennis for a wonderful heart warming experience.A little piece of happiness in a bit of a rubbish year for me personally!! JD

customs house,south shields. AW.LL.

Crosby Civic Hall
Dennis, I watched the show last night and believe me it was the dogs b******s! You never cease to amaze me how you can sing each song with such passion and feeling. My wife and I have been with you since we first saw Dr Hook and you get better with age. 60? My a***e. Listening to you is like the soundtrack to our life. Thanks Dennis. Don't be a stranger to Liverpool. Gerry

Liverpool opening night 09/10
To say thanks for more than just a great show and the privelage of being there, I am 50 year old married man of 2 man I was a great fan in the 70`s, but got lost the the manic world of hard work stress and the selfishness that life life offers,  I was bought tickets as a gift from my daughter as she remembers me in lighter days(her childhood) always singinging to Dr Hook, I sat in the back row and rediscoverd a forgotten outlet/pleasure/escapisim in music,and shed a tear to songs that has made me appreciate my family like Shine son etc etc   again thanks and the very best of luck to you..kind regars alan...

Clacton on sea
Just want to say,THANK YOU,for a great concert. It was a treat to hear some of the less well known songs,the mixture of songs was fantastic.Good luck on the tour,and thanks again for a wonderful concert,all the best, Barry.

Westcliff Theatre Clacton on Sea Message
Family have always been fans of the most wonderful voice in music but to see Dennis in this show was the highlight of this and many years for us. Not only did he give us all a great great show but to sign an autograph and kiss my daughter Natalie's hand ( we got the first autograph ) has added one of many many more of her generation to us original Dr Hook fans. Please Please Dennis do come back again!!!!! GLS

Huntingdon Hall, Worcester
... your humour as well as your amazing voice and how you beat the hell out of that guitar, which you've had over a 20 yr relationship with. I love your words, your emotion you put into your music.Dennis, you have only got better!  Please keep playing and doing gigs in England, I plan to see you again soon.  Thanks for a very memorable evening. Luv L

Newport South Wales
Dennis, we have just returned from your cardiff (Globe Show) tonight incredable yet again. LD

Firstly let me say Dennis YOU ROCK !
I came to see you in worthing last year with Mum ( who is in love with your voice) and dad (who thinks you are fab). We met you and you very kindly signed our phots, Mum told you that you just keep getting better and better and she really was
right ! We would love to know when you will be playing worthing again ?
Hope to see you soon x DH

morecambe lancs autumn 2008
A fantastic night with lots of great songs belted out with passion and entusiasim .a great crowd 2 ... brill dennis THANK YOU.DAVE ROBERTSHAW.

Hits & History Tour 2007 (Aired on Sky channel 260 Rock - On - TV:
I came across Dennis on a Sky programme "Rock on tv" this week, I'm instantly "hooked" (sorry) on this man and his superb band, can I say much better musically than the original! It's nice to see a performer without the usual big ego coming across. My next task after this is to see where I can see him live!

Hits & History Tour 2007 (Aired on Sky channel 260 Rock - On - TV:
Dennis I have just watched rock tv with your concert and it was brill Please when are you coming to Ireland? Hope it is soon Glad you are back with us LUV YA B Mc

Hits & History Tour 2007 (Aired on Sky channel 260 Rock - On - TV:
Amazing really, found myself clapping after each song. Took me back to the many Dr. Hook concerts I went to, way back when!!! Seems like a million years ago but it all comes back, remember the Belle Vue Manchester show with the 'Bomb Scare?' You came back on and pretty much started again, real value for money, finished about 1.30 in the morning! Favourite songs--- Last Mornin' Carry me Carrie Queen of the Silver Dollar Thanks for many, many hours of enjoyment! Steve Whitnall.

Hits & History Tour 2007 (Aired on Sky channel 260 Rock - On - TV:
Hope you are well!! Accidently flicked on to Sky channel (rock-on-tv) and was absolutely enthralled to see your H & H concert. God, the years just rolled away!!! You were charming, charasmatic, funny, versatile and the voice is still as great as it ever was. Fallen in love with you all over again. Will you be playing at a Glasgow venue this year? (Hope so) Wish you happiness and joy for 2009. Eileen x

Dennis is argueably the most gifted musical performer in the world today. His live performances, delivered with such energy and enthusiasm, are in great demand from his admiring public. JK

Clair Hall, Haywards Heath
I watch have now watched Dennis for the 7th time and last night was the best I have even seen him perform. Last night he was on fire and I honestly thought I couldn't love him anymore than I already did but I was wrong! His balance of old and new songs was perfect and I'm dying to get my hands on a copy of 'dance on daddy's feet' as I think it's my favourite song I have ever heard Dennis sign. Overall he was perfect! GG

Truro,Hall for Cornwall
Hi Dennis Thanks for a great concert last night at truro It was wonderful to meet you!! i look forward to seeing you next year!! Very best wishes and thanks RB

We watched Dennis Locorriere last night in Truro. I have to admit that I felt a certain trepidation when I saw the large stage and only 1 microphone !! However we sat in the front row and were blown away by this man and his presence. I agree that he is 1 of the truly greats. I'm a Jackson Browne fan and can see a connection in the 2 becasue they stick to the music they want and like. Consequently the fans do too. I watched one of Dennis' concerts on "Rock on TV" and listened to his story about "Sexy Eyes." Just in case he played it we brought along photos of pets ( with sexy eyes.) Shame he didn't play it but hey! Brilliant gig Dennis. Thank you Hb

water front, belfast. 2nd nov 08
dennis is a wonderful performer & an amazing guitarist, he has a wonderful sence of humour also. i was totally transfixed whilst he was on stage, (his voice is so sexy) after the show he took time 2 do autographs & when it became my turn my partner had a problem with the camera but dennis was extremly nice about it & said when we got it sorted he would pose again with me which he did,most other artist would just not of bothered. so thank you dennis, ur a lovely man. xxx come back soon. ann gove. larne, co antrim, northern ireland

Waterfront Hall Belfast
My husband Brian and I went to your concert in the Waterfront Hall on Sunday night and I have to say it was the best concert I have ever been to. Dr Hook songs bring back some great memories for me - no band will ever take their place in my mind. Dennis's solo songs are fantastic his voice gets better with time - a real professional and a great entertainer. Thank you for a great night - I already have 8 albums of Dr Hook and Dennis's solo work but I will be buyng many more and look forward to hearing him again very soon in Belfast. Thanks again for a wonderful night. V.S.

waterfront hall belfast november 2008
I want to thank dennis for the best concert i have ever attended, your voice, guitar playing and humour were totally amazing come back to belfast soon. MT

The Waterfront, Belfast, Ireland  November 2008
Dennis you were absolutely brilliant!  Your voice is nothing short of sensational and the outstanding sounds you made come from that guitar were fantastic - it sounded like a full band was with you!  I enjoyed all your stories and craic as well.  Well done and come back soon.  Slainte, Kathy

Waterfront Belfast
Excellect!  As an American living in the UK, I wasn't in the mood for some tiresome Dr.Hook review.  But, at the my age (45) I am proud to say that was the best live performance I have ever attended.  A true artist not hanging every breath on the past, but one with clear inspiration to keep'm coming. Thanks ... My wife and I look forward to the new release. S.D.

skegness, 31.10.08
hi dennis, just wanted to let you know that your show was truly outstanding. I was brought up on your music, and so many of your songs hold so many special memories for me. This is the second time I have been to see you, you came to my home town of Spalding a couple of years ago. Needless to say, I will be there again, very soon, I hope! Thanks for a great evening, and for being patient enough to stand around for photos and autographs, by the way, can I just say, you smell divine too xx J.W.

Liverpool Philharmonic
Hi, having been to your recent show at the Liverpool Philharmonic, I heard for the first time "Dance on Daddy's feet". Having lost my Dad a couple of years ago, this song reduced me to tears! C.C.

Embassy Theatre Skegness
The show was brilliant. My friend and I thoroughly enjoyed it. ..... Thank you again for the wonderful show and the hug at the end of the evening it made my evening. P.M.

Gatehouse Theatre, Stafford
What a brilliant entertainer, the whole show far exceeded our expectations. The music was great but we couldnt wait for the next "story" to be told. M, A & R

Stafford Gatehouse 01/11/08
Just to say what a great night it was last night, it's our third show this year and i enjoyed it just as much as the first. After the show- in the queue for the loo's(!), the ladies were saying some really lovely things, one women said it was the best night out she had had in years and another said "he was better that Il Divo", which i presume was a compliment! Hopefully we'll get to see you again soon .... J.

Been a huge fan since my teens, now at 50 nothings changed. You were fantastic,come back soon, ther's no one like you .Cant wait for your new album. S.C.

Glasgow Royal Concert Hall
Thank you Dennis for a great show and taking the time to sign my anniversary card 34th years. In made the day so very special. P.

What can I say? Absolutely 100% total perfection. It's not surprising that Dennis is "impressed with hiself" he has every right to be after such a spectacular performance. L.W.

Broxbourne Community Centre 30th October 2008
Hello Dennis! I came to see you last night in Broxbourne community centre, just wanted to say it was a fantastic show ... great show, you should do stand up comedy as well! beautiful playing ... and those new songs from your upcoming album are great! i know its always tough playing new material but i loved those new ones. Anyway, great night out ... Peace and best wishes A.F

Broxbourne Hertfordshire
Absolutely a brilliant show last night. So impressed we are endeavouring to book for the Stevenage show. Such a shame that there has been no appearances  on national tv chat shows prior to or during the tour. Thanks again. What a Superb Showman.!!! D.V.

Broxbourne Civic Hall
Caught the show last night - absolutely brilliant, as I thought it would be, how many people can entertain solo with just a guitar and loads of humour and wow what a voice - telling everyone to go and catch the show while they can. Brilliant Dennis - thank you so much. M

I have a slight confession to make ... I was never really a big fan of Dr Hook but I took my wife to see you do the 'Hits and History' show at Basingstoke because she's always liked you (she must have good taste ... she married me!). Well, I was enjoying myself anyway because, despite my earlier comment, the tunes are all pleasant and the banter was good. Then you played 'Hearts' and I have to tell you my friend ... I was absolutely blown away! I've been a big fan ever since and now have 'One of the Lucky Ones' on CD in the car ( all of the tracks are great but I have been known to listen to 'Hearts' repeatedly through my 1 hour commute to work as it always gives me a much needed lift). We caught the show in Basingstoke again this year and this time I enjoyed all of the songs immensely. We also caught the 'H &H' show again on TV so that was a real bonus....Take care, it's great getting to know you after all these years ... sorry it took me so long! Andy

Broxbourne last night (30/10/08)
Saw the show last night and was so impressed as the only song i orginally knew was 'When your in love with a beautiful woman'as I'm probably around your son's age so don't remember most of them.Sorry!! I loved so many of the songs especially 'Shine son' and 'the right to walk away' I brought the 'live in liverpool' cds. I found your personality entertaining and really funny. You came across as a very geniune and caring man which is very unusual in the entertainment business hopefully your son has picked up these gifts.Where does your son Jessie do his acting as I'd love to see him proform. Amazing show hopefully see you and your son again soon-Debbie


liverpool philharmonic
just a line to say i enjoyed your show in liverpool the other night  hope to see you back in liverpool in the future D & R M

I just had to write and tell you what an amazing time I had last night. Me and my friend Tony both grew up listening to Dr Hook songs and when I found out about this gig we had to come and see you. This was the first time and I can honestly say its the best show I've ever been to, a laugh a minute! Thanks for such a good night. Kim

Hits & History Tour 2007 (Aired on Sky channel 260 Rock - On - TV:)
Just watched the concert on Sky TV and am now really regretting not going to one of this year's concerts. I was going to Grimsby ut went on holiday instead!!! All I can say is that I hope Dennis comes back to tour next year and I will be on of the first in the queue for tickets. M.D.

Liverpool Philharmonic
What a brilliant night, I had the best time ever, loved the whole show....the music, the memories and the tears of laughter rolling down my cheeks due to Dennis's cheeky banter Luv Sophie xx

liverpool philharmonic oct 27th 2008
really enjoyed the show,great performance and dennis was very witty.thanks. F.S.

Liverpool Philharmonic

Fantastic - just got home and have already updated my Face Book profile to tell everybody again how amazing you are and I'm now listening to my new Live from Liverpool cd and cant wait for my daughters to listen to it tomorrow before school.  I used to think it was only my mother who got her kids into Dr Hook when I was little - (me and my sisters used to make up routines and then put on shows for the family and now nearly 30 years later at 36 my daugters are doing the same for me), but most of the people we speak to when we go to your concerts (tonight was our 8th)are the same - daughters my age coming along with their mums, but many of the mums have become nans and 3 generations are all coming along together.  You are timeless and your voice is truely amazing - can't wait to see you again soon. It was great to see Jessie tonight - he is so lucky to have been the inspiration for all the wonderful songs you have written about him.  Good luck with the rest of the tour. love Janice xxx

Liverpool Philarmonic
just came back from the show (and a drink or three afterwards!) It was excellent. Great atmosphere and really enjoyed it. I saw Dr Hook many moons ago and the music is just timeless - although no doubt these days the caller to Sylvia's mother would be running out of credit on his mobile (cell phone) rather than putting forty cents in for the next three minutes. B.C.

Royal Concert Hall Glasgow
Dear Dennis, Went to the above concert last night and once again I thoroughly enjoyed it. You also appeared to enjoy it and this came across to the audience. I caught in right away that the guy tuning the guitar was your son...Fine lad......I have always loved Sunshine and felt you had written it for my son Jordan.... Please come back to Glasgow again soon, and stay for a while. and contact me and hubby at our website and we will take you on a tour of Glasgow and Scotland..... Keep well BAMK

Hi Dennis - absolutely brilliant - loved every minute  definitely worth braving the "shitty" (your words) weather....We nearly didn't get to see you as when I tried to book tickets it was sold out, then by chance there were 2 tickets up for grabs on an eBay auction ... We drove up from Loughborough Saturday lunchtime and the weather was raining all the way, alternating from torrential to storm force 10!!! You really looked as if you were enjoying it as much as the audience, if not more when you were playing "them guitars". Awesome. You sang "OUR TUNE" A Little Bit More - it was the first record Steve ever bought me, I was 16 and he was 22. I played it over & over again constantly but when my dad listened to it he thought the lyrics were a bit risque and wondered what Steves intentions were with "his little girl" Well all I can say is we "practised" what you "preached"  whilst listening to your song!!!!!!! We have 11 children (probably as a result of all that "practising")and we made the 7 that are still at home sit and watch your concert that is on Sky at the moment. I think you now have some young fans waiting in the wings!!!! ... Anyway back to the concert - loved the venue - loved the songs - especially the new stuff - keep on touring .... Love you and your music - Jayne & Steve.

another great show great to see you again loads of old fav songs and plenty new songs looking forward to new album.my favourite songs were stone soup shine son think heard both before but seemed to make more sense to me this time. your new songs i impress myself and the one call yourself bad names which i don't believe for a minute are sure to be great hits also looking forward to next time you in glasgow don't leave it to long it's our family njght out. M.T.

Morcombe Platform
Just seen you live for the first time my wife and I had a fantastic seet front row centre and I can say it was one of the most enjoysable concerts I have seen in a very long time... So full of energy and passion thanks for a great night out Jim

Hits & History Tour 2007 (Aired on Sky channel 260 Rock - On - TV:)

I just wanted to say that I have been going through a rough time due to illness and only just recently have decided it's time to fight and give life a go. Music and live performance have always been a big lift to me and I love live music but last night I caught the concert on Sky 260 and I was left feeling the best I have for many years as it gave me a tremendous lift. I was aware of the hits of course but the other tracks were a delight and I loved the lighter hearted ones like Millionaire etc but the whole show was superb. Thank you for the smiles and the pleasure and long may you continue to deliver such brilliant peformances S.T

Still sounds Great. B.E.

bloomsbury theatre
I was at the show 12/10 what a great performance ! I would like to thank Dennis from the bottom of my heart for stopping the song he was about to do" shine son" to answer my partners request For " I can't touch the sun for you" a little known song that i fell in love with 23 years ago ! After asking everyone I knew if they Knew what album it came from I had all but given up hope of finding it. when I saw his tour on rock on tv and found this web site and I was lucky enough that he was touring .I never thought I would get a chance to see him perform live let alone that he would sing a song live on request from a member of his audience!!!!! thankyou for this memory! your voice and the songs you sing touch my heart and soul !!! I hope you recorded the show and if at all possible release it so that we can buy it!!! we will be looking out for new releases and shows ! Don't worry my partner has said he won@t stand up again  thankyou again for the memory of a lifetime tina

bloomsbury theatre
Just wanted to write to thank you for the great concert you gave at the Bloomsbury Theatre last night and for signing a photo for me afterwards. I've been a fan of that wonderful voice since early Dr Hook days, so have been to many of your concerts and they just get better.  They say some things improve with age and you must be one of the lucky ones ..... P

bloomsbury theatre 12th October
It's the first time i've seen Dennis and it won't be the last.It was a fantastic show and my daughter sadie and i really loved it. Dennis,my son joe was thrilled with the guitar pick you gave me for him and i will definately be bringing him to see you. G.S.

Grimsby Auditorium
What an amazing show! First one that I've been to, even though I have been a fan for 30plus years! Love to hear the old songs, but the new ones are something special. I especially love "Shine, Son" from "Out of the Dark", and was blown away when you sang it at the end of the show - awesome, thanks! Denise

orchard dartford
My girlfriend and i have seen you five times now (im only 34 but grew up with your music through my old man!). Just read your blog from the last night i saw you - the 21st sep at dartford. What a show! Like all the others it was absolutely amazing - ive turned the other half and a couple of mates into serious dennis fans! We always come away saying things like "Dennis was great tonight" and "when are we going to see Dennis again" - its like we know you. Well, i guess in a way we do - that how you are i suppose. Anyway blah blah blah!!!!! Just wanted to say thanks Dennis. For the music, for the fun, for being real. Thanks. Wayne

Stables, Wavendon - 8 October 08
One Fantastic Show, So impressed, great guy.Lin

Worthing Pavillion
One of the warm and enthusiastic crowd that came out on a s****y night to see you last night.  As always a fab night, brought along a Dennis "virgin" and think she is now a convert (hurrah we will get this cult started)  Had a bit of a funny incident in the interval.. went outside for a "breath of fresh air) and a drunk man got blown off his bicycle.. so there I was.. no coat, high heel boots running to his aid.. he was ok.. just very drunk.. kissed my hand and tried to ride off wobbly fashion. Also wanted to say it is my 40th this November and your songs have been such a huge part of my upbringing (blame my mother) and as an adult I understand the stories behind the music.  Thank you for that and thank you for the words, the music and the feeling.  Keep on being Dennis.. Much love xx E

Worthing 4 October
Great Show Dennis - You did it again only better - having seen you seven times over the past five years I want you to know how much I enjoyed the show loved hearing the newer songs as well as the old favourites the audience just couln't get enough. J.L

Amazing show, Dl just gets better and better. More,more and more shows at Worthing please. Z

Lathones a couple of months ago
Hey man watchin you on rock tv saw you at Lathones a couple of months ago think you are better now than you were when you filmed hits & history lookin forward to seein you in glasgow this month ...... For me you are the embodiment of Dr hook Brill keep rockin' man!!!!!! A.L

Hits & History Tour 2007 (Aired on Sky channel 260 Rock - On - TV:)
As I watched a live performance 2007 on TV I realised what a great show I had missed in York. I love surprising my wife, who has suffered me for close on 40 years,oh Iv'e been a bad husband. Funny being close to 60 seems old yet being of the 60's we still drink, laugh and surprise each other and have fun as much as always. I'm so sorry I never got to take my wife to the show in York, no idea why i'm wrinting this, maybe the red wine but just what to thank you for a great evening on TV. A great show is if we both enjoy it, the entertainer and the audience, we did and we hope you did. Stay happy and I want nothing but to wish you well. B.W

Hi. I thought the tour was amazin. That amazin i am goin to the liverpool 1 on the 27th and that is my birthday .nd i think dennis is amazin with a amazin voice. I cant wait . J.W

St Albans Arena Thursday 2nd October 2008 St Albans Arena, UK
The second time I've seen Dennis live and yet again I walked away feeling totally overwhelmed by the experience. Another standing ovation at the end. The show had so much humour and you felt that Dennis was really enjoying himself as much as the audience. Can't wait for the next time. Quick question - I've searched everywhere for "Dancin' On Daddy's Feet" by Dennis on an album but can't find it anywhere - does it exist outside of the concerts? Warmest regards Paul Nicholls

hi jacqueline and i have been hearing you play ever year you have been touring from the fairwell hook tour in 85 and our daughter louise has been comming for the last six years and i must say this years first tour date down south was one of the best shows you have performed keep comming south.  barry

Alban Arena, St Albans
Hi! I came to see you last night and had a great time!  The show was fantastic! Just wondered what one of the songs that you sang was called and whether it is available to buy?!  Although I'm not sure, I think that it was called 'Ask Her'.  The first line was 'I'm a monster...' Thanks for a great evening! Sarah xxx

Orchard Dartford
A great nights entertainment bringing back so many happy memories, loved the banter and the relaxed atmosphere, felt like you were singing and having a chat in my own front room. Hope you will be performing again next year in the UK. P.A.

this man is brilliant, the emotion he brings to every song is amazing, he is a true great. .... .I took my 14yr old daughter and her freind along to the show and they only came to make me happy but afterwards they waited with me to meet Dennis and get our new cd's signed they are now fans and have told all there friends about him.anyway to end i'll say anyone who's going to see him is in for a real treat. S.W.

Hi Dennis, Saw you for the umpteenth time at the Civic a week ago.  Fantastic as usual.  Thoroughly enjoyed the show and will be there again on your next visit.  Thanks for a wonderful evening's entertainment. P.C

The Anvil Basingstoke
We saw DL last night in Basingstoke and he was amazing.  One man & his guitar on stage and he filled the auditorium with beautiful music.  All the songs tell a story and boy can he tell a story.  Thank you for such a wonderful evenings entertainment. J & G

Darlington Message
Just dropping a quick note to say thx for the fantastic gig at Darlington, im a latecomer to the sounds of Dr Hook, but LONG MAY IT LAST !!!!Hurry up and book Darlington again !!!!! Thanks again !!!! M.H.

Darlington Civic
Dennis,Thanks for an exceptional evenings entertainment at the civic on the 19th Sept,an unforgettable performance from a superbly talented singer and musician.Hope we see you again very soon.Cheers. A.W.+L.L.

D L I have to tell you how much I enjoyed your concert in York . It was my first time to see you performing solo and it certainly won't be my last, your voice is  amazing I just did'nt want you to go, I could have listened to you all night. Also I love your story telling and the way you interact with the audience.I now feel that I've missed out over the last years but  I'm  enjoying catching   up with your lovely songs. Thank you again for a  memorable evening. A new fan  S.

Orchard Theatre, Dartford
Just been to see the master at his best!!  Fantastic show, will be back next time....Roll on the next time you're in town! xxxxx S.L.

Thanks for a really great show at Wimborne! I missed the last one but still remember the fabulous Hook Farewell Tour. Obviously Hook fans will love this show but I'm sure a lot of newcomers too. And I really appreciate that you pay to see Dennis and boy you get Dennis - no support act, no backing group just the man and a guitar for a good 2 hours or more - Thanks Dennis for a great night out, let's do it again soon. JB Wimborne 20/09/08

We have just spent an incerdible night with you at the Darlington Civic Theatre. As ever you were on top form - thanks for a great night  - the third time we have seen you as a solo artist and definitely the best. Also brought back great memories of the early 80's when we saw Dr Hook at the Colston Hall in Bristol - what a night that was! Thanks again for a terrific night and please keep coming back to the North East E & L. C.

Darlington civic theatre  Sep. 19th 2008
Awesome. Saw him last year with a band and it was good but his energy never fails to amaze me. Played new and old and held the audience in the palm of his hand. J.P.

Darwen Library Theatre
Wow!! I was a Dennis virgin before tonights show! I am now a fan!

A most enjoyable evening the music and the humour!

What A guy!! J.Darwen

Hi Dennis, briliant show again at a really cosy venue. I just wanted to bore you a bit more about my really special birthday gig.  I was born June 12 1948, one year and one day before you.  My dear lady wife decided I should have a special gig for my 60th birthday and, being a Beatlemaniac, arranged for me to do a gig at The Cavern.  We had two and a half hours of music from 21 people - all close family and friends - but one of the highlights for me (and there really were so many) was when I sang Shine Son to my 19 year old son. When it finished he just ran on stage and hugged me to a crazily loud communal Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  The audience that day consisted of just over 120 friends and family plus some punters off the street and the atmosphere was incredibly phenomenal.  After The Cavern we went to The Hard Day's Night Hotel where we had a buffet and more live music till about 10.20 pm when the remaining 16 or so adjourned to our bedroom.  Lesley. my wife, had booked The John Lennon Suite which housed a white grand piano.  We we  re up till about 3 am singing Beatle songs round the piano.  I am telling you all this in case you are searching for an idea of how to celebrate YOUR 60th next year.  If you decide on a gig at The Cavern - can we have an invite please? Thanks again for a great show. P.M.

Darwen Library Theatre.
Lancashire. Friday 18th July 2008
Hi Dennis Great show last night. Vocals brill, guitar soundfantastic, personality magnificent. B.P.

Darwen Library Theatre
What a fantastic concert!! Lots of oldies, some great new songs - really loved 'Ask Her'!!. Audience participation in "when you're in love with a beautiful woman" was a good laugh, had a little weep at "Dance on Daddy's shoes" and "Shine Son". Dennis never fails to entertain, and the small venue makes for a really great atmosphere. Hurry back!! K.S.

The Inne at Lathones
Hi Dennis Just wanted to say thanks for two great shows at the Inn - it was well worth the 480 mile trip!! Hope you will go there again. Thanks for singing "knowing she's there" - it meant a lot that you did that. We still love to hear all the oldies (even two nights in a row) - but can't wait for the next album with "ask her"! See you again soon J & A

Dennis you are the best (-: the show was fantastic the word is  truly....FANTASTIC....  this comes to my mind  when i think of you because  you always make me feel happy (-: ready now to book for  the liverpool  venue in october mmm cant wait sooooo talented hugs and love xxxx P.C.

Newark (UK)
I attended a concert in Newark (UK) with a friend and his wife.  On the return journey I asked the friend (Malcolm) what he truly thought of the concert.  He said it was possibly the best one man show he had ever seen, certainly in his top three.  I enquired "and who would you be comparing that with?" to which he responded, "well, Buddy Rich, Ella Fitzgerald and Louie Armstrong"....following my stunned silence he told me how (in his college days) he organized trips to Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club and had indeed seen these (and many more) top class performers.  And yes, Dennis Locorriere was that good! G.B.

Portswood - The Brook
Loved the concert last night, great mix of music and very enthusiastic. Is there anywhere that i can buy my new favourite song of yours that you sang last night, i think it was called "Ask Her" ? Very entertaining and genuinely a great and moving song. P.H.

Library Theatre,Darwen
Dennis,first time my wife and I have seen you live.It won't be the last, first class entertainment from start to finish. B.H.

the brook in southampton
saw you in Southampton last night you had so much energy where do you get it from ?

You were absolutely brillaint and the old Dr Hook songs were what I wanted to hear look forward to seeing you again soon jan

The Brook, Southampton
Hi Dennis, Fantastic show at The Brook, Southampton. We have seen you about 5 times wehn you have been down Hampshire way, and we are never dissapointed. Shine Son literally had me in tears. xxx T.J.

Darwen Library Theatre
Great night!! Jax

Fantastic show. As always Dennis enthralled the audience from start to finish. Great mixture of songs and  music. Things never change with Dennis who has over the years consistently given his fans new and old exactly what they want. Excellent entertainment from a true rock n roller.

Thankyou Dennis for sharingyour wonderful talent with us all for the last 30 years D.T

Darwen Library Theatre. Fri. 18th July 2008
Great night (AGAIN!) Thanks for the photos and autographs. Looking forward to the Phil in October!! Viv x

had a brilliant night at the darwin theatre nine of us girls travelled from liverpool really enjoyed the very small theatre. dennis fantastic as ever and looking forward to the philharmonic hall in october. (already booked our tickets) see ya there. xxxxx Shandy

newcastle city hall
I went to see Dennis at newcastle city hall with my sis. We are 22 and 23 and have been brought up listening to Dr Hook, my dad bought us the tickets. We thought it was amazing one of the best gigs we have been to, Plus got our pic with him and was a mint bloke! Seen you are playing in York the nearest to travel to but when are you coming back to Newcastle!!!!!! N.C.

Library Theatre Darwen 18th July 2008
Hi Dennis,

Can we say just how much we enjoyed your stunning show last Saturday evening in Darwen! You are a TRUE STAR in every sense of the word, and the fact that you take the time to meet your adoring fans afterwards is credit to you....thank you very much. That night Lynn and myself (Paul) celebrated 21 happy years of married life, and your concert together with being with our best friends Pete & Audrey, the evening was made complete.

We look forward to seeing you soon, hopefully in Morecambe in October. Best wishes, P & L. K.

Bill Wyman's Rythm Kings (2008)
Dennis Locorriere & Bill Wyman

fairfield halls, croydon, england
hello dennis (i really do hope you get to read this)when my mum offered me a ticket to see bill wyman and the ryhthm kings at the fairfield i thought, cool!that'll be an interesting show so i accepted.  i actually found bill pretty bland but when you came on stage my mum and i looked at eachother with absolute delight.. you really made the show for us and afterwards our respective partners got very bored hearing us talk about you for the rest of the night.when i was a little girl my mum had your music on cassette and i used to listen you you on repeat.  you are part of the soundtrack of my life and for that i thank you. you've still got it and mother / daughter appeal, you have a very special place in the heart of the ladies of the darkes family and may you carry on wooing the ladies with your beautiful voice and boundless energy. enough of the ego massage! but thank you, you are a very special man. i'm getting married in november... you should come!! love, stephanie darkes and mummy darkes xx

Hi Dennis,i hadn't seen you or bill wyman's rhythm kings live before,but i'm glad i made the trip up from sussex.You all were superb ,great songs,great playing and singing.I will love to hear the live cd when it appears and i will make a point of trying to catch you live next time you tour.Thanks for a great show.P.S i take it there's not much chance of Chuck Berry making the line up. m.c

The best night out in years - expected Bill's Rythmn Kings to have a suprise guest but couldn't believe my luck when it was you, Dennis. Great to hear you sing different stuff - which you obviously enjoyed doing.
PS Thought the others in the band were good too! L.T.

Brighton Dome
Throughly enjoyed the show on Wednesday evening. Seemed like you had always been with the band and certainly not the "new boy" Keep up the good work. P.G.

Hi Dennis.

Saw you the other night at buxton with the Bill Wyman band absolutely knocked out by the show as a whole, but especially with you, when you was announced at the begining it took me a while to realize who you was, it hit me as soon as you started singing, where have you been man? i thought you was dead, but there you were, looking great, and singing better than ever.
as soon as i got home i logged on to amazon and ordered your CD "out of the dark", it arrived this morning and i have just played it, fantastic, brilliant, shit hot. "Shine son" moved me to tears, even an old fart like me, i have a son in his late 20s now, but that song really related, where can i find the chords/tab? Will keep a close eye on your web-site now, for future tours/CDs, etc. Thanks for still being alive Dennis, and for a great show. hope to see you again soon.

Cheers. Mick

Buxton Opera House
Hi Dennis Just a quick mail to say how much we enjoyed seeing you with Bill and co. We had not been able to get tickets when we first rang up but luckily when we phoned the Wednesday before the show they had some tickets available.
The draw back was they were in one of the boxes!
We have never had a box before (we are normally in the stalls). They did say there was restricted view but it was not that bad and if you I hung out I could see everyone.
Once again thanks for a brilliant night, hope you are enjoying the tour. MF

Your voice is wonderful, we saw you sunday with the Rhythm Kings but you stole the show , Inow have to catch up with what I have been missing. Thank you for a great performance. S.

Malvern Forum Theatre, Friday 22 February 2008
As always, a fantastic show from DL. We went along just to see him but the whole RK experience was a great one - Dennis fitted in wonderfully and his voice lifted the whole band and melded beautifully with Beverley Skeete's. Dennis (looking slim and happy) looked as if the stage could barely contain his energy as he danced, laughed and stunned new listeners with his voice. A well-deserved standing ovation, a wonderful show. J. G.

Dennis - we thought you were fabulous last night. Your version of "Unchain My Heart" was so good. Do you have a recording of it ? Keep on with the rock songs. S.

cliffs pavillion, southend
Being a great fan of both the rhythm kings and of Dr.hook, it was a fantastic surprise to me to see dennis live with bill wyman...the show was fantastic and quite rightly received a standing ovation...I was honoured to be part of the audience...wow!!! K.R.

Bill Wyman and the rhythm kings....and you of course Dennis,....WOW!...What a FANTASTIC performance, my ankles were killing me by the end of the night from tapping them to the music! LOVED the Everley Bros number 'crying in the rain'....tell them to keep that one in there! Fifth year running that we have seen the band and it just gets better each time.
Very best wishes to all of you. Linsey portsmouth the guildhall

Dennis stole the show at the Guildhall,he has so much energy, where does he get it from? Bill Wyman took second place (i only bought tickets to see Dennis anyway)another great performance, come back next time on your own!!!!even my husband had to agree Dennis was the life of the show.

Saw DL with Bill Wyman & Co at the Hall for Cornwall - for me, he stole the show!! Such energy and warmth, think I'm in love :o) I'm now the proud owner of the Live in Liverpool album (bought at the venue, barely been off my cd player since) and a DVD of the Hits & History tour. Especially love More like the Movies, Don't let the sun catch you crying... Millionaire is great fun ...and I've just persuaded my fellow guitar players that we must perform If not you at our next gig. Love you Dennis - fantastic voice, great songs, great performance, the two ex wives must be kicking themselves. Take care, have fun. Sally xxxx

Cambridge Corn Exchange
What a great concert! Me and my other half couldn't help but dance along in our seats. Where do you get all that energy from???? B

Swan Theatre - High Wycombe England UK
Went to see Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings in High Wycombe last night (Feb 14th ) we've seen them a couple of times before and its always a treat - a band that has fun and is on stage as much for them sleves as for the audience - was initially dispointed to find Gergie Fame was not in the line up for our concert and he has always been quite pivotal in the RK's line up - However was absolutely surprsied and pleased to find Dennis Locorriere as a "guest artist" on this tour What a fab treat - Dennis was in exellent form and really fitted into the rather loose and fun "family" that is the Rhythm Kings persona He brought his own fantsatic sense of humour to the stage and of coure that fantastic voice - very special Frankly I'd like to have heard more from Dennis - but he is guesting in the R.K's after all - so I now have to see Dennis in one of his own shows - keep me posted next time he's in the UK please. But Rhythm Kings with Dennis Locciere come highly recommended - catch ';m in the UK in Feb and March or perhaps your going to miss out forever !! Barry B - Hertfordshire, UK

Glasgow Herald: Online comments: the audience clearly loved it, the band enjoyed themselves, Dennis Locorriere was a revelation and, as usual, the sax players (Frank & Nick) played a real blinder. I enjoyed it thoroughly It was worth going to the Concert Hall if only to see Dennis Locorriere. He was bopping all evening, obviously enjoying himself, and brilliantly entertaining.

Hello Dennis Saw you in Ipswich on Friday night - brilliant show - you were exceptional!!!! Shirley xxx

Just wanted to say thanks for an ace night. Was sat in the front row and in complete awe. I'm 29 and have a few people on my tick list to see before they are too old and past it. Mean that in the nicest possible way though!! Have listened to Dr Hook since I was a pecker. My mum and late dad were massive fans and it was rocking to see you in the flesh and to hear your voice, which still sounds awesome. A.W.

Aberdeen Music Hall
Took my son who is learing to play guitar to see Bill Wyman and the rythm kings and we were blown away with the entire night a group of brilliant musicians with nothing to prove to anyone doing what they do brilliantly in particular when Dennis sang the song about New Orleans 47 If anyone has a chance to get a ticket for this show get one and see just how music should be played and enjoyed R.M.

Stables - Milton Keynes
Dennis , saw you at the Bill Wyman show in Milton Keynes you were really impressive ! .... . Keep touring ! Thanks K.R

Enjoyed a great evening and loved your contribution to the Rytham Kings.Seen them before and delighted to say you enhanced their show.Loved your rendition of Louisiana.Sorry bout the dreadful Scottish weather. E.S.

ALONE AGAIN with DENNIS LOCORRIERE! (Autumn 2007)......
Alone with DL & Live in Liverpool

I brought my girlfriend and dad along in March and have told everyone who will listen about the show you put on that night! We want you to come back asap! Can you make sure it happens soon please. If so when!
regards, M.A.G.

Billingham Forum 01.11.07
Another great night with Dennis then meeting him after the show topped off a fantastic time.Thanks Arthur.

millenium forum derry , Northern Ireland 25.10.07
Once again, what a star performance, from a magnificent singer, songwriter. You know how to entertain an audience. Not many singers could stand on a stage with a few guitars and play and sing for so long with the confidence you have. You are truly a remarkable performer with a unique voice. It must be fantastic to be so loved for so long and to keep your voice as good as it was 20 years ago.
Please keep coming back to us. I have been to see you every time you have come here and you just get better and better. Love your new stuff. There are very few singers who leave a famous band and can sustain the interest you have without having to play all the oldies. Love all your own stuff. Beautiful songs. Once again thanks for entertaining us and keep coming back. C. McF.

Hi dennis , great show again in weston super mare as allways , i first saw you on stage in the eighties with dr hook in cardiff and since then i try and see you every time you you tour . I travelled from cardiff and had a front row seat in weston , sat there by myself and really enjoyed myself , you sang two songs that really made the hairs on the back on my neck stand on end i think they were ,.,. things i should have said and maybe when shes not there ,if the titles are right can you tell me what album they are on so i can buy them . kindet regards james Strabane 26.10.07

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the show it was a dream come true and well worth the 5 hour drive to get there. An amazing talent!! Hurry back! C

First concert of DL I have been to. How I wish Ihad gone to more. Thoroughly enjoyed the evening. How did he know to play all my favourites!, old and new, the mans psychic!! Gorgeous to look at, beautiful voice and fantastic songs, what more could you ask for.I hope his career goes from strenght to strenght, he deserves it. L.C.

I came to Weston with my Mum, Dad and my Sister who have ben fans for the last 30 odd years. The age group of the audiance was so wide spread, the atmosphere was fantasic. It was a great evening and your voice was so close to your records that it was amazing.Also, we all havnt laughed so much for ages at your wonderful humor - it was a fantastic evening Thank you! M.G.

Your music and sense of humour are fantastic. We will certainly get tickets to come to see more of your performances. S.S.

southport 02.11.07
Hi Dennis. can i just say WOW that show was really amazing. ive been a BIG fan of yours for years now and have grew up with listening to your music from when i was little. loved every minute of the show last friday. it was the first time ive ever seen you in concert because i wasn't allowed when i was younger but can i just say all them years of waiting was well worth it. your music is a big part of my life, i dont go a day without listening to your cd's or your recent dr hook tour dvd. you have an amazing voice and it goods to see that you are carrying on with your carear and making brill songs of your own. the amy winehouse song sounded great, i really think you should bring your own version out. hopefully i will see you next year 2008, wouldnt want to miss it for the world. enjoy the rest of this years tour. thanks again for a great show.
suzanne x x x x x (BIG FAN)

burnavon cookstown.
my friends and i went to see dennis on the 27/10/07 he was amazing. after the concert he signed cd,s and let us have our photo,s taken with him.this ment a lot to me as i,ve been a fan of his for a long time.his new cd one of the lucky ones is fantastic.also is the dvd alone with dennis locorriere.all i have left to say is that dennis locorriere is medicine on his own.can,t wait till he,s back in n ireland.xx.B.

southport 02.11.07
Just wanted to thank Dennis for such a fantastic show at southport. Third time iv seen you this year and have to agree with everyone else when they say every time they see you it gets better and better. You really are an exceptional performer and just love your new stuff. Cant wait to see another show,you put the so called stars of today in the shade with your talent and energy. S.L.

Billingham Forum 01.11.07
Wow what a great evening we had with you at the Billingham Forum.Like to thank you and your team for coming back. We had a brilliant nights entertainment. Once again you have excelled yourself. ...... Come back soon enjoyed your music your song and most of all your company. Came away with a great big smile on our faces and couldnt wait to get your Cd on in the car. Here's to next time. C & D.P

Billingham Forum 01.11.07
another fantastic nights entertainment.... P.R.POCKLINGTON

Just discovered DL and hes fantastic! Absolutely adore his music and voice, he doesnt look too bad either! Looking forward to seeing his concert at Weston suiper Mare on Friday. He should really have more publicity, not been so excited about a singer for years. L

southport 02.11.07
Mesmarising! Please let me know when you will be in my part of the world again. M.

darwen library theater. sat. 03.11.2007
The show was just superp the voice/set/guitar playing just gets better each time we go to see him. We first saw dennis with dr hook and band way back in november 1973 at the stoneground in manchester just before they made it big now it's time to get him put in the music hall of fame. Who would have thought that 34 years on that he would still be doing it with the same emotion and more. THANKS DENNIS S & B J

Billingham Forum 01.11.07
Dennis,thanks for providing an unforgettable evenings entertainment at Billingham Forum on 1st November.It was quite simply a superb performance by a tremendous showman,thanks once again for sharing that awesome and unique musical talent that you have with us,hope to see you again very soon.Cheers A.W. L.L.

Southport Arts Centre 02.11.07
I attended the show at Southport with my 14 years old son and 21 years old daughter. My daughters' knowledge regarding the music of Dr Hook, or Dennis, is somewhat limited. However, she summed up the evening in just one word. AWESOME!! She was mesmerised by the sheer power and emotion that Dennis put into each and every song. Then, to meet him after the show, to get autographs AND photos taken with him, was the icing on the cake for both my children and me.In the meantime, we look forward to a new album in the near future, which if the sounds of the new tracks played on Friday are anything to go by, will be superb.Once again, thank you Dennis for a fantastic and 'awesome' evening! T.B.

Southport Arts Centre 02.11.07
Thank you for such a great performance at the Southport Arts Centre last Friday. J.F.

DARWEN 12.10.07 & SOUTHPORT 02.11.07

Southport 02.11.07
To quote you last night " No F***ing Band" You don't need one Dennis, another great solo night and some brilliant observations on life, you could have a second career as a comedian. All made for another superb night. Look after the voice for 2008 another tour and new CD. D.N.

Billingham 01.11.07
Feel extremely lucky to have seen this great gig. I was actually due to have been in hospital for a bone marrow transplant on the 24th but luckily for me it was put back a couple of weeks. Truly one of the best and certainly the most intimate of concerts I have ever seen. This was the final piece to my music loving jigsaw. Queen, Bad Company, Paul Rodgers, Ian Brown and now Dennis Locorriere. Fantastic!! My sister and I grew up on heavy doses of Dr Hook thanks to our parents and were delighted when Jungle to the Zoo was played. Spent many an hour dancing round as kids to this track :) Anyway words to describe the gig fail me so I will stick to fantastic. Thanks again and can't wait for your return to the area. A.M.

billingham forum 01.11.07
Many thanks for a fantastic show lastnight. Acoustic guitar playing was out of this world. My takamine doesnt sound like that !!. Vocals as good as ever,come back to the North East very soon.Once again many thanks for the show Dennis N.D.

Waterfront Belfast 29.10.07
Brilliant concert. Don't be leaving it so long before you come back!! Thanks for taking time for autograph and photo. ACN

millenium forum derry 25.10.07
Of all of the nights I remember......I will certainly remember the brilliant entertaining by DL last Thursday night. Come back soon! B.

Waterfront Hall Belfast 29.10.07
My mum absolutely loved ur music and played it all the time so i grew up with it. I jumped at the chance when i heard you were playing in Belfast. I was a bit dubious when i saw nothing but 3 guitars on stage at the start haha but you were absolutely amazing music brilliant and to top it off you were hilarious and i got my pic taken with u yay!! Thanx for an excellent night N.D.

Waterfront Belfast 29.10.07
my husband and i took our 3 children to see dennis last night and had a fantastic night. the children are aged from 10 to 15 and have been brought up on dr hook music ,they had a really great night and loved hearing all the old songs as well as the new ones.cant wait till dennis comes back to northern ireland again as we will be first in the queue for tickets.!!!!!! K.M.

Strabane 26.10.07
Listening to Dennis entertain was such a sumptuous experience. He sounded so humane and intelligent, as well as possessing that world-class voice. He deserves to be impressed with himself. G

Waterfront Hall Belfast 29.10.07
Last night was the 3rd time I have been to one of your shows I really enjoyed it.Loved the old familiar songs and thought the newer ones where great also.
I have loved listening to Dr Hook for years now you and your songs where part of my teenage years. Your show never disappoints me and here is to you and hope you have many more years ahead of you writing and performing songs. See you next time you are here. A.F.

Letterkenny 28.10.07
hi hope its you reading this dennis i went to your show in letterkenny on sun it was f****n first class. i was counting down the days since you set your date of gig. Me and my mother went to c u. and it was brill great nights crack. ..... your a ledgend will never forget last night f*****g brilliant. cheers. ... C.D.

Wylotts Potters Bar 13/10/2007
My dad had bought me the solo concert & the hits & history DVD's which are FANTASTIC, I kept telling my friend how good they were, so when he saw your show advertised, he bought me tickets for my birthday which was on the same day as the show. Needless to say I had a great night, your guitar skills & your vocals are exceptional. The rapport with the audience, the little stories about the songs create a great atmosphere.
I shall be checking the tour dates for when you are back in the area.
Thanks for a great night.John

Bloomsbury London 14.10.07
I just wanted to drop you a few lines to let you know how much I enjoyed your concert at The Bloomsbury on Sunday. I loved your new song "I'm Impressed With Myself" C

Potters Bar 13th October 07 Potters Bar
Had a great night with a great entertainer, look forward to seeing you again soon. J. M-S Darwen Library Theatre, 12.10.07
Having been a Dr Hook fan in my youth I was surprised to see Dennis was performing in little ole Darwen. I've been to the theatre before with my granddaughter to see Scrooge and similar stuff but didn't realise it attracted such quality performers. My sister-in-law and I totally enjoyed the show, as did the whole audience. Dennis certainly connected with the audience and received a standing ovation at the end of the evening. The songs were, of course, brilliant and the anecdotal links were interesting and amusing. A totally great evening. A.

Bloomsbury London 14.10.07
I am 34 and have grown up listening to your music.When i was 18 you came to my hometown and played at our sports centre.From then on i was hooked.Earlier this year i finally got to see you live again in Norwich and had the best evening,i didnt want you to stop singing,i was determined to come and see you play solo (no mean feat when you live in the back of beyond and have 4 young'uns)and last night was that night.I gatecrashed a friends flat for the weekend and even made him come with me,Dennis you rocked i had a great time ,your guitar playing is awesome and your voice as good as ever....and my reluctant friend got a cd in the foyer and was singing 'jungle to the zoo' all the way home so yet another fan Mr Locorriere!! DONT EVER STOP SINGING BECAUSE YOU ARE ONE OF A KIND K.R.

Bloomsbury Theatre 14.10.07
Although my wife a long term fan first time Ive seen you in the flesh so to speak. Great show, thanks! liked all the material old and new and look forward to seeing you again in Ireland. Oliver

bloomsbury theatre 14.10.07
Went to see you at the bloomsbury last night and all i say is .......JUST FANTASTIC!!!!. This is the third time i have see you this year and each time has just got better and better, can't wait for the fourth!!!! V.S.

Potters Bar 13.10.07
This was my second time to see Dennis, and again, I was overwhelmed. It was a fantastic evening with a wonderful display of talent, charm and wit (not forgetting his good looks). Looking forward to the new cd and more shows, so the future looks great! Thank you .. D

Darwen 12.10.07
Superb performance at Darwen, can't wait until the Southport concert in 3 weeks time. S

Mansfield 05.10.07
Having seen a clip of the Hits and history tour I was expecting a band and mainly Hook songs with a spattering of Dennis' own stuff but it was mainly Dennis' own stuff and no band but it was one of the most inspiring performances I have ever seen and one I'll never forget and by the end I was glad he was on his own as it made it very personal. The only downside was I am trying to learn the guitar at the moment and its disheartning to know I'll never be able to captivate an audience like Dennis did and even though I'm only 36 Dennis put my energy in the shade. J.V.

Becks Theate 10.10.07
i would like to thank dennis for a fantastic perfomance at the becks theatre on wednesday night. i took a friend who has liked dennis music but never seen him live and he was totally blown away he said that he left the theatre feeling like a personal friend of dennis.This is his words summing up the show it gave him the feeling that dennis was appreciative of the people that were there and was proud to be relaying his remarkable talent to all and wanted to make sure people had a great time with his humour,stories,life observations and voice and and that the thing with dennis is that his music & words reach everybody from the young to the old as everybody can relate these to your parts of your life in one way or another which is a rare gift to hav by the way my friend is 72.I loved the new tracks they sound great cant wait for the new album. G.

Beck Theatre, Hayes 10.10.07
This was a really fantastic show played with great energy - thank you Dennis. My wife and I enjoyed it very much. Old songs nice to hear played again and your new songs especially are so good! G.

The Stables Milton Keynes 06.10.07
We went to our second Dennis concert of the year and we're not disappointed in what we saw with the mixture of old and new material...... we had a very enjoyable evening seeing a superb performer.. D.I.

Mansfield 05.10.07
Yet again you managed it Dennis! What an amazing evening - every time I see a new show I think it can't get any better than the previous shows I've seen and you always prove me wrong - brill night excellent mix of new, not so new and some darn right old songs. Dennis is such a great guy made my 10year old grandaughters night by giving her the plectrum he had been using all night - she's been merrily strumming both Hook and Dennis songs since - some kids have got great taste in music don't you think!!! J.N.

Mansfield 05.10.07
Another exceptional perfmorance. Dennis justs gets better each time I see him. His enthuiasm never wavers and his voice is stronger than ever. A perfect mix of the old songs that we love to hear and the new songs that we hope to hear again soon. It is always a prvilige to be at a DL concert he is not just a great entertainer but a true legend.
The Mansfield audiance were totally spellbound; DL is a superstar who truely shines. L

The Stables 06.10.07
Saw DL last night and had a great evenings entertainment. It was especially nice to have a concert of new (to us) songs. There were a few old favourites but the balance was spot on. A really enjoyable evening. J.

The Stables, Wavendon 06.10.07
Another excellent night at a very good venue. Its the 6th time we've seen Dennis and we never tire of him. Dennis' voice is just sublime and the interreaction with the audience puts a lot of other artists in the shade. Dennis always plays different songs in his shows and its sometimes a case of 'he didnt play...' but, personally, i like to hear different and new songs. The concert actually finished with a new song called Different Faces which hopefully will be on the next cd. So another brilliant night by one of musics greats. if you havent seen Dennis before treat yourself and try and catch him on this tour N.W.

Stables, Wavendon 06.10.07
Dennis was superb! The energy, the words of the songs,all reminding us of how good he is at communicating all those feelings via his songs. I was back in those days when I was younger & the years had not tainted my view of the world. Dennis lifted my soul with the words & took me right back to those summers of sun & freindship. Thank you Dennis, you are a star & a wonderful performer & song writer. Keep on keeping on!! B.C.

mansfield 05.10.07
Wonderful concert .Audience very responsive. Sure Dennis will have lots more fans.His voice his songs his looks just keeps getting better.Listening in the bar to what were some new attenders all fantastic feedback,sure they will be back for more.Thanks so much Dennis got my picture and yet another autograph just a lovely night enjoyed by all. x Y.H.

Mansfield 05.10.07
Wow Dennis another great show this evening. A fine mix of old and new, amusing interaction with us The Audience and another DL concert to look back at. The amount of time you spend in this country it's surprising that you haven't picked up a 'Limey' accent yet.How do you dust yourself down after the show and sign away like mad,pose for pics and keep smiling? A real credit to showbiz and a terrific way of thanking the fans who have purchased your music over the years. We will be coming to see you again and more than likely again after that.Keep on rockin'.Paul & Bea

The Hits & History Tour (2007)
Dennis Locorriere, The unique Voice of Dr Hook - Hits & History Tour - Live DVD
morecambe lancs autumn 2008
A fantastic night with lots of great songs belted out with passion and entusiasim .a great crowd 2 ... brill dennis THANK YOU.DAVE ROBERTSHAW

Hits & History Tour 2007 (Aired on Sky channel 260 Rock - On - TV:
I came across Dennis on a Sky programme "Rock on tv" this week, I'm instantly "hooked" (sorry) on this man and his superb band, can I say much better musically than the original! It's nice to see a performer without the usual big ego coming across. My next task after this is to see where I can see him live!

Hits & History Tour 2007 (Aired on Sky channel 260 Rock - On - TV:
Dennis I have just watched rock tv with your concert and it was brill Please when are you coming to Ireland? Hope it is soon Glad you are back with us LUV YA B Mc

Hits & History Tour 2007 (Aired on Sky channel 260 Rock - On - TV:
Amazing really, found myself clapping after each song. Took me back to the many Dr. Hook concerts I went to, way back when!!! Seems like a million years ago but it all comes back, remember the Belle Vue Manchester show with the 'Bomb Scare?' You came back on and pretty much started again, real value for money, finished about 1.30 in the morning! Favourite songs--- Last Mornin' Carry me Carrie Queen of the Silver Dollar Thanks for many, many hours of enjoyment! Steve Whitnall.

Hits & History Tour 2007 (Aired on Sky channel 260 Rock - On - TV:
Hope you are well!! Accidently flicked on to Sky channel (rock-on-tv) and was absolutely enthralled to see your H & H concert. God, the years just rolled away!!! You were charming, charasmatic, funny, versatile and the voice is still as great as it ever was. Fallen in love with you all over again. Will you be playing at a Glasgow venue this year? (Hope so) Wish you happiness and joy for 2009. Eileen x

Hits & History Tour 2007 (Aired on Sky channel 260 Rock - On - TV:)
Just watched the concert on Sky TV and am now really regretting not going to one of this year's concerts. I was going to Grimsby ut went on holiday instead!!! All I can say is that I hope Dennis comes back to tour next year and I will be on of the first in the queue for tickets. M.D.

Tivoli, Copenhagen 27.04.07
I heard you last night in Copenhagen and it was a great expierence .... thank you for a great concert. MD

Truro, Hall for Cornwall 15.03.07

Tivoli, Copenhagen 27.04.07
Thank you for an exellent koncert in Tivoli. AH

Tivoli, Copenhagen 27.04.07
Thank you for a great koncert in Tivoli on friday 27th april. I Always loved Dr. Hook. Great to be able to introduce your music to my kids. They all enjoyed it too!
We will surely come and see you if you come back to Copenhagen :D LH

The Lowry Manchester 22.04.07
There are great singers, there are great songwriters, there are great musicians and there are great entertainers but few are lucky to display all those attributes. In my humble opinion Dennis, you certainly do. I always liked 'Hook' but could not say I was a fan in the sense that I knew everything about the band. (I am probably one of the few that hasn't got a clue why the band split and what caused all the acrimony). All I know is I loved the songs. I saw the gig at the Lowry in Manchester and was blown away. Dennis, I thought when Hook ended that was it. I only found that you were touring by accident but boy am I pleased. You brought back some great memories and I can't wait to see you again whether it is a solo performance or with the band again who were great. For the record, my all time fave Hook song is A Couple More Years, written by both you and Shel I believe. Hey dennis, do you live in UK now? Cheers Dennis, for the songs and for the memories. -Tom

The Lowry Manchester 22 April 2007
Dennis Locorriere and the band gave a fantastic performance at The Lowry last Sunday.The audience gave a standing ovation at the end which was well deserved. We hope that Dennis will be encouraged to return really soon HG

Bradford 17.04.07
Absolutely fantastic night. Hope you come back again soon. Never seen you before but always liked you as my mum had you records when I was little and I have just carried on buying them. Never heard the lyrics to freakers ball though thought it was hilarious. Come back soon, lots of love. S

southport 18.04.07
what a show. When are you comming back T


The Lowry Manchester 22 April 2007
Absolutely fantastic show - the best live gig we've ever seen. Dennis was supported by a top class backing band but his talent and genius has to be seen to be believed. They all looked as if they were really enjoying themselves. They gave us the full range of songs from heart rending sad songs to crazy humour. What a performance!! Roll on the next tour- we'll certainly be there. RM

Thank you for a fantastic evening in Grimsby on 21:04:07.

I have been given my hearing back (cochlear implant) and to hear you sing in Grimsby on Saturday was incredible. Your voice and the music you were playing was as wonderful and as enjoyable and mind blowing as I remember it being when I listened to it 20 to 30 years ago!
Thank you for sharing your fantastic talent and history.
Please don't stop it's too good to waste. ML

Bradford 17/4/07
Had the most amazing time,it felt like we had been transported back in time. Please come back soon band, and Dennis you were brilliant. J & K

Grimsby 21.04.07
Just like to say thankyou Dennis,my wife and I have been enjoying you music from the birth of Dr Hook ,and all our children have been brought up to appreciate what great music it is ,We took our eldest daughter to the Hook farewell tour in 1985,when she was 16 and she loved it and waited to meet you all at the stage door,
Since your return as a solo singer my wife and I have been attending your concerts every year you have done them ,and told our growing family how great you still are,, on Sat 21st we came to see you at Grimsby with our eldest daughter and her husband,(I was praying to my self that they would enjoy it ,after all the praise I had been piling on you over the years)Well you excelled my wildest expectations they were both over the moon with your performance ,not just your undoubted musical talent but you great stage presence and sense of humour .My daughter couldnt wait to meet you out front at the end of the show......
Thanks again ,cant wait to take them to one of your solo performances
Regards Barry

Grimsby 21.04.07
Hi, Of course I knew about Dr. Hook from my youth Im 61 so being at a loose end I and my wife decided to see Dennis Locorriere at Grimsby .What a great show he put on very nostalgic for us and what a nice man .A very good show was enhanced by his band who along with Dennis were craftsmen on whatever instruments they played .We real enjoyed the evening. M

Skegness Embassy Theatre 14th April 2007
Was a brilliant evening that i wont forget, Hearts Like Yours And Mine was the best thing ive ever heard. I hope that Dennis will be back soon, can't wait to watch him again! Cheers for an unforgetable memory. Luke

orchard dartford 20.04.07
what a show dennis took my dad a big dr hook fan meet you before show outside thanks for the photo had a great evening your voice is brillant please come back next year all the best see you next year. IH

southport 18.04.07
Great night and the standing ovation after the show just showed how everyone enjoyed the performance. But, at the risk of upsetting a lot of hook fans and as one of those who didn't wait until you were nearly dead to see you for the first time. Dennis Locorriere on stage with guitars, table and singing the songs from hook and his two solo albums is what I enjoy most, and what I look forward to hearing again. DN

Southport merseyside 18/4/07

Birmingham 10.04.07
Hi Dennis
I've seen you many times since you've been solo and yet again you were fantastic. I brought my son and daughter with me who are 18 and 21 respectively and they love you almost as much as I do as they've grown up with Dr Hook's music. No disrespect to your solo stuff but it was good to have a night of just Dr Hook music. Kath

Lowry, Salford Quays, Manchester 22.04.07
Brilliant performance from Dennis and his Band, can't wait for the next tour, many thanks for signing my CD/DVD S

Salford - Lowry theatre 22/4/07
I took my friends Andrea and Tony and their Son Tom to the concert as a late Christmas present. And found I had given myself the best Christmas present ever, as well as them. The concert was magical, full of humour energy and emotion. (As well as wonderful sexy singing, fantastic musicians, excellent handling of Hecklers and potential groupies and lots of songs we all knew!)We all thoroughly enjoyed the whole show. ...
Thank You Andrea xxx

Dartford - Orchard Theatre 20.04.07
Just wanted to thank Dennis for the fantastic night. I have been a fan since the early days and thought Dennis put on a magnificent performance. He is so full of energy and his voice is still amazing. I sang along with every song. The songs bought back so many memories. My 2 favourites of all time are "When You're In Love With A Beautiful Woman" and "Millionaire". I never get sick of them, but I love so many of the others too. A wonderful night, and I can't wait for Dennis' next tour and look forward to the DVD of the show being released.
Thanks again Dennis. It was unforgettable. H

The Orchard, Dartford, Kent 20th April 2007
From start to finish I was mesmerized. This is the first time I have seen Dennis live and will not be the last. I was in tears at some old favourites (reliving memories) laughing at his comments and in awe of the sheer enthusiasm and energy of this wonderous man. He is really tasty looking too which is a bonus! XXX MK

Lowry (Salford) 22.04.07
Cannot believe that only for Chris Norman being warm up artist (big smoky fans)we would never of seen this absolutely fantastic show.DL you and your musicians absoluteley blew us all away will be seeing you next time round that is for sure. Thank you for a fab night. MG

Grimsby 21.04.07
Thank you for taking me back twenty or even thirty years. I loved your music then and it is as fantastic now, if not more so... FL

The Lowry Manchester. 22.04.07
Well done it was a brilliant show don't stay away too long. PS

Grimsby 21.04.07
Just a quick note to say thanks for another brilliant evening Dennis. I came along with my Mum, Dad and Husband, the last time I saw you was in Sheffield, 1985 the 'Farewell Tour' when I was just 16 and it was every bit as fantastic last night as it was back then. It was great to wait and meet you at the end of the show and just topped the evening of perfectly. Magnificent!! LS

Orchard Theatre, Dartford 20.04.07
I went along to the show, not having much knowledge of Dr Hook, apart from "Sylvias Mother" and "When you're in Love with a Beautiful Woman", and expected to be thoroughly bored. How wrong could I be! From the "warm-up" act of Chris Norman (ex-Smokie member) andhis collection of songs both old and new (including "Alice, who the **** is Alice"), through to the explosion of energy on stage that was Dennis Locorriere, I was transfixed all evening. If you get a chance to go and see the tour, go. Sell your mother, sell Sylvias mother if you have to, to get a ticket...you won't regret it. N

Grimsby 21.04.07
What a fantastic evening, really enjoyed walking down memory lane - took me back XX years to my long lost youth! Oh happy memories. Thanks Dennis for taking the time to meet everyone after the show. Where do you get all that energy from to bounce around the stage as you did? Went as a group of mixed ages and everyone of us really loved the show. JN

Dartford - The Orchard Theatre 20.04.07
What a truly fantastic show, my Mum has always been a fan, so I went along too - I am SO glad I did, I loved every minute. I will definitely be going next time. Many thanks for a brilliant evening. Amanda Lewis

Grimsby 21.04.07
Hi Dennis enjoyed your show so much last time at Norwich just had to see it again, so travelled to Grimsby. Wasnt disappointed great time had by all. It was a pleasure to meet you after the show and thanks again for signing the cd "to Sylvias mother." Look forward to seeing you again in the future. Love Sylvia J.X

Grimsby Auditorium 21.04.07
Went to see your show last night (21/4/07) and it was fab. lovely to see so much true musical talent on stage and of course it was delivered by Dennis, fantastically.I introduced my friend to your music and she is now hooked! We had a great time and we loved your sense of humour. Shall be buying your new stuff and hope you come again to Grimsby soon so i can take my hubby.Your music and lyrics have reached deep in our hearts.I guess i'm one of your younger fans at 35, judging by the auditorium! x MA

Grimsby Auditorium 21.04.07
One of the best shows i,ve ever been to if not the best. Please consider doing another hits and history tour in the uk. also go for a bigger venue you would fill sheffield arena no problem you were fantastic. thanks for a great night hope to see you again soon. janet xxx

Grimsby April 21
Been awake since 5 O'clock this morning re-living last nights AMAZING show what a fantastic night!! Dennis you always amaze us with the energy and emotion you put into your performance whether you sing your old songs or your new solo ones - we love them all. My friend and I came last night with our 30+ year old daughters and they sang to everything you did ( we brought them up right) and all the way home as well! We laughed and cried to all our favourite songs - a very emotional night that we wanted to stay and do allover again!!
We can't wait for the next tour - so please, please, please come back soon. Love Kath, Jean, Kenda, Tracey amd Rachel

grimsby 21.04.07
I bought the last solitary ticket in the stalls on the morning of the show after securing a lift from hull with my friends twins jacky and jill, best £21.50 i have ever spent!wonderful concert! complete gentleman at signing after show,great respect for you dennis and band hope to see you again soon,val.

Grimsby Auditorium 21.04.07
Im 41 years old and have been listening to your music all my life up until last night when i had the chance to see you LIVE and i have to say if i never listen or see another act agin i will have finished on a high, in that one gig you brought back the feelings and excitment of everything we like to feel about feeling Good. If you except words of wisdom from people you dont no then please except these just keep doing what you do best becouse YOU make people feel good and put smiles on faces and thats just "Beutifull" so id like to end with these great words THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Andy

Auditorium Grimsby 21.04.07
What a fantastic night of Dr. Hook music. DL is an amazing performer who performs with energy and real soul. His band are a collection of world class musicians with virtuoso performances. Each of his musicians are world class in their own right. Songs were performed as fresh as if they were written yesterday. Two and a quarter hours of sheer pleasure. Please come back PT

the orchard Dartford 20.04.07
What a show we were able to see you at dartford on friday evening . we dont know how you do it to keep up such a high stanard it the first time we have seen you live it wont be the last. we have all your OLD L Ps now upgrading to CDs We were lucky to get front row in the theatre cant wait to see you again . its now saturday evening and we are listening to your hits and history CD and then we will wacth your DVD good luck for the rest of your tour DH

orchard theatre dartford 20.04.07
last saw you at the cliffs on the 26th march and haven't spoke about or thought about anything but the thought of going to another one of your shows. again a complete fautless show and enjoyed the show just as much if not more than last time.. good luck with your last 2 shows just wish i coud be there.. hopefully you'll be back again next year!!!! take care x V

cliffs pavillion southend 26.03.07
I am 30 years of age and have been a big fan for as long as i can remember, in fact years from now was one of my wedding songs!!!. From the moment you leapt onto the stage i was mesmerised!!!Fab night, great voice and fantastic entertainment. It completely made my night meeting you. Have rebooked to see you again at dartford in april. V

Newcastle City Hall 25.03.07
Hi Dennis just wanted to say thankyou for a fabulous night - your songs are so real and the heartfelt way you sing the ballads brings tears to my eyes (soppy or what? ha) Seriously though A Couple More Years and Years From Now are so poingnant (and relevant) to millions of people - what a great talent you have for expressing emotions. Please tour again soon as I missed meeting you afterwards - actually, I didn't think a huge superstar would do that-you are very rare indeed! Thanks again Dennis, love from Michelle x

It was really fantastic to see and hear Dennis again after so many years. I was a big fan of Dr Hook and the Medicine Show and watched them on a couple of occasions in Manchester during the 70's.

And now in 2007, at Southport, over a two hour period, I was once again blown away by the energy and the passion of Dennis Locorriere. After all these years...he still has it! Backed by a band of really talented musicians, Dennis put on a show that far exceeded my expectations. Demonstrating his vocal capabilities, his excellent guitar playing and not forgetting his infectious humour, I and the audience were in our element. He played a wide variety of Dr Hook material, from the earliest songs, all the way through their more commercial material. The highlight of the set for me...The Ballad of Lucy Jordan. Dennis seemed to call on all his reserves to really do justice to that classic song. My (grey) hairs prickled at that one!

If there is anyone reading this who hasn't seen this show yet...you have three dates to go. Get in there, you won't be disappointed.

PS...Dennis, when's the next solo tour??? TB

southport 18.04.07
I have seen DL many times now, and he gets better every time if that is possible. Last night's show was so fantastic,on stage for over 2hours with a band of musicans that bought the years flooding back. One song i hadn't heard for many years was was "hearts like yours and mine" Fantastic,very moving indeed. The evening just flew over,(time really does fly when you are enjoying yourself).
So now,i am looking forward to his next visit. GS

victoria hall stoke on trent 16.04.07
dear dennis my name is stuart huckerby i am in a wheelchair and i came with my parents to see you at the vitoria hall toke on trnt england on monday 16th of april i would just like to thank you and your band for a fantastic show i really had a great time on the tuesday when i got home from work i downloaded hearts like yours and mine and put it on my ipod..... what a fantastic show with great songs SH

southport 18.04.07
what a night missed the table and your songs but loved every minute the band the lighting the dancing the sound the whole big person that you are
love you loads kathy

Bradford 17.04.07
Had the most brilliant night for years. Felt like a teenager again although I'm sorry this was my first DL concert. Could have stayed all night. Dennis was absolutely superb and managed to bring back so many memories with his unique sound. Wish I was going again tonight. Please, please, please come back soon. JW

Portstmouth Guildhall 03.04.07
Thank you for a fantastic evening CW

Bournemouth 05.03.07I flew down from Leeds to my daughter's in Bournemouth to see Dennis. He was terrific, we both loved every minute of it.
All the songs were excellent but the one I found so thought provoking was 'the soup stone'. Dennis seems a rally nice qenuine guy with an incredible voice. BS

stoke on trent 16th april
What a brilliant night. from the moment Dennis bopped onto the stage singing "walk right in", it set the feel for the night. hits after hit, in that fantastic husky voice of his... there was a wonderful song "Hearts like yours and mine " with the most fantastic guitar playing.it blew me away...
And what a lovely guy. he greeted us after the show.so friendly and great with everyone... makes a change from stars who hardly bother with their fans. cannot wait to see him again. thanks guys for a wonderful evening x B

The Assembly Hall Tunbridge Wells 12.04.07
just wanted to say what a fabulous show last Thursday. You look and sound as great as ever. I was so pleased to get the chance to meet you after being a fan for so many years. Your photo is on my screen save on my moblie. This week at work your CD is playing( we take it in turns to choose the music) you will be pleased to know everyone is singing along.....what a great way to start the day. Good Luck with the rest of the Tour. Hope to see you again soon. Love from JennyXX

tunbridge wells 12.04.07
Wow !...talk about being wooooooed !...it was amazing !,i sat there for the entire evening mesmerised by the whole thing,he has to be one of the most romantic guys in the universe,to be able to sing songs with such feeling was, well as i said amazing...i enjoyed it soooo much im going along to Dartford on friday to see him again........totally totally awesome x LO

liverpool philharmonic 15.04.07

Brilliant night again,didnt expect anything less really.Band superb,but seen dennis in concert many many times and just as good solo!!! cant wait till the next time!!!! GP

Embassy - Skegness 14.04.07
....boy did they play - for a whole two hours.... although I didn’t live through the 70s, the concert made me wish I had ... We were spellbound. ... as a relatively new fan, the entire set had me entranced. I can't say that for most groups of today ... It's rare to see a first class band in an intimate venue these days. It is rarer still, to have a feeling of genuine interaction with a star ... For me, a priceless memory was forged; for others, memories were re-visited. Dennis even stayed back to meet the fans and a venue full of fans went home smiling. Now that, is the way music should be.

You can read the whole review on Music and Entertainment site Seatwave:

I'll also be doing a radio feature on Grass Roots radio show next week.

Fantastic work... you did 'em proud Dennis. An amazing night out and I'll be sure to pass on the word to everyone back home in Australia. ... Katie Spain

Portsmouth Guildhall 03.04.07hi Dennis, I really, really loved your show in Portsmouth. I've been a fan ever since your first Dr Hook show but you just seem to keep getting better, I love your two CD's as well - Out of the Dark and One of the Lucky Ones - Keep up the good work and I look forward to next years visit. With love Ruth

Liverpool Philharmonic 15.04.07Dennis, another fabulous show from you, and a great pleasure to see you with such a fantastic band (we've seen and love you solo too...).....So, thanks again for yet another wonderful DL performance, and goodbye until next time - we can't wait. Love and best wishes, Annemarie (AMD), Hairy Dave (my hubby) and Denis (my dad) x

EMBASSY THEATRE, SKEGNESS 14.04.07What an absolutely fantastic night of music and memories from Dennis and the Band, and not forgetting the supporting artist Chris Norman. I am a 56 year old who still has the mind of a 20 year old, but on Saturday night all my memories of my teenage years came flooding back. Thank you, thanks for taking us all back and blotting out the world today be it only for a few hours, a few good hours of mind blowing excellent music which made the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, and the experience will remain with me forever
This is a highly recommended experience and if anyone reading this hasn’t been to the show then I suggest you do, you must be a fan if you’re looking at the website. Wonderful, thank you so much. Kind regards, Sharon


Liverpool Philharmonic last night (15/4)What a performance – energy, charisma, humour, great voice, (so sexy) fantastic performance all round, including the backing! CS

birmingham 10.04.07hey.saw you for first time on tues, and i hope its not the last you were AMAZING... really loved every second of it. my mom has brought me up listerning to you and she was over the moon i got us tickets,so PLEASE PLEASE tour again. love you x x x x SC

skegness embassy theatre 14.04.07Fantastic night, Dennis as brilliant as ever with boundless energy, the band were A1, very talented musicians, thank you all for a very entertaining night loved every minute of it, Hearts Like Yours And Mine was out of this world. Cant wait till we get a chance to see you again, thanks for the inspiration.luv sonia and katie xx

Croydon 04.04.07
Absolutely loved the show, felt on a high although drained at the end, during that two hours i,d felt every emotion,Dennis had made me feel really happy and then really sad with his AMAZING performance of so many brilliant songs.
Just about got myself together when, today i received my copy of Out Of The Dark! it's sooooo good, so, that's been me all day, no cooking, cleaning or any of the other 'fun' things i ought to be doing, just slobbing out and getting emotional again. Time to go, beginning to feel a bit like Lucy Jordon. L

Brimingham UK 10.04.07
Hi, I just scared myself by recalling that I came to see you & Dr Hook with my first "serious" boyfriend (I never blamed you guys when he dumped me for someone else in a most ungracious manner, I kept on enjoying the music) when you appeared at the Rainbow Theatre in London in 76 or 77, I was as amazed then as I was after Tuesday night. I came to see you and Dr Hook twice on the Farewell Tour, in Oxford and Bristol (even though it was standing room only and we were right at the back of the "Gods")....

You are amazing (I apologise for saying you looked knackered after Birmingham) I was SO stunned that you still had the energy to come out and greet us (such a long queue of folks too) after such a tour de force of a show that I meant you SHOULD be knackered! I hope you will forgive my very clumsy way with words...

As ever you gave us more than the face value of our tickets in entertainment. You bring with you a wealth of stories and your voice is unusual instrument, being able to wring the emotion from a tune and yet also suited to the very funny songs such as "Makin' It Big", but one that I could listen to for hours.

I was with my Sister-in-Law, who loved the show and who, I think, fell a little in love with Clive Gregson! My friend, who should have been with me, was nursing her dying mother, so missed an incredible night.

Thank you for another wonderful evening. Please do another tour so that I can bring my friend along to see what she missed. J

The Derngate, Northampton, UK 11.04.07
I went to see Dennis live for the 4th time on 11th April and as usual he put on an amazing show!
The band sounded great but the best part was when it was just Dennis and his guitar!
I cried when he sang "Hearts Like Yours And Mine" (My favourite!) It was just breathtaking!
Please come back soon Dennis! AM

Assembly Hall Tunbridge Wells 12.04.07
I have seen Dennis several times over the years,this was the best performance ever. He seemed to be really enjoying himself,full of energy and in great voice. The audience was lively and very appreciative,and the band was excellent.
Loved hearing the Dr Hook Hits more of this please Dennis. Jacqui Livingstone

Tunbridge Wells 12.04.07
Just fantastic - a great nights entertainment, still smiling and songs still going 'round in my head :) R

Tunbridge Wells UK 12.04.07
Wow!!!! What a night.
I last saw Dennis on his farewell tour with Dr Hook in London, and this was the most amazing experience to be able to see him again, full of life, soul and energy,I didn't want the night to end!!!! Dennis you were great, and your band too.
Thank you from one of your long time fans xx S

Glasgow 18.03.07
Bought my daughter (brought up in the faith!) tickets for your show for her 22nd birthday. She and her friend Laura had the besssst night!!! Made all the better meeting you and getting this pic! A

dergate northampton england on 11.4.07
thanks for brillant night never seen alive performance before ,you where great and i still can not singing today ,my best present i have had from my hubby ,thanks love maureen xxxx

northampton derngate theatre 11.04.07
Dennis..great show ..you are a hard working guy ..I was exhausted so god knows how you must have felt . The +ballad of lucy jordan was tops for me. Good luck with the rest of the tour ..love pete.

Northampton 11.04.07
Hi Ya,
My husband and I had a great evening, I new all the tracks and sang along! each one my favourite!!
Love Dr Hook stuff, but have enjoyed your solo tours my favourite track 'shine son' it brings tears to my eyes!.
Louise xx

Hi, bought the new CD/DVD-read the reviews-will be at Victoria Hall, Stoke(first DL concert)-brilliant, brilliant and looking forward to it soooooooo much!!!!!! A

york grand opera house york 29.03.07
fantastic show been a fan for 20 years 4th time seen dennis without hook L

newcastle city hall 25.03.07
we grew up listening to dr hook as kids, because our parents were big fans, we were fortunate to get tickets and now we are hooked on the hook!!!!! hurry back soon wor dennis!!!!!!! SM

Newcastle City Hall 25/3/2007
Fantastic show followed Dennis and Dr Hook since I was 15 years old (47 now) It was a dream to meet one of my idols after so long .What a man what a show hope to see you soon John & Christine Currah.

St. Albans Arena 07.04.07
I would just like to say a big thank you to Mr DL and his band, you made a fantastic nights entertainment Pat and I were over the moon.
Not knowing if I was going to make it suffering from a chest and throat infection on the night, also made it unable to sing along to all my favourites, but then they are all my favourites.
The night was truly a spectacular show with all the classics just keep rocking DL and we look forward to seeing you again, I hope the rest of the tour goes well take care. Baz & Pat xx

St Albans Arena 07.04.07
Hello, The music, as always, was brilliant. Thank you. J

Portsmouth 03.04.07
I have been listening to your music for absolutely years (well, since the 70's)and on the 3rd April this was the first time I've seen you play live - Even though I have seen Dr Hook - without you it was not the same... Your voice is truly amazing and I am so pleased I have seen you live.
Amelia's (My 3 year old Grandaughter) favourite song is 'Years from now'! A far cry from the Tweenies! She must have taste like Mother & Grandma!
This was a surprise treat from daughter, and I am still on a high now!!
Keep on singing Dennis, years from now!!!!
Charmaine, Portsmouth England.

southend 26.03.07
sorry its a bit late emailing, but been busy, but what a great show just can't stop singing and dancing to your songs. we all know about the music but what about you the man the person, would love to meet you for a chat and get to meet the real you HG

Fairfield Halls Croydon 04.04.07
Walk right in, what energy I thought Dennis is never going to keep this going had me exhausted just watching.
No problem the energy continued, the familiar hits kept coming with that unique quality of voice.
The last time I saw Dennis in concert it was as a one man show. He was great! This time with the superb band of friends that accompanied him the show was greater still. Excellent value and how Dennis kept his energy flowing for the non-stop length of time he was on stage is beyond me.
A truly great evening. PM

Portsmouth 03/04/07
Brilliant! Fantastic as always!! Fourth time I have seen Dennis and he just gets better and sexier every time!!
I didn't want the night to end, the band were great too!
Can't wait until the next time. SB

southend cliffs pavilion 26.03.07
It was a really wonderful show. I had seen you in Brentwood several years ago when you first started touring alone - that was fantastic. I was hoping that this concert would be as good, and it was - how could I have doubted it!
The song selection was very good,but with so many good tunes to choose from, how could you go wrong!
Towards the end, I was about to shout out for 'Sylvias' Mother' and 'Years from Now' when I heard the opening bars. Ahhh happy memories.
Thank you Dennis.
We are coming to see you again in St Albans - we need to see you again before you are "almost f***ing dead".
Looking forward to a great show
Tia and Paul x

portsmouth the guildhall 03.04.07
Dennis never fails to deliver, the energy he has is amazing, 2 hours of non stop entertaining leave's him hardly out of breath, i have followed him since the seventies and he just keeps getting better, come back soon !! seen him so many time,s will one day pluck up courage and ask for kiss!! must also mention the 30 mins smoke sang, he also was very good. LJ

Portsmouth Guildhall - 3rd April
An outstanding performance as always from our very talented Dennis. His lyrics, (and some of Shel's of course) delivered with meaning and emotion by that wonderful voice which I could listen to forever. It was great to hear the old Hook stuff and see Dennis with a band but I equally love his newer solo songs and love to see him and his guitar alone. Please come back to Portsmouth soon. Just... WOW ! S

Portsmouth Guildhall APRIL 3RD

Portsmouth - 03/04/2007
Once again, a FANTASTIC evening Dennis ..maybe now people have seen and listened to Dr Hook and History, they will realise just what they are missing and book for your solo tours.
It was different seeing you with a backing group after all this time, but hey, they did you proud...FANTASTIC..FANTASTIC.
Great music, great songs and most of all a GREAT person...thanks Dennis MF

Portsmouth Guildhall 2nd April 07
Truly amazing show - we had a fab time. What a performer! All of the songs that we love to hear over and over. Thank you. Charlotte

Portsmouth 03.04.07
Growing up, these fantastic meaningful lyrics have played a big part of my life - From listening to my Mum's CD' to looking at the front covers trying to figure out whatthe people who wrote them are like.
Tonight (only off stage for 3 minutes!)I watched Denis sing some of the best!
Amazingly at 30 years old, this was the first time I have seen these tunes played live and I am trying to figure out what took me so long!
Brilliant! Entertaining! But most of all not only does he prove he is a resplendant singer & song writter - but a very funny man, who I would love to sit down, have a drink with & find out what makes a mind like that tick! Ali

York & London venues 29.03.07 & 01.04.07
WOW! Seeing Dennis on the stage again after all these years was wonderful. Dennis was in top form, hearing all those songs that should be sung by only Dennis, a thrill. The electric guitar playing was fantastic, loved Hearts! Loved each and every song. Dennis gives off so much energy, dancing all over the stage, it was hard for me to stay in my seat. The band's harmoney was beautiful - loved the arrangement of each song. And after all that hard work, putting on a great show, Dennis still makes a point to meet the fans after the show. He's a sweetie! Drucinda

London Palladium 01.04.07
Hi Dennis, sittin' in my hometown Salzburg, Austria again, but my thoughts are in London, where I spent the weekend to see you perform yesterday.First of all I have to say: What a incredible show! The finest musicians in your Band and you in the form of your life! Your voice sounds better than ever and I don't be ashamed to say, that some songs brought me tears in my eyes. One highlight was "Sylvias mother", when you was singing alone and the Band was coming in with such a wonderful and sensitive sound, thank you for that. I was thinking the last 25 years: .....Dennis, let me say again, how you touched my soul yesterday, best wishes for the forthcoming concerts to you and the great Band. I am a classical musician and playing the Viola in the "Mozarteum Symphonie Orchestra". Hope with all my heart to see you again!
All my best from Austria Werner Christof

Broadway Peterborough 30.03.07
Last saw you in 1985, thought you were great then, shame when you disbanded. Got the new history cd and have looked at the past footage on the dvd. You didn't always look your best, but I think of you as a bottle of wine thats got better with age!!! I must say you bounced on stage at the beginning and kept going for 2 hours! Absolutely brilliant! My 9 year old son came to see you and he thinks your great.This past year he has been learning to play the guitar and watching you has inspired him to practice more. ..... We both can't stop listening to your new cd, and look forward to your future releases, hopefully soon. Definately going to keep logged on to your email page, nice to hear what you think about stuff and also your poems very witty, you are very talented in lots of ways!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! K

London Palladium 01.04.07
It was fanastic performance we troughly enjoyed it .Dennis has so much engergy and the band was very excellent thankyou M&J

york opera house 29.03.07
saw you at york words cant say what i thought of your show i was left speachless,your songs tell such wonderfull stories,they brought tears to my eyes. you even had time to talk to fans and let us take photos.Your one hell of a bloke,never change, you are first class .take care and thanks for anight i will never forget .jane x

city hall (newcastle) 25.03.07
the show in newcastle first rate first time my wife has seen dennis she loved it i hope he returns real soon .... best wishes a.berry

Peterborough 30.03.07
Wow - have now seen Dennis 20 times - each time it gets better! Even my 80 year old parents were singing and laughing along all evening. Dennis has fantastic way of inter-acting with the audience -what a lovely man he is and boy what a wonderful singer. .... Come back soon. Jenny

Peterborough 30.03.07
Dog tired after a hard week at work, not sure if my good lady and I would be awake enough to even get there! Well you sure cured that! Stunning performance form you, Dennis and the guys in the band. Knock out rendition of Lucy Jordan and many others. Been listening to Hook for thirty-something years how come you look so young? Come back soon with your table and who cares about your language. Thanks Dennis for a great night out, say thanks to the guys in the band for us too. SP

The Hawth, Crawley - 28.3.07
This was a super show and greatly enjoyed by Faith and I. Dennis and 'new' band played all the old favourites. We went to see him a couple of years ago when he was on his own which we both thought was even better! Kate T

Peterborough, Cambridgeshire 29.03.07
An incredible performance which will stay in my mind forever. Dennis is full of enthusiasm, entertainment and energy and stayed to sign every last poster or DVD. The CD/DVD is the perfect mix and brings back memories of a great show. Thank You Dennis JF

York 29.03.07
Hi Dennis, we caught the gig in York on Thursday evening and had a ball [as always], thanks very much! PW


Cliffs 26.03.07
At last I got to see the man that made the soundtrack to my life. A little bit more was the 16th birthday present from my then boyfriend and now husband , We've treasured that soundtrack for all this time and it was truly the greatest pleasure for us to be in your company for the evening. Your voice has the clarity now that it had then you sing from the heart and mine beat that little faster for hearing those first few notes . May you go on for ever..... JW

Cliff's Pavilion, Southend on Sea, Essex 26.03.07
Hi Dennis,Came to see you this Monday and WOW!! it was a great evening. Would just like to thank and congratulate you for a fantastic show; you have such great talent and performed your songs with great emotion and energy. You also have a fantastic band - all in all, I loved it. And thanks for the hug and the photograph that my mum took of us when we queued up to see you after the show. I'll cherish my signed programme!! Looking forward to seeing you next time. NT


The Hawth, Crawley 28.03.06
28th March 2007 Fantastic evening Best ever Mother's Day present from my Daughter Lynne. We even took our 14 year old daughter Karen along as well who knows all the words to the songs and sang all evening. The music is timeless. GT

The Anvil, Basingstoke 02.03.07
Hi Dennis I haven't listened to your songs since I was a young girl. I came across details of your tour earlier this year and booked tickets for your first show at The Anvil Basingstoke. Wow - I really loved it - Thank You. You sounded fantastic and really put on a great show, your sense of humour really had me laughing out loud. We're hoping to get tickets to see you again in Birmingham in April! Jacqui x

york 29.03.07
eight times we have seen you and that show was the best ever keep it going and thank you for a great night kevan & lesley

Grand Opera House, York 29.03.07
What a show! The man still has the magic. We saw Hook about 20 years ago, brilliant, and this was just as good. Just a shame the audience didn't get up and dance - I can't sit still!! The voice is still fantastic as is the persona - wow. Rock on Dennis - pure magic. JM

Grand Opera House York 29.03.07
One word 'SUPERB' MR

York Grand Theatre 29.03.07
Fantastic concert,outstanding performance by Dennis supported by marvellous musicians. CD already in car interchanger. D & R C

Newcastle City Hall 25.03.07
Fantastic show it was the best night for ages, pity it had to end. AJ

The Hawth , Crawley 28.03.07
Best birthday treat ever ! Dennis and his band were not just great they were OUTSTANDING ! Loved every second and am still on a high nearly 24 hours later ! Thank you so much Dennis and my wife Gill for a fantastic evening and a great birthday ! CT

Bournemouth Pavilion 05.03.07
ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!,From the moment Dennis bounded into view, we all knew we were in for a real treat, this guy is a better live performer than anyone! how does he appear so relaxed but so captivating in the flesh, im 46 but listening to Dennis is just like being transported back to the 70s, he still looks the same to! Dennis PLEASE come to Bournemouth again, we love yah mate! CM

Aberdeen Music Hall 21.03.07
Terrific Show with a great choice of songs. Sounds just as good now as years ago and looks great too. My youngest daughter took me in for Mothers Day and she loved it too. MM

Cliffs Pavilion Southend 26.03.07
Dear Dennis and 'The Band',
It was a fab show at the Cliffs on Monday, and it was great to see you in such good form. We have been coming to see you for so many years in so many venues, and each time you bring a new dimension to the music. We really liked the new arrangements of the old Dr Hook hits, they sounded fresh and modern. You have all obviously been working hard to create this show, and congratulations to you all. I said to you 'one out of ten' but it was a JOKE Godammit! Best of luck for the rest of your tour, and see you again,
Melanie, Polly and Trevor - Colchester, Essex

Southend on Sea, Essex; Cliffs Pavillion 26.03.07
What a fabulous show! My friends and I are of the generation that was brought up on your music as our mothers were great fans in the early 70's, but we have become fans in our own right and spent a great couple of hours in your company last night. FS

southend cliffs 26.03.07
absolute brillent show last night, enjoyed hearing all the old classics, thanks for a good evening with yourself and chris norman as support can't wait to see you again soon JS

Southend Cliffs Pavillion 26.03.07
I just wanted to say that I had THE best time ever last night. I have been a Dr Hook fan since Sylvia's Mother came out when I was 13 living in Oz. My friend sent me some tour pics of Dr Hook as she was lucky enough to go and see you in Brisbane in the early 80's and I have been so jealous ever since. I am glad I got the chance to see you last night. My Mum and I had a great night, I wish I had your energy but I certainly matched your enthusiasm with the singing (not sure if you heard that cat down the aisle by the exit doors??). Keep up the excellent music making and I will catch you for definate on your next visit. Kaz xx

Cliffs Pavillion Southend 26.03.07
WOW! I am 28 and was brought up listening to Dr Hook, I was looking foward to the show to hear the songs I know and love - but what a show!!! I was BLOWN AWAY!! Dennis was so energetic he really made our night! The band were also amazing!! I would definitely go and see another show!!!! What a voice!! What fantastic songs - each and everyone of them! Sally A-J

Southend 26.03.07
Hi Dennis, Just wanted to thank you for a fantastic show at Southend last night! ... B

Cliffs Pavillion 26.03.07
We just want to say a Big Thankyou for an absolutely brilliant evening. Only wish it could've gone on longer. First time we've seen you since Dr Hook days but hoping it won't be so long before we see you again. Any chance of doing a DVD recording of this tour? Jan and Tony

cliffs pavilion - southend on sea 26.03.07
i have grown up listening to Hook and always loved it....was really excited about going tonight and wasn't abit disappointed...i had a really really great night...dennis was just as i imagined he would be....very funny/witty/honest and very entertaining...i even found myself sitting with a hugh grin on my face like a simpleton...but its ok i looked around and there were a few of us there!!!
but i think that really sums it up for me...he made me want to smile - thank you so much donna

buxton.derbyshire 24.3.2007
My husband and I,having seen you about four times before,went to Buxton concert with my new 75 year old brother-in-law,there is hope for you yet, Dennis, my sister,who has not seen you before and my friend who has seen you once.You were superb and you have made two new fans. We will all be coming to see you again,wherever you are. Chris;from Smokie was brilliant too! See you soon DLP

Newcastle City Hall 25.03.07
My son Tim bought tickets for me and my hubby as part of my Mothers Day Gift. What a gift of seeing the lead person, in person of a group whose somgs I have played for many years called Dr. Hook. That night made me a very happy seventy year old woman . Thanks I will be at your next north east visit. S

Newcastle upon tyne 25.03.07
Another wonderfull performance by the great man him self.Saw Dennis last year 3 times and all his shows are the tops.Finally got to meet him in person this time to sign our dvd, what i like about him is he really seems to like to meet his loyal fans.Its so nice that he thinks about his Uk fans and keeps coming back. We wish him well for his uk tour.Look forward to seeing him again when he is next over. Andrea & Bill Bain

glasgow 18.03.07
hi dennis was at the glasgow concert brill as usual, thank's for the autographs and taking the time to have our photo taken with you much appreciated.Iv' been reading all the comment's on your guest book and the general opinion is that you get better with each show, and it got me thinking have you considered releasing a dvd of the tour i'm sure it would be top seller JW

newcastle city hall 25.03.07
just wanted to say really enjoyed the show last night, it was great to see dennis again, this was the third time i have seen him, twice previously at customs house. the band were really good although i have to say i prefer it when dennis sings alone, just one man and his guitar. thanks for signing my goodies dennis!! hope to see you again soon. lots of love, nikki xxx

buxton 24.03.07
absolutelty brilliant - hope to get to another venue

newcastle city hall 25.03.07
we went on the sunday 25 of march 2007 what a fantastic show we would always go back and see him.i loved all the songs, ... briliant night wished it never ended A & A B

Dundee 20.03.07
We were blown away by the show in Dundee. I have to admit I was never a big Dr Hook fan but I feel you have to have 'lived' and got to our age (50s) to now appreciate the words in the songs. I bought the CD/DVD last week and have listened to it every day. I am learning to play the drums and have been drumming along. The music has encouraged me to get my guitar out again too and sing those lovely words (stories). Thank you Dennis - and the band. You were wonderful. If you are free on 19th Jan 2008 can you come play at my 60th birthday party in the Station Hotel, Carnoustie. (Nr. Dundee)? Gosh that would waken up Carnoustie!! Carol Ford

city hall newcastle 25.03.07
Absolutely Brilliant! Group received a standing ovation. Great to see 'Smokey' too, he sounded fab! We all wanted MORE! JA

glasgow, royal concert hall 21.03.07
oh boy!! at the age of 35 i become a GROUPIE! dennis you are the most enigmatic, enthusiastic and energetic entertainer i have ever seen.I came with my sis, we loved the good F**** luck you wrote on her programme at the mention of her upcoming wedding. even if you can't come! the women sitting in front said we should apply to be backing singers and the two to the side asked "did we know every word to every song". the answer was YES! more please!! best night of our lives was the resounding opinion! Can't wait to do it all again! norma

Buxton 24.03.07
There are just not enough superlatives to praise last nights exceptionally outstanding show. Dennis appears genuinley surprised and humbled that fans still want to see him. Well we do and and long as he goes on performing we'll be there to see him.
One question though. Where does he get his energy from? LW

Aberdeen 21.03.07
Ashamed to say,first time seen you live,but enjoyed passionately for 30 years plus your unique,brilliant,magic music and voice!!Nothing short of amazing!!Can't wait for yor next visit to Aberdeen. From Angela T. xx

Music Hall Aberdeen 21.03.07
Drove down from Inverness to see the show in Aberdeen and thoroughly enjoyed it. You've still got the great voice I remember from seeing you years ago in the Capital Theatre in Aberdeen. The band were excellent too. Managed to see you on your solo tour in Inverness a few years ago so hope to see you up here once the Eden Court Theatre opens after refurbishment. SM

Dundee 20.03.07
Just wanted to say thank you so much, had a great time on 20.3.07 you seemed to too! have been to many varied concerts from Rod Stewart to Dolly Parton to Tia Turner to Boxcar Wullie but I enjoyed this the most, you seem a genuine guy someone fans can really identify, will definately come and see you again, cheers .... ps any idea where I can get a copy of Freaks BAll first id heard it and I laughed all the way through, fantastic SS

Torquay 16.03.07
Well what can I say, a trip down memory lane or what?
Dennis you were superb and made me go all soft and fluffy inside! and I certainly haven't felt like that for a while. I had forgotton just how many great songs Dr Hook produced and haven't stopped playing your music since, come back soon you were brilliant. A

Norwich 06.03.07
wonderful performance, loved the show and you were amazing... We will definately come and see you again. Bought the cd and dvd. great to see you in past and present on it. My husband is envious of your voice and hair. He also enjoyed the show. Thanks again for such a great nights entertainment. love Sylvia Jackson

music hall, Aberdeen 21.03.07
Excellent show, standing ovation. Got a surprise with the band and we were totally blown away, come back soon xx LJ

glasgow 18.03.07
What a dream come true , i finally got to see my idol live at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall and i was not disappointed it was totally amazing !I sincerely hope it will not be the last time you tour Dennis.
best wishes, lang may yir lum reek ( Scottish ) Cathy X X X

Dundee Caird Hall 20.03.07
I had actually travelled up from Edinburgh especially to see Chris Norman live for the first time, having been a Smokie fan for 32 years (Chris was brilliant, by the way) but I stayed on till the end of Dennis' set too and thoroughly enjoyed it. Lots of classic hits and boundless energy ! Great show. ID

Caird Hall - Dundee 20.03.07
Thoroughly enjoyed the concert last night - Thank you. After much bribing I managed to persuade my 17 year old daughter to come with me - she is very particular about her music but she would like me to tell you that she really enjoyed your concert and your OK for an old dudexxx (oh, and is now loading your CD's onto her MP3) - We look forward to seeing you hopefully same time next year. Love Karen and Aimee

Caird Hall Dundee 20.03.07
My wife and I went to see DL last night for the first time,when we first started going out Dr Hook was never off my car stereo that was 27 years ago,last night was magical the years just peeled a way and we were youngsters once again.If you come back next year Dennis we will be there to.Now I am off to look in the loft for that "Bankrupt" tape. AL

Caird Hall - Dundee 20.03.07
Caird Hall, Dundee venue was a happy full house of happily hand clappin', toes tappin' fans of Dr Hook and History tour. Chris Norman was brilliant and still sounds great and that was a lovely surprise for us to hear him to get the evening off to a great start. Dennis Locorriere and his super group absolutely brought down the roof with his charismatic charm, voice, humour and contagious emotions to the audience (thanks for singing the B Side - Our Hearts - brilliant guitar playing Dennis - no one wanted him to stop performing so after hearing our feet stomp for more for the third time - they performed again and a standing ovation from everyone at Dundee was most definitely called for...and we could have listened to him more. Thank you Dr Hook for an outstanding performance..pleeeease come back to Dundee same time next year. We love you "years from now"! D & A

Salisbury, Wiltshire 03.03.07
An evening of pure heaven - Although we loved every second of the performance, and enjoyed hearing those old Doctor Hook songs,we look forward now to Dennis's next tour when he will sing some of this newer songs - like Right off the top of my head / I think that I'm in love and so many more.
Take care Dennis, please don't wear yourself out - we are living now for the next tour!! Chris Adams/Di Jordan

Glasgow Royal Concert Hall 18.03.07
Another fine concert delivered by one of the hardest working artists in showbiz ! The 'Hook' theme was good but DL has also done some excellent songs on his own (e.g. Shine Son)and it would have been good to have heard a few of these too. Anyway, well done Dennis you continue to keep your Glasgow fans happy and I believe, in the usual way, we showed our appreciation. You also kindly signed a concert bill poster and programme for my son after the show (the wee guy who asked why you didn't sing Shine Son) and he was well chuffed that you mentioned the song title when you signed. As long as you take the time to meet the fans after your shows they will continue to love you for it and it says so much about your feelings towards your loyal fans. We'll see you next time ! H, J & E

Caird Hall - Dundee 20.03.07
Seen your concert - thought it was excellent First time I've seen an artist meet the people who come to watch them after a 2 hour non stop gig. It was much appreciated you signing CDs & Programme, We were the last couple to get CDs signed from Burntisland AC

Glasgow Royal Concert Hall 18.03.07
We saw Dennis on Sunday evening at The Royal Concert Hall Glasgow. Having seen him for the first time on his previous visit (One of the Lucky Ones tour) we anticipated a lively and good-humoured performance. We were not disapointed. Dennis has the energy and effervescence to fill the most gigantic venue. We love his exuberance and dynamism. The music is amazing too. It is clear that here is a man who genuinely loves what he's doing. We love all his songs. One minute I was tearful; the next helpless with laughter; but throughout suffused with the warmth and humanity of this lovely man, Dennis Locorriere. He is someone who inspires me with his joie de vivre and musician's soul.Come back soon, Dennis. We love you! (And take care of that throat, Man!) AD

Glasgow Royal Concert Hall 18.03.07
After being brought up listening to the sounds of Dr Hook since I was born (21 years ago) I was almost stupid enough to pass up the offer of a spare ticket to see this show.
My mum and dad have seen dennis many times now in glasgow and have always given fantastic reviews.
Sunday nights performance was in all honesty the best conert I have ever been to.
The enthusiasm, the life, the stories and most of all the music were all absolutely incredible. What a fantastic time I had and I cannot wait now for the next one.
I must say as well that Chris Norman was also very good. K

Glasgow Royal Concert Hall 18.03.07
Yet another magnificent show from Dennis, all the classics were there. Have seen him many times [solo and with hook] but last night was truly brilliant. Don't stop rockin'Dennis. M

Truro, Hall for Cornwall 15.03.07
What another great performance from Dennis and his band, this is the fifth time we have seen him, and it just gets better every time!
Cant wait to see you next year hopefully! band in tow as well of course!! Kelly & Hazel

Glasgow 18.03.07
Fantastic show with Dennis at his best.

Torquay 16.03.07
I saw the show in Torquay on Friday and I had forgotten how great you sound. The songs, the energy the experience, it was a fantastic evening. I hope you will come back to visit us in Torquay and we will be there with you. DE

Glasgow 18.03.07
What a brilliant show, I have been a fan since the early days but last night was the first time live, why did I wait so long. Hurry back Linda

Glasgow Royal Concert Hall 18.03.07
My husband Rob and I saw your show last night. We saw you "solo" last visit too. You very kindly signed your CD for us last time. Sorry we couldn't wait to see you after the show last night but we had to get home to let our babysitter go home! Our son Jonathan (8) listens to your music in the car going to school and was most annoyed not to be at the concert !Next time perhaps!
We simply love your concerts. You are so enthusiastic, exuberant and talented. What a combination! Yesterday I felt a bit jaded and ancient; two hours of your stage performance and I feel seventeen again! FANTABULIFIC!
We hope you will come back soon. I was concerned last night that you had a painful throat and hope that you are looking after yourself.
Thank you for a sparkly, fizzy, humour-laden virtuoso performance!
With all good wishes,

Just the thought of your energy and enthusiasm make me smile! xx AD

Glasgow Royal Concert Hall 18.03.07
What a fantastic show! Must be the best live show I've ever been to! Come back soon! M

Glasgow Royal Concert Hall 18.03.07
Fantastic night once again. Spoke to Dennis after his concert on the Ferry in November where he promised he would do Years From Now. True to his word with a superb encore. Can't wait until the next time. Thanks again. A

Hi Dennis. Another fabulous show - what a wonderful performance, brilliant voice - just amazing. We have seen all of your Glasgow shows and can't want until you're back. Fiona Conroy

Royal Concert Hall Glasgow 18.03.07
flawless, entertaining, one of the best live singer/song writer around great night will stay in my mind for along time .look forward to your visist to scotland again p.s dont stop rockin x. x. x. SK

Glasgow Concert Hall 18.03.07
have been a 'Hook' fan since the 70's - what a fantastic show last night. I have had the pleasure to see Dennis many times however last nights performance topped them all. Can't wait to see him again next time round. A true showman he was on top form and the band was excellent!! DH

Glasgow 18.03.07
The concert at Glasgow was fantastic and the band were brill, hope you don't leave it too long to come back.... M&S

Glasgow 18.03.07
What a fantastic show - the effort and energy put into giving what looked like a capacity audience a good time was worthy of respect. The sound quality was superb and the venue exceptional. Dennis Locorriere's voice retains all the strength of 30 years ago together with the special melodic quality that sets him alongside only 2 or 3 other all time greats. Perhaps the best bit of the show was the way Dennis filled the brief pauses between songs with some interesting personal memories and observations. Come back to Glasgow soon! RJ
Glasgow 18.03.07
Brilliant show, would say even the best live show I've seen.Thankyou for coming back Elizabeth xx

glasgow 18.03.07
My wife and 8 friends had a great time in Glasgow last night. You made a great decision in coming back into the spotlight and the words true entertainer are very rarely used these days, but in your case it is with accuracy.SJ

Glasgow Royal Concert Hall 18.03.07
What a fantastic night brilliant show and the band were great it was one of those nights you just didn't want to end Dennis is in fantastic form (as always) here's to the next show can't wait. Margaret Dumbarton

Salisbury & Torquay 03.03.07 & 16.03.07
We went to both shows and had the most magical time. It brought back a lot of happy memories listening to the songs of our earlier years, music we both still listen to all the time. Meeting Dennis after at both venues was also a thrill, will be coming to at least 1 more show this tour but have to work around a very busy schedule. Thanks for a magical time. LP

just brilliant,what can i say took me back in time wonderful M

Torquay, Princess Theatre. 16.03.07
Just want to say what a great show you put on. We thoroughly enjoyed it. every minute of it, and what great backing muso's you've got with you. B & J

High Wycombe 08.03.07
Loved the show at High Wycombe! Have been waiting a long time for the full experience although loved the three solo shows I've seen also. Provided much needed light relief as I have spent the last three months sitting at the bedside of my fading mother and come the night was almost too tired to make the effort. I am so glad I did!! the escapism was pure tonic. Also explained why I no longer have to expect you to sing the "Alice" song at your shows, I always thought it was a Hook song. JH

Torquay Devon 16.03.07
AMAZING!!! Last saw Dr.Hook 1976! The Torquay concert was stupendous! amazing! Dennis at the best ever with an incredible bunch of muso`s....non-stop for almost two & half hours of great music, laughter and fun.........A TRULY GREAT PERFORMANCE and one that will never be forgotten from a theatre full of people who all left on a high........SIMPLY GREAT!! M & N

Norwich Theatre Royal 06.03.07
Dennis you are brill,my seven year old knows all the words to your songs!! old and new!! norwich was a dream come true for me!! mandy age 33 xxx

Theatre Royal Norwich 06.03.07
Hi Dennis
Just to let you know what a brilliant night it was when you came to Norwich. But my friend was very disappointed that she did have her picture taken with you, and I did. Keep the good work up. CF

Leas Cliff Hall, Folkestone 10.03.07
I originally bought tickets for my mum and dad but they had other commitments so my husband and I came instead. Wasn't really sure what to expect but how pleased I was that they could not make it - the best concert we have ever been to. So much so that we have booked tickets for Tunbridge Wells in April along with 6 other people, including my mum & dad. Looking forward to it, Helen and Matt.

Torquay 16.03.07
The band did another marvellous job - so much talent on so many different instruments. Dennis is still electrifying the audience with his stage moves - how can he dance around like that, AND play his guitar, AND sing perfectly, all at the same time? I was sitting in the front, so the highlight for me last night was Dennis' guitar solo on "Hearts" - which he performed right at me from just a couple of feet away. There were so many people waiting to speak to Dennis after the concert, that they were lining up right through the restaurant, through the bar, into the foyer, and almost out of the door and into the harbour! Everyone I spoke to had a wonderful evening, and hoping Dennis will come back to the South West very soon. Pauline

Torquay 16.03.07
excellent show as usual good to hear all the old songs shel was a one off as a songwriter .look forward to the next tour M

Norwich 06.03.07
This show exceeded my expectations - really fabulous - I didn't want it to end. Performance was brilliant, band fantastic and you included all my favourite songs. A real treat to be there! B

Hall for Cornwall, Truro. 15.03.07
I first saw Doctor Hook and the Medicine Show in 1972 at The Dome Theatre in Brighton when "Sylvia's Mother" was riding high in the charts and was instantly "HOOKED". Thirty five years later and Dennis sounds just as good. The voice is just so distinctive, a brilliant show. Thanks to Dennis and the band plus Chris Norman for allowing an "old git" the chance to sing non-stop for two and a half hours and completely lose himself in pure magical nostalgia! Looking forward to your return to Cornwall.Cheers!! JW & SG

Hall for Cornwall 15.03.07
I took my 17 year old daughter to see Dennis last night as I have raved on about how good he is live (and I don't think she believed me!). After the show she was amazed that everything I had told her about the live shows were right. She knew every word to every song, sang her heart out and said that she would like to see him next time he's in Cornwall. For my part, I think last night was the best show I've seen for such a long time. Dennis - you excel my expectations every time. Can't wait til next time. MB

Truro 15.03.07
What a brilliant night! The theatre was full up to the top, yet they were still trying to fit extra people into spaces where there were no spaces. As soon as Dennis leapt on to the stage the audience cheering went up to Level 11. There were lots of really loud whistlers in - I reckon all the sheepdogs on the nearest farms were pricking up their ears, thinking it was time to go to work.
All the Hits I could remember, and then more, performed superbly. I especially loved the way Lucy Jordan was arranged. Lots of intesting instruments - mandolin, accordian, slide guitar - thanks to the band for a job so well done. Dennis was in fine voice, which was most apparent towards the end on the solo accoustic spot, and the way he was flying around the stage, must have been wearing magic shoes (winged?)
Two standing ovations - thanks for coming down to Cornwall again. Pauline

Hall for Cornwall 15.03.07
What an experience, the energy right from the first second was amazing. Denis goes from C & W
to almost heavy rock whilst maintaining his unique style his backing group are the most talented and proffesional you could wish to meet with a huge range of styles. Denis was on stage for over 2 hours the hits coming thick and fast skilfully mixing the old hits with great new material. probably the best concert we have ever been privileged to attend please keep up your marvellous work we look forward to your return to Cornwall. J & K

Truro Cornwall 15.03.07
Amazing performance by Dennis Locorriere. 100% heart and soul into every song. TR

High Wycombe 08.03.07
Hi Dennis,I came to see you for the 4th time on march 8th, and you are still the greatest singer and performer i have ever seen. And meeting you after the show made mine and my dads night, and my good friend Paulo in Portugal was delighted that you signed a poster for him. I hope it will not be too long till we see you again.Michelle x

Worthing 09.03.07
I always loved Dennis' "alone with his guitar" at the old Dr Hook concerts & this is my first opportunity to see him again. An incredible show at Worthing last week, I fell in love with Dennis & his music all over again! "Out of the Dark" was on my Ipod by Saturday morning & was in my greenhouse accompanying my seed-sowing that morning. Now awaiting the DVD to feed my addiction until I can see Denis again. My husband accompanied me somewhat reluctantly but was converted in the first few minutes of the concert, completely blown away & can't wait for the next time. Beautiful music, just so beautifully performed. Dennis, we love you. LG

Woking 04/03/07
Wonderfull show beautifull songs. My son bought tickets for myself and Husband. Your voice is still amazing I can relate to your music at different stages in my life. I have grown with you. Hope we can see you again soon Dennis xx M

Folkstone 10.03.07
hi would just like to say i came to see you for the first time and thought you were brilliant although ive been a big fan for some time x S

Norwich Theatre Royal 06.03.07
Thank you Dennis for such a brilliant evening's entertainment. It's the fourth time I've seen you and I'm never disappointed. This time I took my 87 year old mother who has been a fan since the 70s. She enjoyed every minute. Dennis, don't ever give up singing - your voice is unique and so special. You bring so much pleasure to so many people. Please come back to Norwich soon. Anyone reading this who is thinking of going to a show - stop thinking and get out there a buy a ticket - you won't be disappointed!
ps: Is it really water in that bottle? JH

Folkestone 10/03/07
Saw Dennis last night, 10/3/07. Thoroughly enjoyed the show. This is only the second time I have seen him playing live. No performer could put more effort in to his performance than Dennis did. Love him to bits. Hope to see him next time here comes over to U.K. MH

Norwich 06.03.07
Hi Dennis,
I was working at the Theatre Royal during your concert/gig on Tuesday 6th March on Work Experience and I must say it was brilliant. I went to work that day not knowing any of your music or who you were. But now I am a great fan. I must say your crew were great to work with and the band was spectacular. Please say thanks to your sound engineer especially for letting me follow him around for the day!
Many thanks for your brilliant gig
Sam Carter
P.S Your come backs to people in the audience were brilliant!!
Folkestone 10.03.07
My husband, Steve, and I really loved the show last night. (We've seen Dr Hook twice before in the 80s - Wembley Arena and Fairfield Halls). Never listened to the lyrics of Freakers Ball before - hilarious! Does Lucy Jordan die in the end?! Used to love Everybody's making it big but me but I don't suppose it can be 'done' nowadays ... Elton John's got two fine ladies, etc, etc! When's the next tour? More please! SC

Theatre Royal Norwich 06.03.07
Enjoyed Dr. Hooks music since 1970's, never thought we would get the opportunity to see you though. Liked you as a solo artist will definitely be getting some of your solo cd's. ...... The show was fantastic!! You're a great performer and entertainer. Where do you get all your energy? Can't wait to see you again. Love your cd/dvd Dr. Hook hits and history. RH

Worthing 09.03.07
Thanks for a great show
My wife bought me the tickets orXmas & wasn't too bothered about going to the show bur was quickly converted. "Brilliant" was one word used!!
Hope to see you again before too long PG

Anvil basingstoke 02.03.07
I grow up listening to Dr Hook & saw them many years ago at Wembley. I have not listened much to the music over the last few years & had no idea what to expect on the 2nd March. I am so glad I went, it was a fantastic show. Dennis was great. His voice & also he looks great too. I hope in the future I will get to see Dennis singing again. I have just brought the new Hits & History cd, not listened to it yet, pleased to see it climbing the charts. Nicky

High Wycombe 08.03.07
Outstanding! Dragged along a slightly reluctant companion who was wholly 'converted' by the great live performances provided with the first couple of numbers; we had a great evening and will certainly travel to see Dennis and the band again. The extra 'magic' was from the man himself, who came across as very witty, fun and friendly, and above all as someone truly enjoying himself. It was infectious and we were all reluctant to leave after the 'final' final number at 11pm (most weekday concerts with other performers seem to end at 10 or 10.30pm and even then various members of the audience creep out earlier to start their trip home, -not so with this one!) S

The Swan Theatre, High Wycombe 08.03.07
Hi there Dennis
I didn't manage to catch up with you after the show last night but I just wanted to let you know that I thought you and the band were absolutely fantastic last night. Chris was an excellent support act too.
Good luck with the rest of the tour and hopefully I'll make it to another venue.
Lots of love
Ann x

NORWICH 06.03.07

Basingstoke 02.03.07
The night kicked off with a very good half-hour set from Smokie's Chris Norman .
A solo acoustic offering of 7 or 8 songs ,accompanied by "Rob" on keyboard .
The clarity and purity of Chris's voice is perfectly suited to the soulful melancholic ballads he purveys.
...but he can crank it up a gear or two too and rock like a good 'un !
My only (slight) disappointment was the audience participation with Alice's "additional" lyrics .
I'm a purist and a great song like that deserves a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T .
Otherwise , a great opener for what was to come ....
...and man-oh-man did HE come !
Like Sev (in his Tour Diary) , I'll not give a song-by-song run-down of the evening but imagine this ....
The house lights are down .... the band (sans DL) make their way to their respective corners .
"Grand Master Gregson" , looking more like a Bank Manager or Headmaster , resplendent in 2-piece black suit (Oh! Suit you , Sir !) does the long walk to Stage right .

Mr Hughes counts 'em all in and the show has started !
The band plays a few bars of an intro' groove and then HE arrives . Again , like Sev says , like a whirling-dervish ! What an entrance ! He grabs the mic from the stand and blows the holy-5h1t out of his little harmonica then sings and blows his lungs out on "Walk Right In !

Hit after hit after hit with a bit of history too - tho' this isn't just a run through of the CD/DVD package .
Oh No Sir-ee Bob !
Plenty for everyone ... optional communal singing available at all times for those so inclined ... a couple of "unusual" but very welcome inclusions , I thought !
Other highlight for me was "Lucy Jordan" - with haunting drums from Mark , counterpointed by Clive's Parisienne feel on the accordian and of course DL's always soulful vocals .
In true 'Hook stylee DL was left alone to do the biz on his own for a few numbers and to rap with the audience probably more than he had during the rest of the show . The band crept back on to accompany him mid-Sylvia .

Standing ovation preceded the encore , ending with the roof raising "Hearts like yours and mine" .

Excellent performances from all - and Sev's 10 little fingers somehow manage to pull out horns , strings , brass ,and whole damn orchestras !

Not without the odd minor sound and tuning problems , tho' - but hell - this is LIVE and as REAL as it gets !
If I wanted perfection I'd play the CD !

THANK YOU everyone involved - see you again down the road ! Andy May

Basingstoke 02.03.07
You've heard from DL himself and from Sev and from Andy... so what can I add?

I knew this tour was going to be BIG. I knew these shows were going to be SPECIAL. I knew that DL and the band had been rehearsing their 'moves'. I know full well how much ENERGY DL has. And I was still completely blown away by the way that Dennis EXPLODED onto the stage. You've got to go and see this show! Words just can't describe it. And the pace and momentum just went on and on. Hit after hit. The audience were ecstatic. We heard people saying that they were massive 'Hook' fans way back when, and they just couldn't resist making the effort to come and see this show.

Great to see the band again - with the addition of Sev. They all did DL proud! Val

Salisbury 03.03.07
The show was awsome Chris Norman was very good I loved his new material and will probably go to a solo show if he does one locally. Then on to the Stage bounced D.L. The energy, continued all night the classic Hook songs deliverd with his trademark enthusiasm and unique voice. The Band were amazing .... During one of the introductions when Dennis acknowledged the influence of his great friend Shel, some woman shouted out. I think the Jersey boy came out and she didnt stand a chance! Dennis mentioned Simon Cowell in one of his intros an some wag shouted out at the end of the song "you are through to the next round" which did make me chuckle.
Trust me if you like Dennis, Dr Hook or just damn good live music you will love this show RAY

Salisbury 03.03.07
Saw Dennis on Saturday 3rd March at Salisbury for the 4th time what a wonderful guy never stops me feeling like I am 15 years old again. Thankyou Dennis there is no-one else like you I do hope I'll see you again sometime. Keep smiling its lovely. Deana

woking 04.03.07
Sir, my wife has seen you in concert a few times and for once i was free to go and see you at woking in the early part of march, a privelege to see a true artiste at work, you are a credit to your profession and it was a joy to see you and your brilliant band perform, don't leave it too long before you come back again, none of us are getting any younger :) DB

saw your opening night show at the anvil in basingstoke, we took the 3 kids (17/16,13) with us to show them how great you are at what you do. they think you are fantastic also.well done you showed them what real music is all about . fantastic as usual . DC

Norwich 06.03.07
What a fantastic night, I took my mother who has been an Avid fan since the early days, In fact i was amazed how many of the songs i knew, apparantly "Queen of the Silver Dollar" used to send me off to sleep, not this time! I cant imagine how he manages to perform those songs with so much passion after all these years! Although i wouldnt call myself an expert, i have spent a time in Nashville, and seen enough shows to know a good one, Dennis has the combination of a fantastic voice and great stage presence, all backed up by an experienced and versatile band. If you want a great night out, Go see this show, you will not be disapointed! Thank you! RW

Norwich Theatre Royal 06.03.07
GREAT show where do you get your energy from!!!!!! And thanks for letting me yake a Piccy of you with my friend in a wheelchair PK

Theatre Royal Norwich 06.03.07
Great to see you complete with band again after several acoustic shows,it looked and felt as if you had been set free again, An absolute brilliant night,excellent support act,your band were great and the noise/response of the audience said it all....Dennis you're a legend!! ps we know you cannot fit in all the songs but we did miss your self penned shine son. Entertainment Value 11/10. :-) N & G

Bournmouth 05.03.07
Wonderful show it was a pleasure to be there and if he had been there for two nights would gone again it was a 72 mile round trip but well worth the journey DT

The Anvil, Basingstoke and New Victoria Theatre, Woking 02.03.07 & 04.03.073rd March, The Anvil, Basingstoke, the opening night of the tour, you were absolutely fantastic. Singing one great song then another, it's difficult to pick a favourite. Your voice and your energy filled the entire venue. one of my favourite songs has to be "Years From Now" the words and the way you sing them bring tears to my eyes every time i hear it, they are just so true. l have just celebrated my 28th wedding anniversary so the lines "Wanting you years from now, and holding you years from now, and loving you years from now, as i love you tonight" are very appropriate to me and my husband.5th March, New Victoria Theatre, Woking. Again you filled the entire venue with your voice and energy.Thank you Dennis for two wonderful evenings, i am trying to book tickets for another one of your concerts before your tour ends. W

Bournemouth 05.03.07
Dennis, we are just in the door from the Pavillion. What a show, it was superb. the band were great and the songs brought back so many memories from over the years. we also saw you in Wimbourne last year. Please next time you come to Dorset sing Storms never Last and Sweetest of all which you sang solo and un accompanied in Birmingham on the DR Hook farewll tour in the 80s. Good Luck with the rest of the tour. Joan Gooch

Victoria Theatre , Woking, 04.03.07
Ive grown hearing my mum play many of your songs and have always liked them because of that , but i never thought i would get the chance to see you play live . I am so glad i did , it was just an excellent show , better than i ever expected. Chris Norman was great at the beginning and it just got better from there and the band playing with you is amazing as well , my mum loved it too, im gonna try and get some tickets for another show , hopefully see you soon. RM

The Anvil Basingstoke 02.03.07
Fabulous show....great musicians...and Dennis at his best as usual. Atmosphere was terrific..! Don't stop doing your own 'stuff' as well Dennis...we love that too..recent favourites 'Shine Son' and 'Lazy Day' . You are keeping a generation young and rocking....don't stop..and good luck with the whole tour....hope to see you again and again and again before too long! E & DS

Previous Solo Tours
Dennis Locorriere, The unique Voice of Dr Hook - Hits & History Tour - Live DVD
peter rigby dennis was at consett co durham he was out of this world

malcolm hall album and performace

Came to see Dennis at Walsall 31/3/06 this was the 5th time we have seen Dennis perform, and what a performance, I first seen Dennis playing at the Gatey Threater in Ayr Scotland back in the 90s I think he made about 5 oncores that night, the crowd were going wild, clamping, stamping thier feet And he still made time too meet people afterwards. i'm looking foreward to see him again at the Prince of Wales in October. By the way his 2 albums are great, out of the dark and one of the the lucky ones. If you have a young son you should listern too his song, shine son.
Andy Burke The Stables, Wavendon

What a stunning performance, right from the first to the last number Dennis sang and plyed his heart out. and he dealt with the occasional disturbance like the comedian he is, nice one dennis. Dr Hook may be no more but the music is alive and well in the hands of Dennis Locorriere. At the end of the show I was left with one main thought, " if this guy wasn't famous he would be out on the streets busking" he lives for his music and he can certainly play a guitar. Once again Dennis thanks for the packing the tiny venue and making my evening. A True Star. ta Andy
Maria Rayner Millfields, Edmondton, London

For the first time I brought my daughter to see Dennis. She was transfixed - just like her Mum! Thank you Dennis for allowing us both to spend a wonderful evening with you

brian stokes dudley

My sixth time i have seen you,and i thought you looked younger,sang even better,but i must add im just a 63 year old groupie and unashamedly biased.Playing your dvd now and cd next for the sumthink time,love the new ,love the old cant wait till the next time, thank you for the pleasure you have given me over the years and may you continue, yours faithfully brian stokes.

Linda Barbara Davies Dudley Concert Hall

Saw the concert last night 18 Feb and as usual Dennis was brilliant. Two encores were much appreciated. Have only seen him previously at the Robin in Bilston (many times)so it was a different experience having to sit still (relatively)and join in the singing nicely rather than the raucous noise we usually make.My 21 year old daughter now comes along as is a converted fan. Can't wait for next opportunity to see him. Great stuff! Linda

elly hoppe starcity/sydney

I saw the first time Dennis locerriere in concert and was swept of my feet..he song one song what realy touch me deeply and I can't find it anywhere...can you please help me...the song is ..I don't want to be alone tonight.. I would greatly appriciate it...

AJ White James Hay Theatre, Christchurch, New Zealand

hey i loved the show (even though i was forced to go) it was 1 of the best concerts ive seen and ive seen allmost all that has been to town in the past few years. keep doing what ya do cause your music is awsome

Laura Hamilton, New Zealand 2005

Thank you Dennis for touring New Zealand! It was wonderful to see you live in concert. I'm a huge fan of Dr Hook and love your solo work. It was a fantastic night and your performance was amazing. Also, thank you for signing my cd / dvd at the end of the show! Take care, Laura Hamilton, New Zealand

Niko Goulter Auckland Show November 6 2005

What can I say? A friend and I were so excited that Dennis had come back to NZ!! We were so dissapointed that we had missed him a couple of years before. His show was EXCELLENT!! Dennis has so much talent, involving the crowd, telling stories, cracking jokes......and then on top of that you get the pleasure of listening to that distinctive, soulful and powerful voice!! My friend is 19 and I am 25, and we both totally loved that show!! We both agreed that the talent Dennis has outshines any performer of our generation. Thanks Dennis for a wonderful show, and come back soon!! P.S 'Guess again' on One of the Lucky ones, is awesome!!

Viv Nesbitt Michael Fowler Centre, Wellington, NZ

Dennis Locorriere is an amazing performer. He has amazing stamina, a fantatic range to his voice and man does he play a mean guitar! He sang a few of the old Dr Hook favourites and many of his newer material, which I was not familiar with. The audience were behind him all the way and there was lots of cheering, whooping and singing along. I've been a fan since Sylvia's Mother was released in the 70s. The concert was amazing and a great night was had by all. Not forgetting also that he still has that gorgeous smile, infectious laugh and is a genuinely nice guy. Come back soon, Dennis.

Lorraine Christchurch NewZealand

wow went to the show last night (28/10/05) and I laughed (who needs Billy Connelly) and cryed (loved Son shine and the song about being under the same moon).I am a habitual concert attender (I think I just made that word up?) and this guy has an ease and a connection with the mike/guitar/audience and himself that blew the so called "super stars" i have seen out of the water. Awesome worth every cent.

Jane and Di Ellis Christchurch, NZ Oct 2005

Dear Dennis, Thank you once again for an awesome evening. We also saw you when you visited NZ in 2003 (on your birthday!)...and we could never tire of listening to you. You have an amazing talent and so many wonderful songs. We will look forward to your next visit here. We only wish you could have stayed on stage longer!! Thank you! Janey and Di xx

gail mackay star city sydney australia

Thoroughly enjoyed the show, didn't want it to end. Only found out day before show that you were appearing so madly booked tickets and we were not disappointed.

Bill Hellegers Star City Showroom, Sydney, Australia

Dennis put on a great show for the decent crowd. Played some of the Dr Hook classics such as Sylvias Mother and A Little Bit More and also played some of his solo songs. A great show that I recommend highly. Well done Dennis. Bill from Australia

alicia nelson dow rothes hall glenrothes

I have followed dennis for years going to concert with my boyfriend who became my husband for 25 years. My daughter was brought up on dr hook and has follwed dennis too. When i seperated she took the place of her dad, holding my hand during all the sad songs that meant so much. Any way this year i have moved to scotland. She went with her dad to the concert in Tamworth, and phoned me when dennis played you have the right to walk away. I cried. I then saw Dennis in Glenrothes taking along my cousin her husband and a friend to see my hero. I was like a little schoolgirl shouting on stage to dennis. My frends were so impressed and really love his music even more now, Shine son is a favorite to them....the best bit of the night was when i got dennis autograph and giving him a kiss I was on a high for weeks....and get what i sent my very jealous daughter ..yes a photo of it all on her phone..... My daughter and I have said we will never see dennis again alone always togerther thank you dennis for that very special bond my daughter and I have .....YOU Alicia in Glenrothes and Jodie in Tamworth

Glenn Seddon Warrington, Parr Hall

For myself seeing Dennis live was a dream come true. I grew up listening to Dr Hook who influenced me in so many ways, always listening to my dads cassette tapes, singing along. This was the first time i've seen dennis in the flesh, for years i've had a Dr Hook Video which shows Dennis playing alone and i have been amazed by the range of his voice and the emotion put into every performance, and this gig was no exception. From start to finish i was fixed onto this extremely talented individual ( Especially when his string snapped and he just ripped it off and carried on playing, TRUE ROCK N ROLL stlye!!!!) i now wear my Dennis Locorriere T-Shirt with pride whilst prancing around my local rock club! to the disgust of the emo kids!!!! Thanks Again Dennis for sharing your talent with the world and inspiring me to make my own music!!!!!!!

brenda - Skegness england

Hi ive been to your last two concerts great brought back lots of memories your old and new songs are great hope you will be back ps you sighned my cd but i forgot my camera didnt expept to see you was gutted never mind next year i hope brenda

helen werin - Assembly Rooms Derby June 2005

Three guitars, two bottles of water and one singer - not much, you may well think, for a concert. But when that singer is Dennis Locorriere - the former frontman of Dr Hook and the owner of what has to be the most melancholy voice in the music biz - what else do you need? I've seen Dennis quite a few times down the years - starting with the early 70s right up to Dr Hook's farewell tour nearly 20 years ago. And I was heartily curious to see whether, on his own, he could work that same spine-tingling magic that I had felt at those earlier gigs. The audience of middle-aged men and women seemed a little too sedate to me at first, especially as Dennis opened with tracks from his solo albums rather the mainstream mega hits for which Dr Hook are famous and which, I suspect, a lot of them had come for. But it soon became apparent that it was simply that everyone was mesmerised - listening intently, caught up in the most poignant of lyrics and the prettiest of tunes sung by the sexiest of voices. And when good ol' Dennis launched into one of the big hits, More Like The Movies, we didn't need to hear no violins - Dennis's spectacular guitar-playing was enough to make those spine- tingling moments come flooding back. Between tributes to his biggest influences - The Beatles, Ray Charles and, most of all, the legendary songwriter Shel Silverstein, who penned a lot of Hook's earlier story-telling-style stuff - Dennis charmed us with his homespun anecdotes and philosophies, which form the basis of so many of the 'heartfelt' songs he says he loves to write. It's easy to forget, given his voice and appearance, that this is not a country boy but a part-Italian kid out of a tough New Jersey district. Dennis did diversify a little into the raunchier, pacier, Freakin' At The Freakers' Ball, Queen of The Silver Dollar and Cover Of The Rolling Stone, early songs which gave him a fantastic opportunity to show off the versatility of his voice. But when he sang A Little Bit More, one of his biggest UK hits, you could almost hear the female members of the audience sighing. And it was this enraptured atmosphere that helped him showcase some of the tracks of his second solo album, One Of The Lucky Ones, all beautiful songs with an easy familiarity, yet each one with its own particular poignancy. I may have been slightly surprised at the lack of equipment on that stage at the start of the concert, but, by the end, it made me truly appreciate that Dennis does not need anything other than his faithful guitars, that incredible voice and his ability to write and sing songs that touch your heart, to cast his spell. Helen Werin, Burton Trader newspaper.

SJ Willis - The Martletts, Burgess Hill 2005

Dennis joined his three acoustic guitars on stage, and sipped at a glass of water. Saying jokingly that us guys ( the audience ) were making him nervous. I liked that. I wasn't too sure what we were in for that night. Having never seen Dennis perform before, nor indeed never ever having heard his recent solo material. So what was I doing there? Exploring. Simply that! And I found him to be brilliant. He communes with the audience, and makes you feel glad to be there. He was funny, sexy, and that voice!! He plays and sings with real passion, and one song, near the end, made tears well up in my eyes. It was called Carry me Carrie...I think. A new one on me,and I wasn't expecting to respond so emotionally,but I did. I am now a new fan.Love him!!!

linda davidson - alban arena st albans

i saw dennis in 2004 and the old feelings towards him and dr hook came flooding back absolutely amazing when is he back in herts area


The last night of the tour brings Dennis back to Merseyside and once again no dissapointments.A rather slimline Dennis gave us all the hits and the new songs with a few surprises thrown in,Freakin' at the Freakers Ball(not heard that live!since the DR HOOK days.Songs from the new album,well what can you say alreadydestined to be showstoppers and sing alongs,classics well only time will tell. A great singer and story teller makes for an enjoyable night out with someone you regard as an old friend. My first encounter with Dennis was way back in 1977 on the Makin' Love And Music Tour with DR HOOK through the Farewell Tour in 1985 and all the solo tours since(1993 was the last time here in New Brighton!!) Am sure IF ALL IT TAKES IS TIME becomes the new show stopper and a great song to end a night then let's open with SYLVIA'S MOTHER.Hey you listening out there Dennis?First time in 28 years it was missing of the rota!!GUESS WE FORGIVE. I stand by what i say POP IDOL / X FACTOR watch a true musician in action and at play,maybe in 35 years time we'll still be supporting you! Here's to the next tour can't wait maybe with the Band? ONE OF THE LUCKY ONES we are all priviledged to share that honour. STEVE TAYLOR

Michelle Brown - Glasgow Royal Concert Hall

Third time I have seen Dennis and he gets better and better everytime. Seems like a lifetime of memories rush through your body the good and the bad but leave you with a warm feeling inside knowing that not many people in the world can write songs with so much emotion and so that we can all relate to, no matter what age you are. Shine son is fantastic and made me proud sitting in the concert with my dad and brother who just smiled at each other nearly bringing a tear to my eye. Dont know if Dennis could ever imagine how much his talent can bring so much to peoples lives - hope he continues for a long time to come!!!!!!!!!!

Mark Wilson - New Brighton, Floral Pavillion

Excellent. Top Class Show. Amazing on the guitar, especially when he dropped his pic! I'm 21 years old and my dad got me in to Dr Hook. Now all my mates like them too!! One has even took the album to Cyprus, where he is in the army, and from what i've heard, they love them too. Excellent performance on Monday night and i would certainly go and see him again. Thanks a lot.

mark and shelagh

excellent show at new brighton, surely summer pops now beckons..?

Sandy & Chris Price - New Brighton 20/6/2005

Brillient concert, his voice gets better every time we see him. Love the new album. Look forward to seeing him on his next UK tour. Thanks Sandy x

joyce somerville

We had a most enjoyable night and Dennis was in great form as usual. He has a brilliant sense of humour and is still in fine voice.... Regards. Joyce.

James Forshaw - Parr Hall, Warrington 15/06/05

Dennis, Thanks for an entertaining night. I've seen many gigs over the past few years(modern mainstream music) and on the whole i've left disappointed. It was a privilege to watch and listen to a skilled musician as opposed to an image-based ego concept band! Keep touring. Ps get your zip fixed on those jeans. Thanks again James

Denise Watson - Warrington Parr Hall

Just returned from tonights concert which was our 2nd time to see Dennis and he just gets better and better, absolutely brilliant, in both his choice of songs and so much talent playing his guitar which he played so hard during Queen of the Silver Dollar that his guitar string snapped. Brilliant banter with the audience and the classic was the creaking doors. Dennis said he would leave us with something (i.e. supposedly a song) when the doors went again and he came out with a classic and the timing was perfect when he said quote "some oil for that friggin door." Last night I went to see U2 at Manchester which was fantastic to say the least but for one man to do a show like Dennis with one guitar takes some beating and if someone offered me the choice of which show I'd go to again it would have to be Dennis as he truly is amazing and he plays his music with so much passion and feeling. Well done Dennis and we'll be seeing you again next time you visit the UK....

richard cooper - Wakefield

Dennis was awesome, 20 years since the high life but what a musician anf total entertaining artist. His chat was great between the songs and made us both feel that this sort of man make the world a better place to live in. We will come again and make it last forever, only regret was not to have gone to meet him and thank him in person after the gig. Well done, fantastic Richard & Helen

bob pither - playhouse weston-super-mare somerset

my wife and i had seen dennis many years ago when he fronted dr hook,so when we heard he was at the playhouse on the 11th june we booked up.what a performer he gave everything to the performance,we enjoyed the evening and now look forward to seeing him again,we also met him after the show where he signed the cds we bought,we also had our photo taken with him,he is a true star.

Kath Grundy - Library Theatre Darwen

Dennis manages to combine talent,not just as a singer/musician but also as a guy who can reminisce and bring warmth and humour into his shows.He said that he wished that the B.B.C would invite him on to Top of the Pops.We think he,s too good for that show now.He could do a late night gig on B.B.C 4 for a couple of hours without repeating himself.Nor would he need a bunch of session men to give him crediblity....

Steve W - Derby Assembly Rooms june 05

What can i say ? Dennis is a true professional and a class act. What a change to see someone who talks to the audience sounds just like the records and can make a guitar talk. Well done Dennis and thank-you for a great night out.

Chris Barrett - Civic cntre Aylesbury

Saw Dennis for the first time last night, loved every minute, everytime i thought he had sung my favourite song the next one surprised me. Bought the new CD today will probably wear it out by next week. BEST NIGHT OUT IN AGES.

luke williamson - palace theater newark uk

hi i am 14 years old and a big fan of dr hook so i went to newark with my dad we sat in the front row to see Dennis it was a fantastic night and cant wait to him again i just wished i had asked for his autograph i think he is coming to newark in july to the americana weekend if so we will be there thanks again for a great night at newark. LUKE Williamson

marc balata - skeggness

I loved it,i was the kid on row b on the side seats,n i thought it wa great,ma mum dint much like it but i did,and i play guitar n am lookin up 4 sum tabs on the internet 4 the freak ball.anywayz if ya cud, wud ya wright back please,or send mi sum easy tabs 4 sum ov ya music.

Michael and Gillian Coney - The Palace Theatre Newark

Brilliant as usual this is the third time have had the pleasure to go to Dennis's concerts.



pam kenrick - WAKEFIELD - One of the Lucky Ones

Wonderful show yet again. We couldn't get to the shows local to us and we travelled 70miles to Wakefield but it was worth every mile. Fantastic voice and wonderful new album - we wish him every success with it. Hopefully his new single will be heard on the radio continually. It was good to see a full theatre as well. The album well want can you say - wonderful - brilliant -it would have been difficult to pick one to release as a single - but one of my favourites is 'If you had a heart' but then again 'guess again' all good stuff - cant wait for the next one!!! We are still trying to get to another show of this tour. Hopefully we will. Love all x x x

Martin E Frankland - Newark Palace

Hi Dennis Martin Hear , Thank you for macking it one of the most enjoyable nights we have had in a lond time on Friday the 27 of May 2005. Also thank you very much on Joshua's behalf he loved the show, Now we are starting a new fan base for you as you know he is only 3 you are going to have to keep going for at least another 30 years to get the full benefit out of your next generation of Fans and he would love to see you on top of the Pops. When we got Home he got his guitar out and kept saying he was going to come and live with you as you would have lots of toys for him to play with. He also said he was getting ready to play on stage with you with his guitar. You really made a big impression with him as you have done with both myself and my wife for years. I have told Joshua when you have let me play and sind with you he can do it after me. As you know i sing most of your songs and have done for years hopefully sometime in the future you will let me have a small jamming session with you not on stage but maybe at a hotel or even come and stay with us next time you are in our Area. It has allways been a dream of mine to play with you in the musical sence. I have written quite a few songs and maybe you would like one enough to maybe sing one in your show one Day. I am sure you must have been asked this a thousand times at least. The Guitar i use most offen is an Ovation Adamas carbon Fiber but i own several Ovations. Any way it was a fantastic show some people said after the show you never sang sylvias mother i said to those who listned that was over 30 years ago you have moved on and explained you did sing a lot of Dr Hooks songs mostly Shell's but you also sang a hell of a lot of your own songs which i think shows how far you have come in the last 20 years. We are looking forward very much to seeing you again soon and once again thanks for a Brilliant Show. And Joshua did love it and did not fall asleep and the next day on the Saturday he had me playing the songs you sang on Friday evening i hold down the cords then he strums the strings i sing the songs and he tries his best to join in. He sends you all of his Love as do my Wife Micheala ( known as micki ) and my self Martin. Good luck with the new album and every sucess in the future yours for now Joshua Micki & Martin.xxxxx Email address is martinfrankland@msn.com Telephone number 01636 680618 Mobile number 07971 639182 Again thank you for a fantastic show i know it will live long in our Hearts and forever with Joshua. Bye for now.

Iain Matheson - Newark

Saw you in Nottingham approx 20 years ago with my wife.I wasnt a fan at the time but I have been ever since.People often ask me who is the best live act Ive seen the usual suspects are always in and I always mention you.The songs are great and stand the test of time well and the general personality of dennis is a credit to the man.A smashing night was had by us both.If dennis returns then so will we. Well done.


Thankyou Dennis for a wonderful night again so much better without the sloping stage.

Peter Lark - Bloomsbury London 6/5/05

Saw Dennis at the Bloomsbury on 6/5/05 and he put on a stunning one man show. Really strong performance with a great mixture of old classics and new material. An excellent evening,s entertainment. Looking forward to seeing Dennis in London next tour.


Have just returned home from Dennis's concert in Belfast Northern Ireland .. he's like a fine wine and improves with age .. he mixed the old with the new .. long may you continue Dennis Belfast loves you and waits for your return - soon we hope. I grew up with Dr Hook and introduced his music to my children at a young age, they are in their 30s now and are firm fans, I also have one in her 20s who helped herself to his albums .. he is timeless ..


What a brilliant night's entertainment from Dennis. The voice was as good as ever and I enjoyed Dennis's guitar work more than when I saw his 2001 acoustic tour. No Sylvia's Mother as an encore which disappointed many but the songs from the new album were well received. WYILWABW had everyone joining in and Freakers Ball, Rollin Stone and QOTSD brought the house down - who said Ilkley was for the retired !!!! I was "one of the lucky ones" and it was a shame that the West Yorkshire public did not fill what is usually a popular venue for groups especially when some fans had driven for 2 hours to see the concert - perhaps more local promotion was needed in what for Dennis was a new tour location. Better Luck Next Time, Dennis and I am certain the unlucky ones will regret to read and hear about what was a brilliant concert. Would love to get to one of the "with band" concerts this year but will be back for more solos as well. Great album. BG

Janice Moody - UCL:Bloomsbury Theatre 2005

What a great concert yet again, you really are fantastic. I had two people with me on the night who had never seen you in concert before they are now fans as well. My two favourite songs that you sang on the night were Shine Son and the Right to Walk Away, the words hold so much meaning for a lot of people, of course all the old favourites were there as well. I love the way you interact with the audience it just adds something extra to the concert. The other cool thing about this concert was that we got to meet and talk to you afterwards. Thanks again for a great night, can't wait to see you again in 2006, good luck with the new single and album. You really rock. Janice


Went to the Swindon Wyvern concert and was blown away. I have never written a review so this just shows how much I enjoyed listening, reminiscing and joining in during the show. The song "Under the Moon" just must have been written with me and my little friend Oliver in mind - so apt. Thanks so much.

Janice Moody - Bloomsbury Theatre

Hi Dennis What a great show on Friday 6th May 2005, you really were fantastic as usual.I was at the show with two people who have not seen you before and they too really enjoyed themseleves and will be coming to see you again. The other cool thing about this show was that we got to meet and talk to you afterwards. My two favourites of your newer songs that you did on the night are Shine Son and The Right To Walk Away,these songs hold a lot of meaning for so many people. Thanks once again for a brillant evening, can't wait to see u again in 2006. Luv Janice

Stuart Lawson - Octagon theatre----Yeovil------8.5.05

Well done,it was first class entertainment from start to finish,the combination of solo performance and audience partisipation was truly memorable.I was as pleased to hear the new as well as the golden "old" songs, Thankyou for a professional and inspiring performance

Sandra Margaret Perry - UCL Bloomsbury London

I have been to see Dennis many times and as usual he interacted with the audience to make it a party atmosphere. He was absolutely superb and I was sad when he finished. It was lovely when Dennis came out after the show to sign autographs and speak to the people waiting. If Dennis does read this, I was the one couching whilst he was tuning his guitar. My apologies, but I have a chest infection and tried very hard not to cough. He took it in good stead. Till the next time. Sandra

Danny Brown - Angel Theatre, Rendlesham

Fantastic concert, a great voice and a personality to go with it. Top bloke.

Maria Rayner - Rendlesham, Suffolk, UK

The first time I saw Dennis was on 'The Old Grey Whistle Test'. It was the early 70's and I was in my early teens. I was sold on him now and after more than some 30 years he is still a brilliant artist. I was delighted to be able to join him Friday night at Rendlesham - and as usual he was on 'top form'. The icing on the cake was to be able to meet him personally - thank you Dennis it was such a thrill for an ageing teenager!! The new album is brill I have played it to bits - the whole family are going spare!

jeff webb - bedworth civic hall


georgie - wavendon and eastbourne

absolutely fantastic new cd excellent more please

Mike Archer - Eastbourne

Very good performance - sorry about the size of the audience but your Show was not very well publicized in the Town with only minimal entries in the Local Newspaper.Also the Royal Hippodrome,in spite of it's name,is well past it's "sell by" date(as I am sure you discovered back stage) and tends to cater for an older Seaside Tourist audience. Still,my wife Teresa and I,having seen you with Dr Hook twice in Brighton in the late 80's,have been to all your Tours in recent years from White Rock Theatre(with Benny Gallagher etc) to the present. I took my son,who has played guitar for 25 years,to this performance and,I'm pleased to say,he was very impressed particularly with how you tune and play your guitar. We hope to be at your Burgess Hill show - you certainly seem to still enjoy entertaining your audiences.

Stella Huggett - Eastbourne The Royal Hippodrome

I haven't seen Dennis Locorriere solo before (saw Dr. Hook more years ago than I probably care to admit to) and to say I was impressed is an understatement. Not only has he got a wonderful voice and is a stunning guitarist, he has a great sense of humour and looked as if he was really enjoying himself. His songs are a mix of sexy, poignant, funny and rocky - I couldn't have wished for a better evening out. Good luck with the rest of the tour and I hope he tours for many years to come. I look forward to seeing him again sometime. Stella

Andy Watson - The Anvil Basingstoke

Well done Dennis! magnificent an absolute delightful toe tapping, clapping singalong all togetherness evening.This was our first attendence at his performance and certainly won't be the last.His voice the whole aura is spiritual and not to be missed, it certainly won't be our last.[and oh by the way the second album is grrreat!]

Dan Gore - South Sheilds

Absolutley brilliant, great guitarist, amazing voice and just an all round awsome show. Looking forward to next year.


new album is fantastic look forward to seeing you at glenrothes on the 17th june misty blue is one of my favorites.great album yet again

carol cooper

Have been a fan of Dennis for many years (since Dr Hook) and have seen him in concert several times. Recently saw him at The Stables Milton Keynes and am still amazed at the presence he has on stage. The voice is as wonderful as ever,and the songs are wonderful. The latest album is fantastic as is "Out of the Dark". More more more please. just keep on playing and singing for ever.

Larry Starnes

I just purchased your last studio album "One of The Lucky Ones's" and I love it. I live in the states but I will pay extra to get your music from UK. Keep them coming Dennis because I will buy all you can record.. Thanks

Lyn Baynham - Thu 24/03/05 Wyllotts Centre, Potters Bar

Dennis was his usual superb self, I thought he looked better than ever, it was quite a surprise when he missed out Sylvia's Mother but he played Shine, Son which I just love! I Loved every single song he sang except "When you left you turned off the heat" the audience were eating out of his hand, and I can't wait to see him perform again, in fact, I'm booking another venue this week. Please pass on my love and best wishes to him. Thank you

Margaret Docherty

I can't stop playing the new album One Of The Lucky ones this is Dennis at his best and it was well worth the wait for it to be released absolutely brilliant.

Denine - Muni Arts Center Pontypridd 7th April 2005

Awesome. Wonderful show from a truly professional entertainer. Denine deninehouston@aol.com

Janice Fraser

I was at you're concert at the concert hall Glasgow last year and the show prior too that and returning on the 16th june this year If this show is like the last two Then I know I wont be dissapointed looking forward too seeing you again your,s Faithfully Janice

Gill - The Stables, Milton Keynes - 1.04.05

The Stables at Milton Keynes was absolutely buzzin` on Friday night. We could feel the excitement and anticipation as soon as we walked in. This was my first show of this tour and it was just fantastic! New tablecloth, new intro (the Shel introduction was a masterstroke I thought), and new songs from the new CD. Not to mention the fact that stripes are now the new black!! Dennis was so full of energy and fun. It`s been said before that he fills the stage with his personality but don`t you believe it - he fills the whole auditorium!! Whether he`s singing new songs or old he has everyone with him right from the start. The combination of old favourites - Hook songs, Shel songs - and now songs from both solo Cd's, combined with Dennis' magnetic personality made it a wonderful evening It`s great to hear the new songs which are pure Dennis. The CD will be a great success, I`m sure and I`d like to wish you all the best, Dennis, for the single 'The Truth' which should be released in May. It`d be great to see you on 'Top of the Pops' again!! I thought it was a stroke of genius to put those few bars of 'Here Comes The Sun' in the middle of 'The Heat'!! Brilliant!! Thanks again Dennis for such a memorable evening. Can`t wait for the next one!

jon benns - Roses Theatre Tewkesbury

I have spent my life watching and working with artistes on the acoustic/folk/country stage, and I have never ever seen one person command such a presence as did Dennis Locorriere at The Roses last night. Apart from his amazing voice, his humour, and his guitar playing (the right hand is just awesome) his work rate and enthusiasm was second to none. How many artistes have we seen "living off past glories" as they effortlessly churn out old hits whilst barely breaking into a sweat. Not so Mr Locorriere who, whilst quite rightly re-visiting old material that the audience knew and loved, worked his balls off to introduce us to new gems. I am a cynical "seen it all/heard it all folky" and I was completely blown away. Jon Benns.

Rosemary Gibbs - Stables Wavendon

We enjoyed concert as usual, it's our 5th time and every one get's better. Bought the new album and on first hearing is another success. Dennis is so full of life and fun, we look forward to seeing the next concert.

Linda - The Stables, Milton Keynes

Another excellent evening of good music and fun. Very enjoyable. Sung all his favourites as well as some new stuff which is good. Bought the album and like it very much. Fourth time of seeing DL and never disappointed. Linda

Louise Anthony - Stables Milton Keynes

Last night went to see Mr L, at the stables in Milton Keynes. It was a great venue and a wonderfull evening I can listen to Dennis's beautifull voice all day,infact today his ,now 2, solo albums have been on repeat in the CD drive! My husband and I had a very enjoyable evening Thanks see you again soon, Louise xx

Lynn Whitley - Worksop, Nottinghamshire

I've been going to live concerts for over 20 years and just when I think Dennis cant get any better, he does. Last nights show was a truly outstanding, brilliant, faultless performance. Love the new stuff and the mixture of old and new really worked. The friend who was with me had never seen Dennis before and was totally amazed.Dennis has a great voice and his warm and friendly personality make him an exceptional entertainer, long my he continue to delight his audience.

lyn marks

the album really good , how can you fault this man . perfection

lyn marks - potters bar

SaW Dennis last night , cant believe it , havent missed a tour yet, we love you dennis , you seem more relaxed and definatley at a better place now, ( is this because of love ) hope so, you rto lovely to be alone. Keep up the good work , any chance of jesse joining you that woulld be so cool.LOve you lots Dennis.xx

Peter Ashley - Tivoli Wimborne 19.3.05

Fantastic evenings entertainment - never thought one guy with a guitar could hold an audiences attention for over two hours.

Mick - Wimborne

Absolutely brilliant! The voice, guitar, delivery and all round effort where truly amazing.

bob gascoigne - castleford

what a brilliant night !!!!!!! dennis just gets better and better if thats possible, his voice haunts you -makes you laugh-makes you cry but most of all,if you listen, you realise that this guy has gone through it all

evelyn mcguinness GLASTONBURY

WOW!! What a show. Dennis didn't disappoint, and despite his claims of nerves at attempting "either the bravest or most stupid thing" he'd ever done, he really won over the crowd with his disarming honesty and genuine musical talent...

Miriam witts - Glastonbury 2004

I can only begin with an apology for not submitting my attributes to this man's performance earlier. I sat on the grass by the pyramid stage on Sunday afternoon only counting down the minutes until Supergrass, so as a beard sporting man takes to the stage this 18 year old cracks open a can expecting to wile away a little more of the stuff folks in the real world call time. In minutes i couldn't talk to my friends, this man had lasooed me from his first syllable. he asked us to believe in ourselves and dance. Clapping my hands "i believe in fairies style" I jumped up i believed and oh i danced! i fox trotted my wellies through 'only 16' 'cover of the rolling stone' and the fantastic 'freakin at the freakers ball' The man who was never scheduled to stand on the pyramid became the KING of the pyramid. Hats, wellies and beer cans (as glass is not allowed on the site) off to you Dennis locorriere. i now sit at the computer and count the minutes until pay day so i can book tickets to yeovil!

Val Griffiths - Radio Merseyside Show at Liverpool Philharmonic

WOW!! Thanks Dennis for the 'surprise bonus show' at the Liverpool Philharmonic on Friday night! Just the thing to set us up for Christmas! And to top it all, I'm sure a great sum of money was received by the Radio Merseyside Charitable Trust. The first half of the show consisted of local talent (comedians, impressionist, vocalists, local band), with Radio Merseyside DJ's as comperes. Three of the acts had been 'spotted' through a 'Stars in Your Ears'programme on Radio Merseyside, where demo tapes are played. It was a massive, exciting opportunity for them to play at the Phil. They were very well received by a big audience. Dennis came on in the second half, to a fantastic reception. He opened with 'Unchain My Heart' and featured his most widely known songs. One of the highspots for me - and other Liverpudlians - was 'Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying' - MAGIC!! He then went 'from one sun for another son' and followed it with 'Shine Son'. He really packed in a great selection of songs, and once again his guitar playing on 'Queen of the Silver Dollar' was out of this world - resounding around the Phil. For an encore Dennis performed 'Freakers' Ball'!! - "There's gonna be a Freakers' Ball tonight at the Philharmonic Hall"..... and, of course, finished with 'Sylvia's Mother'!! After all that, Dennis still found time to come and chat to us!! THANKS, YOU WERE WONDERFUL!! LIVERPOOL LOVES YOU!

Keith Maddern - Ventor Isle of Wight U.K.

My wife & I were invited by freinds to see Dennis in concert. It was fantastic and even though the venue was not the best I have visited nor the accoustics of the building great. Dennis had us singing and dancing in the aisles and was a total professional. We can't wait for him to come back to the Island,hopefully in a better venue to enhance his preformance and our enjoyment even more. Well done Dennis Thanks Keith & Lisa

Gerd & Yvette , GRAZ, Austria

BRILLIANT - Dennis can make big atmoshere with only his guitar and his voice - a true muscician the style and playing was just great. We loved it so much - that we searched for his site to give a feedback - Anyway we would be happy to visit a concert again in 500 miles distance from graz... the new album we do buy over the internet too.. THANK YOU FOR AN UNFORGETTABLE EVENING.

Catherine& Fred

We were very lucky to have had the opportunity to follow 'The Sound of Dennis' Music' to Austria.
The Orpheum Theatre in Graz was a super venue for Dennis' first solo concert in this lovely country.
The stage setting was something else; white Grecian type columns that changed colour with each new song and the beams of blue light when Dennis sang 'Shine Son' was just heavenly!
It was a joy to be part of this friendly, appreciative audience. We enjoyed a variety of songs, old and new, delivered in Dennis' usual enthusiastic,energetic and fun way.
Non stop entertainment, not even taking an interval.

My memories of this great concert I'd like to share....

Nostalgic 'Dance on Daddy's Feet' ,lovely (wish my Dad could have been there to hear this, but sadly not fit enough to travel)
Listening to an Austrian audience singing along to 'Only Sixteen' and 'Beautiful Woman'. Superb!
Sitting in the midst of these folks after the final encore and listening for over six minutes to continuous applause,no one wanting the evening to end or to go home.
I'm sure these new friends will always remember their first time! The first time they saw Dennis 'live' in concert in Graz.

Elisabeth Fidler, Graz, Austria

I want to say "thank you" for the wonderful concert in Graz at 24th
September 2004.
Please let me know about further concerts in Austria.

Carol Howard - Shrewsbury

The concert was great - again! My friend Cathryn and I had first seen Dennis live at Buxton this year and he was so inspirational that time, that we returned, this time brave enough to meet him after the show. We're really lucky to have him in our country so much - and we have noticed how great the audience are too! It shows that great minds are like great hearts - they go where they are appreciated - the fact that Dennis appears at such cosy venues is a tribute to how he 'touches' the audience. Yesterday before the show I heard a Dr Hook song on the radio ' I'm gonna love you a little bit more....' and I think each time Dennis' fans see him, that's just the effect he has. Carol and Cathryn from Stoke on Trent

Gill - Shrewsbury Music Hall 30.07.04

It was a very hot, muggy Friday evening and the music hall itself was much smaller than I`d anticipated. Dennis was greeted with an enthusiasm which increased as the night wore on. He was his usual warm, friendly, humorous self and had us all in the palm of his hand within no time. A couple of people (who at this point shall be namemless, but they know who they are!!) arrived late and sat in the front row, so Dennis very kindly and humorously, did a quick resume of the songs they`d missed, quipping that he could do the whole show like that and we`d all be out in 12 minutes! An addition to this show was 'I Think I`m In Love' - a beautiful song from the OOTD album, which I don`t think I`ve heard sung live before. A little girl named Alice on the front row had an evening I`m sure she`ll remember for a long time as Dennis chatted to her - and apologised when he sang 'Freakers` Ball'!! A glance around the auditorium showed the ubiquitous appeal of the man, his songs, and his amazing voice. People of all ages, from 8 to 80, were enthralled and entertained and were obviously having a wonderful time listening to the haunting, thought-provoking ballads of Shel Silverstein, the love songs penned by DL and sung as no-one else can sing them, and of course there`s always 'Freakers` Ball' - so we don`t get too emotional!! The audience nearly brought the house down at the end, before the obligatory encore, and I`m sure if Dennis hadn`t rushed off stage after 'Sylvia`s Mother', and the audience hadn`t given up quite so easily (the house lights hadn`t come on, after all!), the show may well have concluded with the lovely 'If All It Takes Is Time' - one of my favourites - but that`s just speculation on my part. Either they were too polite or they all had buses to catch!! It was truly another magical evening, Dennis. Thank you so much.

Bill Rudge - Bilston

This was the first time I had seen Dennis and, as a long time Dr Hook fan, I was almost afraid I would be disappointed. After all, its been well nigh 30 years ! Disappointed ? Jeez this guy was incredible. He was so good I almost cried. For Christ's sake if you get the chance go see him ! I couldn't help but ask myself why he wasn't playing Vegas instead of downtown Bilston. Two hours solid, just Dennis & his guitar, but my wife and I came away agreeing we would willingly have paid double the price ticket and still been happy.

Gill - Robin 2, Bilston

What can I say but WOW!! Dennis was in superb form at the Robin 2 last night. The whole place was positively rocking! We were all melting with the heat but Dennis was as energetic as ever, the broken guitar string right at the start didn`t faze him at all, as his `spare` was on hand! The Ray Charles number "Unchain My Heart" is an excellent start to the show. The audience remained enthusiastic throughout the performance, getting more `involved` as the night went on and the beer was flowing(!). It was great to hear `Lucy Jordan`, and `Soupstone`. `Shine, Son` had everyone spellbound. If we`d had our way I don`t think even the two encores would have been enough! I went home singing `If All It Takes Is Time` and truly felt like one of the lucky ones! Dennis just exudes energy and enthusiasm and really makes the audience feel part of the whole experience. His warmth and commitment to his fans shines through. It was great to meet old friends and new and I can hardly wait for the show next week at Shrewsbury! You were terrific, Dennis. Thank you so much. It was a privilege to be there. I have to also mention Lisa Mills who was the opening act. She has an amazing voice and really got the audience into singing mode. I thought her blues guitar playing was quite superb.

This letter was in the Echo on Tuesday 6th.July....


I went along to The Brook recently with my friends to see Dennis Locorriere, the former singer with Dr. Hook.
We weren't sure what to expect but had a vague hope that Sylvia's Mother would figure in the entertainment.
What we got was a wonderful evening, being captivated by a charismatic performer who held the whole audience under his spell the entire time. It didn't matter that we didn't recognise some of the music- we will next time.
We went home at the end of the evening feeling relaxed and happy.
Perhaps George Bush should use Dennis as an American Ambassador of War. A couple of hours listening to him and nobody would want to fight!
We were definitely "hooked"! Oh, and not a Sylvia's Mother in sight. Next time maybe!

Shirley, Southampton.

Thanks to Kate for forwarding us this letter.

Sophie - Glastonbury

I just wanted to say "hi" cos I saw you at Glastonbury and you were definitely one of the highlights for me!
We were on our way to see the Divine Comedy on the Other Stage and never quite made it.

We had no idea you were on, then no idea who you were, but you were so entertaining we stayed where we were!!! You should have been on longer.

We were sat high up on the hill by the tree and felt like you were playing more to us than the people at the front!

Basically you rocked!

See you next time. Oh we're at yours next time aren't we ;-)

Bob Beattie - Woodend Barn, Banchory, Aberdeenshire

Electrifying. A truely great performance. better than world class

chris ferguson : Glastonbury

Nice show. Very entertaining and chill out.

Paul : Glastonbury, 27th June 2004

I have fond memories of my mum listening to Dr Hook when I was a child, and it was a pleasant surprise to have the pleasure of watching Dennis perform an acoustic set at Glastonbury - he got the crowd going a treat, particularly singing 'On the Cover of the Rlling Stone.' Finishing off with 'Sylvias Mother' in the sun was probably one of my Glastonbury highlights - fantastic!

Mark Snow : The Brook

Being a long-standing fan of both Hook and Dennis' solo work, I've been trying to get a live show for about two years. Various things had conspired against me, until now. Was it worth the wait? Of course it was! A stream of fantastic songs from then and now, punctuated by Dennis' unfailingly witty anecdotes. The pick of the evening? Probably the wonderful new 'If All it Takes is Time', although 'Freakers Ball' put up a strong fight. My only regret was that I didn't manage to get the tree outside cut down in time to keep us going all night!

Catherine&Fred : 'The BROOK',Southampton,23 June 04

"It was a dark and stormy night"...... And SO not what you would think for the beginning of summer, but once inside 'The BROOK' the warmth of the Southampton people soon made you forget the cold outside. Dennis came on stage to rapturous applause plus a standing ovation! His first song was one by the late great Ray Charles and this is how the show continued, songs and stories that we didn't expect. Dennis asked for request from the audience and sang most of our favorite songs, lovely songs like 'Sing me a Rainbow', 'Jungle to the Zoo', 'Lucy Jordan', 'Storms never last', though we did want this storm to last so that we could stay the night at this special venue (they had a big bar!!!) We sung,laughed,clapped,whistled and some of us even danced! Well swung our hips...yes.. we had a 'BALL' Old songs, new songs, songs I'd never heard before, blues song... Dennis finished with 'Yesterday's Blues' and 'If all it takes is time'. My favorite. Sadly all good things have to come to an end, the storm didn't last and much too soon we had to go back to our hotel. There the Concierge after opening the door for us, enquired, "Had a nice evening?". "Excellent thankyou,I answered, we've been to see Dennis Locorriere". "Oh yes", he said, "the lead singer from Dr Hook...when you met him was he as nice as he seems?",he asked. "Even nicer!" I answered. Thankyou Dennis for another wonderful show.



Val : UCL Bloomsbury, London

What a fabulous show! First Graham Gouldman took us back to the 60s and 70s. I never realised just how many great songs he wrote for other groups. Next was Lauren Field - great voice backed by an impressive band complete with double bass and brass! Then Randy Bachman showed us that he sure can ROCK!!! "Taking Care of Business" and "You Ain't Seen NNNothing Yet" had to be seen and heard to be believed. The second half started with Polly Paulusma. Truly original voice and style and really impressive lyrics. They saved the best till last though - and Dennis had an hour to himself!! We all sang "Happy Birthday" as he came on stage. A great mix of the classic songs and his newer songs. A lot of people in the audience weren't too sure who he was at first and the first couple of songs were greeted with polite applause. Then he lifted the roof off with "Queen of the Silver Dollar" and that guitar playing we all know and love. Sitting in the middle of the audience I could see everyone around me sitting up and taking notice. They were won over completely. They sang along and laughed at all the stories... "A Little Bit More" was greeted with rapturous applause. A standing ovation at the end and a whole lot of new fans !! BRILLIANT NIGHT. FANTASTIC 'BIRTHDAY' SHOW DENNIS !!

Paul Edgerton : Robin 2, Bilston

I went to see Dennis in the Summer of 2003. I took someone with me who I was seeing at the time. She was a big Dennis Locorriere fan, knew all the words to the songs and had seen him in concert before etc, etc. I knew of some of his songs but I can't pretend that I was a fan. I was blown away at the concert though. I couldn't believe that one man (albeit a big one!) with just his guitar for company, could make such a big sound and a huge impact on me. Since that time songs such as Ballad of Lucy Jordan, If I Had A Nickel etc etc have become huge favourites of mine but to hear them for the first time was something I'll never, ever forget. Shine, Son had and still has me in tears every time I hear it and makes me think of my own special son. The lady in question and I are no longer an item unfortunately but when she ran her fingers through my hair when Dennis sang Years From Now, there was electricity in the air. Thank you Dennis, can't wait for Robin Hood gig again in July 2004.

Sandra Blackburn : Strand London

My husband and I went to see Dennis at the Strand and had a fantastic time. The time went by to quickly. I have seen Dennis quite a few times and he has never failed to perform magnificantlly. I cannot wait for the next concert. Keep it up.

Sue and Dave : The Strand London

We had an excellent evening at this concert, Dennis making us laugh and at times nearly crying with his wonderful songs. Thank Dennis hope to see you again x

Tim : Colne Municipal Hall

We went along to see Dennis last Friday which was his penultimate gig of this tour. We, like many, have always enjoyed listening to Hook music but have never been true fans as I am sure many of you out there already are. We even saw Ray Sawyer a few years back near Preston. We went simply because of the Dr Hook name without really knowing who was the real voice behind the band. Well that ignorance has now been corrected and I think we could now be classed as, fans. What a guy, what a voice and what a performance. And to think we could have so easily missed out and gone for a pizza instead!!

Pat : The Aldwych (Strand)

Have been to many of your Concerts, you always do a brilliant show. Was at The Aldwych (Strand) Sunday evening and it was fantastic. The Out of the Dark cd is the most played cd in my collection and I was pleased that you sang a couple of songs from that on Sunday. Thank you for sharing that voice and for always giving such an incredible performance

Maureen Matthewman : Bridlington 1st April

Great show Dennis we really really enjoued it, hope everyone going to London enjoys it too wish we could have been there in London to watch your last gig. good luck dennis luv you lots x x x x x



Julia : Redhill, Surrey

A fine voice and a warm and funny man. There's nothing to compere to a live performance and this one was quite magical. I was singing along to the old and enthralled by the new...a masterful guitarist, a soulful lyricist, and you made me laugh!

Mary Smith : Glasgow

My daughters (mid 20s raised on Hook music) and myself thoroughly enjoyed your concert. We were playing Hook music on the way in and wondered what you would sing. We were absolutely delighted with your performance. I would say its the best concert we have attended. Absolutely fantastic.

Raymond Teece : Tewkesbury Roses Theatre

Hi What a great night my wife and I are still talking about it so that shows you how good it must have been first time she as talked to me in years. What can you say about Dennis I could go and see him every night his vocies just blows me away . I just wish he was coming to Telford we would love to see him in or own town .I hope he comes back again this year would love to see him again and again THANKS DENNIS

stephen molineux : st georges hall bradford

i would like to say what a pleasure it was to see and here dennis sing old and new songs i enjoyed every miniute of the concert last time i managed to see dennis was at civic hall halifax yorkshire england on the farewell tour of doctor hook many years ago and hes not lost his entertainment value one bit good on you dennis your as good as you always were thanks for a great night of music hope to see you again sometime soon thanks stephen molineux

victoria and scott baldock : maidstone hazlitt theatre


Philip Steer : Corn Exchange, Cambridge, England

My wife and myself had never seen Dr.Hook or Dennis previously. The show was awesome and we were blown away by the strength and control Dennis has over his voice. Very emotional, personal, powerful and energetic - despite the Ice Cream at half time

jeannie : kilmarnock, grand halls(21-3-2004)

this was my(along with my husband john ) first ever dennis concert, i hope it wont be our last, dennis is a true artist in every sense of the word, he trully exudes true proffesionalism whilst letting his audience feel he truly cares about them, a great night out for young and old alike, we came away feeling happy and relaxed , with many memories being stirred ,and an enjoyment of the new material, which was first class.hope it wont be too long till dennis is back in this part of the country, meanwhile , we feel priveledged indeed to have been part of the audience last night,the stuff memories are made of. thank you dennis !

jim adams : glasgow royal concert hall 19-03-04

wow,i went to the concert with my wife and two friends,hum ,dr hook. i the guys all right,he's no bad. well what a night! dennis was excellent, and i've been to hundreds of gig's ,all types of music. his layout of song's was a1.after the concert he signed my friends guitar. he's a total gentleman good to see an international superstar bond with his fans,so many don't. amazing dennis all the best. god bless jim(glasgow)

Margaret Docherty : Glasgow Royal Concert Hall

I took my gradaughter Stephanie ( aged 9 ) to see Dennis on the 19/03/04 it is her third concert and Dennis was outstanding I hope it won't be too long till we see him again his voice is unique and what a talent I can honestly say that he is one artist who can sing live and put all todays acts in the shade without a doubt he is a living legend and I will continue to support him always.

Ralph Street : Millenium Forum, Derry. 14/03/04

I went to this concert and thought that there would be a band with Dennis, but the minute he picked up his acoustic guitar and started playing and singing there was no need for any band, this man is totally amazing. With his great voice and brilliant guitar playing he had myself and the whole of the audience in awe. Dennis's gig with his unmistakable voice made it one of the best nights out I ever had. Ralph Street.

K Mac : Burnavon theatre Co. Tyrone Northern Ireland

Having listened to Dr. Hook for most of my childhood as my father was a big fan i decided to go and see/hear the voice of dr. hook for myself. Dennis actually made a point during the show that in this day and age that we all have a wide choice of shows to go and see. However, only a the cream rises to the top. You will always be welcome over here. A truely excellent show..with one guy and an acoustic guitar..thank you

Anne Quinn : "The Market Place "Co. Armagh Northern Ireland

I've seen you 3 times in the Market Place and every concert was fabulous. I'm listening to your songs from 1972 when I was 13 years old. I never thought i'd ever see you perform alive. but I've been privalidged to listen to you at your prime. YOUR NEW ALBUM IS EXCELLENT KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. From one of your admirers Anne Quinn



Elaine Evans : Cannock

Cannock was the first chance I've had to see "The Voice of Doctor Hook". It was a brilliant performance from Dennis and great audience participation. I really enjoyed the evening. The voice, the songs and sentiments are straight from the heart. I understand now why so many people keep going back -I will be one of them from now on. It's something to really look forward to and recommend to others.

Jane : Fernham hall Fareham

Hi I have never been to one of your concerts before but have always liked the music and have CDs and tapes. The concert last night was really good and me and my sister had a fantastic time. Will definatley come to another concert in the future. Thanks for a great time Jane

GILL SKILLING : Fernham Hall Fareham

Dennis Locorriere was superb. He sang with so much passion and feeling. You could see how much he was enjoying it.I thought the whole night was fantastic. I cannot wait to have the chance to see him again.

Steve Rashley-Smith : Fareham 4.3.2004

Saw Dennis again last night on his latest solo tour.I think he is improving with every tour he does these days.Absolutely superb and he has an amazing rapport with the audience.Keep at it Dennis - you are roundly admired!

andrew jones : dudley town hall / feb

i would just like to say what a spellbinding concert me and my family attended the obvious talent of dennis is unquestionable i felt the highlight of the night was the song penned for your son SHINE SON BRILLIANT a great great night was had by all yours andrew jones

neil hanslow : burgess hill sussex

as always a great show good mix of old and new material have seen dennis since 1972 when he toured with hook . and seen him every tour since . got the dvd from the show its fantacic .i would like to hear dennis sing if possible some time a b side called make it easy wery short song but very very good .

maureen wheawall : the pavillion bournemouth

after missing dr hook the first time round i was delighted when i knew dennis was going solo.it took three and ahalf hours to drive down to bournemouth and it was worth travelling ten hours to see him and hear his magical voice.he was brilliant and his guitar playing just terrific. he needed no one else to accompany him, he was just perfect on his own. he is THE VOICE. the album "out of the dark" is full of wonderful songs and my favourite is the more i am. what more can i say... when is he coming to stoke on trent? dennis we love you

Phil and Beryl Roberts : Muni Pontypridd

What a great concert. Every song sang with passion and feeling with no holding back. We were surprised his voice was still as good for the last song as it was for the first. We were in Cardiff last year and the quality of performance is consistent. Looking forward to the next time.

Pam Lovegrove : Worthing Pavillion

Dennis you were absolutly brillant! You still have those "sexy eyes" to die for. I've never heard you finish with freakin' ball before, so it made a change, but i did miss "The ballard of Lucy Jordan". Having said that whatever you play is fine with me, because you're fantastic. Even my daughter, for whom it was her first time, thoroughly enjoyed it. Singing along with the Dr. Hook songs. The new stuff sounds amazing as well. Don't leavee it too long before you come back please. Look forward to seeing you again.

Dave M : Buxton Opera House (UK)

Flying Music presents 'Alone with Dennis Locorriere' caught my eye as I flicked through the Buxton Opera House brochure, and a set of very mixed emotions sprung immediately to mind. Doctor Hook was around at a very important time in my life, and I have many happy memories of their outstanding gigs complemented by a seemingly endless flow of quality songs, many of which seemed to accurately reflect the experiences and emotions of everyday life and loves. BUT I could not help feeling a little apprehensive. Surely a solo performance from Dennis could not come close to matching my memories of the band - maybe Dennis' enthusiasm for music has waned and he is simply touring for the money - maybe Dennis will have lost his way musically and will perform songs to which I cannot relate? etc etc When you have precious memories you protect them with extreme care! Should I have worried? No, no, no .... and no! From the first steps he took on the stage it was clear that Dennis has lost non of his charisma and he maintained a friendly rapport with the audience throughout the entire evening. Not only did he offer an insight into his life, his music, his thoughts and his emotions, he invited you in! This was not a remote superstar, but more a long lost brother who came around for tea and a chat. In these days of instant pop stars, with many of them using every electronic gadget under the sun to ensure their live performances sound at least vaguely like their studio tracks, it was a real pleasure to listen to Dennis. One man, two guitars and one microphone soon confirmed that Dennis really was the voice of Doctor Hook, and what an outstanding voice it is. Sometimes as delicate as the lightest breeze and at others as strong as the loudest roar. Similarly, percussive support ranged from a slap of the hand on his guitar to the quietest of toe taps on the floor. You really could have heard a pin drop! Nostalgia - was there nostalgia? Well yes there was; who can possibly fail to be moved by songs such as 'Carrie me Carrie', 'Syvlia's mother', 'A little bit more', 'More like the movies' etc etc? Dennis sang many of the old favourites to perfection, but also tastefully blended in some of his more recent material. A personal favourite on the night? For me it was 'Shine Son', which surely reflects the hopes and aspirations of any parent for their children, and certainly brought tears to my eyes. So, the news is 'Dennis is touring the UK', and if you enjoy top quality music performed by a truly outstanding professional buy your tickets now. You will not be disappointed!

debbie vale : dudley town hall

absolutely brilliant bit disappointed no one including myself got up and strutted thier stuff but was held back a bit,particulary to rolling stone,yes you can dance to Hook music but you really need your dog (well I do). Great guitar, great voice and of course great lyrics but above all it was made a very personal performance by dennis's openess and great personality. At one point I thought he had bugged me that day, confession I thought I would be seeing someone come on with a simmer frame and several aides, how wrong I was and ain't I glad I was wrong just this once! p.s. could have been advertised a bit better I only found it in the local press the night before and ain't I glad I did.

Allan Smith : Torquay

Dennis, Spent the Valantine weekend at Torquay and we were able to catch your show. Thanks for a great time! Hope the rest of the tour is a great hit with lots of people. Take care Allan and Shelagh Smith

Ali Castle : Hall for Cornwall Truro

This was the fourth time I've seen him live and each time it has been an evening of pure enjoyment. Please keep coming back. Unfortunately for some reason the hall was not full so those of you whodidnt make it (Friday 13th syndrome) then you are the unlucky ones. Next time would love to see the band again, with Rod and Benny et al, their rendition of Queen of the Silver Dollar is something else. Until next time and make it quick I can't wait!

KELLY WILLIAMS : TRURO - Hall for Cornwall

Hi Dennis, my mum and I have just arrived home from watching you at the Hall for Cornwall, we thought you sounded exactly like you do on our CD's of you. I am 25 years old and have always been a fan ever since my mum used to be doing baking on Saturday afternoons and we would listen to your album on LP's. My mum is convinced you look the spitting image of my dad, but I'm not convinced!, you don't have a belly like his!!! We bought "Out of the Dark" album 2 years ago and listened to it and thought it was fantastic. Expecially "If I had a nickel". More new stuff to come I hope! Hope everything goes okay for 2004 tour of Great Britain. See you when you come down to the bumpkin world of Cornwall again! Kind regards Kelly and Hazel Williams WKelly726@aol.com

merri : Glasgow

I have seen DL everytime he plays Glasgow. His concerts are wonderful the fact that he can stand on the stage no band and just his guitar and totally memsmerize his fans young and old says it all. He talks to the audience not at us and you feel that he is having this wonderful one to one with everyone. I think it amazes him that his shows are sell outs but it does not surprise me the man is absolute magic or as we say in glesca "pure dead brill ..man" Keep singing and keep coming "to good old glasgow town"

Raymond Teece : Shrewsbury music hall

Dennis was great again can not wait to go and see him in Tewkesbury roll on MARCH



Peter Craig - Derry
This is the third time I have seen Dennis play in Derry. The show was fantastic as usual and I was totally swept away by the power and emotion in his voice. He deservedely received a standing ovation from an appreciative audience. This man is a truely talented artist and deserves superstar status. I look forward to his next appearance in Derry.
I saw Mr. Locorierre last night at Kilmarnock and it was great. To be honest I have never bought any of the Dr. Hook music and am only family with several songs over the years through radio. I was blown away by the guitar and the music. It was one of the greatest one-man shows I have every seen. Thank you Mr. Locorierre for your hard work, it was most enjoyable!!
Mike Keavey - Eden Court, Inverness, Scotland
Dennis on top form as usual. A pleasure to watch an artiste enjoying himself on stage as much as Dennis seems to. All the favourites were there, from Carrie to Sylvia, it just seemed to end too soon. Haste ye back, Dennis Mike Keavey

Helen Hazeland - Hall for Cornwall
The show was fantastic. Not many singers could sing like that for two hours on their own with just a guitar. It was nice to here the new songs as well as old favourites. I cannot wait for his next show.

Helen - Southport
Elaine and Gavin Cartney - Aberdeen
An excellent concert with a real feel good feeling. A perfect tonic for the end of a busy, stressful week.
First time we had heard Dennis' solo work and we thought it was fantastic.
Even a broken guitar string didn't get in the way of a brilliant entertainer.
owen llewellyn - Bournemouth Pavilion 18/10/02
Just a few lines to express deep gratitude for being among the audience at Friday's "Unplugged". I went to Dennis' "Out of the Dark" concert last year and was instantly "hooked". This time I went in the company of my older brother and his wife and it was a magical way to spend a couple of hours on a damp autumn night.
It was especially touching as my brother had been the one all those years ago who had turned me onto " Dr. Hook" in the first place (he is ten years older than me) and the evening just seemed to roll back the years to those ( seemingly )less complicated times in the seventies. Dennis is such a generous performer with bags of charisma and a terrific sense of humour and it felt almost as though he was a long-standing friend who had just come back into town: to share his reminiscences of all that had gone on since he had been away. It was my brother who made the opening response to Dennis' "So how come you all turned up tonight?" - "We just wanted to see if you were still alive." This remark was taken by Mr. Locorriere in the manner in which it was intended - sportingly - with an "Oh I see, we've got a 'wise-ass' in the building". It was also good to see a healthy-sized audience in the Pavilion: fully-befitting the artist as our town - Bournemouth - can be a bit of a cultural-desert at times. I could go on and on but I guess the gist of my enthusiastic feedback from the show is clear. How lovely it was that Dennis took the time to sign our c.d.s and programmes afterwards, and to enter into conversation with many of us. This man is a towering artist and as my brother, Gareth, said all those years ago the true talent in Doctor Hook, along of course with with the late, great songsmith Shel Silverstein! By the way, my sister-in-law said it was the best concert she had been to and she has been to a few in her lifetime. All the best Dennis, Cannot wait for the next time you're in the area. Owen. ollewellyn@yahoo.com
garry - lowestoft
brillianthow took the kids along they loved it all. vintage dennis could'nt ask for more. bourght out of the dark album wednesday night have'nt stopped playing it yet its sunday night now. pure brilliance.
thanks dennis

Annie - Wylotts Centre Potters Bar

What can I say. I've just got home from the best concert I've been to in years. What a voice, what a nice person. All his songs are friends, new and old. Queen of the Silver Dollar and Lucy Jordan were just stunning, but Lazy Days was just brill too, and all the others. As he says - they all tell a story. Very human, very easy to tap into. Long may he tour and thank you very much for such a great time.

Kathy - Blackburn Wakefield

Yet another fantastic evening in your company. Loved the selection of songs and amazed at how you got through a whole concert without singing sylvia's mother!!! May be lucky enough to catch you again in Halifax west yorks. I was lucky enough to have my photo taken with you outside the Manchester Apollo 20 years ago and I must say we are both wearing well keep up the good work!!!!!!!!

Mel Challis - Aylesbury, Bucks., UK
I must admit that when I first said "yes" to going to the concert it was an excuse to go out with 'the girls' and going through a divorce at the moment I needed to get out. That said my Dad was a big Dr Hook fan and loved their music so I did grow up listening to it, but I was absolutely GOB SMACKED!!! It was one of the best evenings that I have had for a long time. Dennis is a marvel on the guitar, the songs were outstanding and he sang them with such heartfelt emotion that I found myself in his world crying, then rejoicing, then laughing. Yes laughing! He is such a funny, funny guy. I found myself in awe of his sheer talent and that is very rare now a days. Dennis said whilst on stage why is it that he is still around today when so many have fallen by the way side? Well Dennis its simple..... TALENT and you have it, lots of it. If anyone has the chance the I'd say GO! And all this drivel from a huge QUEEN and FREDDIE MERCURY fan. OUTSTANDING!
Kate - Albert Halls,Bolton,Lancashire, England
Have just come back from my first (but most definitely not my last!!!) concert and it was FANTASTIC!!!!!! Have been a Dr Hook fan for years but I was absolutely blown away by tonight's concert, especially the song Dennis wrote for his son - it brought tears to my eyes. Thanks Dennis for a brilliant and unforgettable evening!!!!!!
Arabella Sackett. - Fairfield Halls Croydon
Pure Magic.......... no other word to describe the voice of Dennis. He held the audience in the palm of his hands. Magic. More please.......................................
Moira Minns - Worthing
Great evening, Dennis is a magical musician and his skills on voice and guitar make the evening really enjoyable. Thoroughly enjoyed just him on stage with one guitar which he made sound like a whole baking group. Wish he had received more response to his jokes as his sense of humour is really English, not that he may want to hear that!! It is so unusual to have a singer of the last 30 years who can present new relevant music which still touches to soul.
Col Ryder - Rhyl theatre, North Wales 28/09/2002
ts Sunday nite and still buzzing from seeing Dennis at Rhyl. what to say?....Any bad points? Just one.. a frustrated musician, who was so dazzled by the level of Dennis' ability that he forgot his manners. By the start of the second half he needed to be told to "SHUT IT!" After that I could just marvel in the energy and shear bloody skill Mr Locorriere put into the show and each and every song. Couldn't tell he'd ever played any of the songs ever before (if Dennis reads this ,then this DOESN'T mean he didn't know the chords!) He looked (to me) totally involved in each story he sung, never like he was on automatic. I still cant work out which part of his arm he uses to keep a bass beat with! I'm off looking for back-issues of Hook and Dennis' solo stuff. A wonderful musician, a top-top entertainer and story teller. Mr Locorriere, I owe you a beer if you ever come this way again. Don't worry how much the tickets may cost.. just see this man again.. He's worth it. Thank you.



Sheila B. The Brook, Southampton Hi Dennis, Myself with a few hundred people, it seemed like had a super evening. I really enjoyed the variety of music and it was great to hear some of your new material, I can't wait for the new album to be released. You mentioned at the beginning of the evening it was being recorded, I bet someone will have a good job editing!!! Already looking foreward to seeing you again next year, many thanks again for a great evening
Andy May The Brook , Southampton - 21-10-01
How does he do it ? Get better and better that is ! Nearly three hours of oldies and newies but every one a classic . The set list - altho' a lot was spontaneous at the request of US - included : When She Cries , Sing Me A Rainbow , Carrie , Rolling Stone , Queen of The Silver Dollar , Acapulco Goldie , Soupstone , Millionaire , Cooky & Lila , Little Bit More , It's Not You (Ha-Ha...you had to be there !), Jungle to the Zoo , Storms Never Last , Sharing The Night Together , Years From Now ....and then some newer ones too , Right To Walk Away , Doesn't Take A Lot To Make Her Cry , Lazy Day , The Heat ,Yesterdays Blues , Shine Son (Dedicated to The Brook's owner Bryn on the arrival of a new son , Thomas). Surprise for me was Don't Give a Dose and , at the request of one person who - as DL said himself - probably hadn't seen him in the past 40 years , he did that Mother one . . . whats-it-called .... and when he wasn't singing there was always a funny story or a mid-song-banter to keep us amused (I'm still grinning like a damn fool now , 18 hours later !) ...and the audience range was incredible too , from Senior Persons to Pre-Teens and everybody but everybody could be seen singing along to some if not all ! ...and then he found time to meet and greet the punters after the show ! Well Done Dennis , 150% as always . Come Back soon - you know we love ya !!!

Karen Reeves Ronnie Scotts ( Birmingham ) 26-10-01 WOW What a performance. This wonderful man went on for hours belting out all his old and new songs. The songs from his new album sounded brilliant I can not wait for it to be released. Thank You Dennis for an enchanting evening I hope we can do it again soon.

allan bishop ronnie scotts birmingham saw dennis for the umpteenth at ronnie scotts the man just gets better and better been going to see him since he first came over 1991 but this gig just seemed that bit better for some reason treated us to a taster of his second album and played some older dr hook he brought a set list on with him but that went out of the window after the second number with the eager crowd shouting requests the magic was that he sang songs he hadnt actually sang on the original records but boy did he do em justice eat your heart out ray soupstone and millionaire where just a couple of them and the remark he made "well if your gonna sing em make em your own "and boy he did that alright and then the creme dela creme some one requested when your in love with a beatiful woman just on acoustic guitar i think he even suprised himself on how good it sounded this guy has personality by the bucket loads cant wait for the new album and the tour hopefully febuary or march well thats what he told us you better be right den or else ahaha cheers allan bishop
Cath ( fan for 24 years) xx

ANNE CONWAY THE NEPTUNE THEATRE LIVERPOOL MONDAY 29 th,OCTOBER,2001, 8.00,P.M. WHAT a night, WHAT a man,Brilliant, excellent, wonderful and a LOT MORE. One of the best few hours , of sheer bliss,can't wait till next year , I'LL be there. From start to finish he captivated the audience, young and not so young !! Someone asked "Where's the band ?" We laughed, HE does'nt need a band,he was wonderful on his own.After all it's HIS voice we came to hear. Dennis sang all My fsvorites and a lot more. Can't wait till the new album is released, ONE OF THE LUCKY ONES. That what we all were last night, LOTS OF THE LUCKY ONES TO BE THERE AND HEAR DENNIS SING. IT WAS AN EXCEPTIONAL NIGHT !!! IT was great ro meet Sam & Claire and put faces to names. Keep uo the great work you do , keeping us all informed, about dates etc. You do a really good job. I was the the one who's hubby had a migraine and did'nt come, I KNOW I SHOULD HAVE STAYED WITH HIM AND NURSED HIM BETTER. BUT HE'LL HAVE ANOTHER MIGRAINE NEXT WEEK. BUT IT'LL BE A YEAR UNTILL DENNIS IS BACK, SO YOU SEE I HAD NO CHOICE !!!! ONCE AGAIN KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. LOTS OF LOVE ANNE X X X

PATRICK GIBNEY LIVERPOOL,NEPTUNE,29/10/01 What a fantastic solo acoustic performance by Dennis. The Liverpool audience loved every minute and contributed to a fantastic night. Dennis does not need a band,afterall it is his voice we have come to listen to. Every song was brilliant! Please include Liverpool in the 2002 Tour!

And from the Guest Book......... Nickie and Jean Wow, what a performance Dennis, Neptune, Liverpool (29.10.01). Once again, you captivated your audience. We loved your new stuff, look forward to the release of your new CD. By the way, with a voice and presence like yours you dont need a band !! Stay safe, xx

Linda Dennis was absolutely wonderful at the Neptune, Liverpool on Monday night! Kept wishing today that I could turn the clock back 24 hours. Dennis mentioned that the concert was being recorded - anyone know whether we will be able to hear it here? Take care Dennis - looking forward to your next tour already. Linda

Mark & Emily Thank you Dennis. Thank you Sam & Claire. We had a great time in Liverpool, and were thrilled to see you all again. Be happy, and be safe, and we'll see you next year. Love Mark & Emily xoxox
Maralyn What a fantastic show at the Neptune, Liverpool on Monday night. Well worth the 2 hour nightmare journey to get there! Just sorry that I could not wait around to meet you after the show. The other venues are in for a real treat. Looking forward to your next tour (with the band). Take care and a safe journey home.


Barry and Francesca What a night at the Brook yet again some great surprises the solo shows are always so different. Shame about the loud mouth couple that throught they were the only people there if your reading this please don't come again. Hello to all our Friends. And Dennis please come back soon

Jan Dennis was as fantastic as ever (27/10/01), but I have so gone off of Ronnie Scott's as a venue!! Dennis kept us enthralled with a brilliant mixture of songs old and new, and some great put down lines for the hecklers! Love the new songs - if that's a taste of the next CD we are in for a real treat and I just can't wait. Thank you Dennis for the music and for giving us your time and your love. See you in 2002. Love Jan xx

Ron and Ellen We were at The Brook on 21/10.What a great night Dennis was just AWESOME. Anyone just visiting this site and has never seen the man, don't leave this world without seeing him. He truly has one of the greatest singing voice of ALL time.I hope this show was recorded Dennis ? Ron & Ellen Waterlooville.

MARGARET SCOTLAND Hello everyone,I am the lucky person in the audience who travelled all the way down from Edinburgh to The Brook.It was worth every minute of the journey when Dennis asked me what song I wanted him to sing.I must confess my mind went blank,but recovered enough to blurt out Carry me Carrie,and wasn"t he just brilliant.I have still not recovered!At least I know he is coming back to Edinburgh and Glasgow next year.It was a brilliant night and hello again to Tim,Sandy and Becky!It was nice meeting you.Well done Dennis,you just keep improving all the time and The Brook was a great venue.Bye everyone.

Sandy, Tim and Becky Well what a great night that was at The Brook! We just can’t understand how Dennis gets better and better, when he was just perfect all the other times! We always seem to say to each other at the end of the show that it was the best one ever... No wonder we keep wanting to go to every show we can. As usual Dennis surprised us with a great variety of songs – some oldies such as When She Cries and The Millionaire, and some new ones – including Guess Again, Yesterday’s Blues and If You Had A Heart. We loved them all...the new CD is sure to be fantastic... can’t wait!! Thanks again Dennis for a great night.

Andy The Brook 21/10/01 - Possibly the best I've seen Dennis perform ! Nearly 3 hours of that old Locorriere Magic held us all spell-bound and we still wanted MORE !!! The Venue too is so good - intimate and cosy - Thanks to Bryn for keep bringing him back and congrats on the arrival of son , Thomas ! The Audience were a responsive bunch too , whoopin'-and-a-hollerin' one minute then needle-droppingly quiet the next . THANK YOU Dennis .

Gary Beal Well what more can I say..... Ray Poole has summed the evening up perfectly! I thoroughly enjoyed the whole evening, Dennis was absolutely SUPERB! What a great atmosphere, and such energy and passion in his whole performance. And to cap a brilliant evening I got to chat with Dennis for my hospital radio show! Thanks Dennis.... make it soon for us to see and hear you again...... I'm really looking forward to the new album! For those who can't see him this time around.... it won't be long..... he'll be right back! Take care everyone, God bless.

Ray Poole Just to let you all know, Dennis was not only at his perfect self at the Brook, he was even better! His voice seems to be maturing like a fine wine!!! A superb 2 and three-quater hours, with some of the old songs we haven't been treated to in a while, and a sprinkling of ones from the new album. Thanks, Dennis for giving eveything as always - it was a great night. Too many highlights to just pick one - but a special prize to the group in the audience who came all the way to Southampton from Scotland - what devotion. I was moved to catch a glimpse of the little girl not yet in her teens singing along to "Lucy Jordon". Dennis has reached a new generation of fans. Here's to the next time, Dennis. Ray (Taunton)

What a fabulous time! We'd seen Dennis earlier in the year at Ronnie Scott's, after two months, there we were again to see him! My favourite song "Shine Son" - of course all the songs are fantastic ! His new songs are just the best, I reckon the best is yet to come............Gaynor, 06.07.99

He came, We Saw, He conquered !!! Dr. Hook meant always, for me, "the voice" of Dennis Locorriere. Well "The Voice" is back......with a vengeance !! Dennis' voice is just superb. How many artists of the same generation can say that they can still sing the songs as they were originally recorded? Dennis can.....and them some! The shows were excellent, and such a wonderful atmosphere. They have everything, including an outstanding band in Rod Smarr, Pick Withers, Mike Bell and Benny Gallagher. The new songs are breathtaking. If 'Shine Son', 'Lazy Day' and 'It Doesn't Take A lot (to make her cry)' are just a taste of what's to come on the new album - I can't wait for it's release! So Dennis...in the words of one of Dr. Hook's songs.... "We'll be loving you years from now as we love you tonight" Go get'em Dennis!! Annette Roney 18.07.99

Australia 2000 :

From: L.F. Re: Adelaide, Festival theatre - Well what can I say that truly reflects how it feels to sit in on the singer I have revered for most of my life. I am only thirty years old and have been a fan of Dr Hook and Dennis Locorriere since I was ten. I had the extreme good fortune of having front row seats, and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Dennis Locorriere , to me, has the most amazing voice I have ever had the good fortune of listening to. There is nothing better than listening to music that has played a huge role in your past, but when Dennis sang his new material I was completely and utterly blown away. I now know that I can look forward to years of even greater listening pleasure with songs like "Let me love you now" and "Shine Son". I could go on and on and on, but I am sure that anyone who has been to see Dennis perform live will know exactly how I feel. Thank you Dennis - you are a star!!!

From: N.K. Re: Townsville Civic Theatre - I grew up listening to Dennis and Dr. Hook. In fact, I believe I may have been conceived listening to DR. Hook. When my mother was seven months pregnant with me, she was intent on attending the DR. HOok concert in Brisbane (in early 1978). HOwever, my overprotective father, would not allow it. When I saw the adverts for Dennis's tour and that it was coming to Townsville, I could hardly believe my luck. Finally I was to see him in concert! My husband came with me and though he walked in the foyer as a passive fan, he is now as enthusiatic as I. Dennis absolutely blew my mind. I have never before been so awed by a performer. I went through an aray of emotions. Shock at his ability to maintain, if not improve his talent, wonder at his incredible voice, that voice that brings back memories of childhood summer barbeques spent listening to DR. HOok. Dennis and his performance brought tears to my eyes, tears of joy and amazement. When the concert was sadly over, my jaw ached. My husband told me it was because I had had the most ridiculous, amazed grin on my face constantly, throughout the performance. Later that night, when we arrived home, it was late. I usually do not make phone calls after 8.30 pm, however this was a special occasion. I rang every Dr. HOok fan I could think of, announcing the brilliance of what I experienced that night. The ages of people I rang that night ranged from 18-72, the latter belonging to my dear Nana, also an ardent fan. It just displays the ability of Dennis and Dr. Hook to unite almost seven decades of ages within the promise of beautiful music. Thank-you Dennis. P.S I received Dennis's "Out of the Dark" CD for christmas and it is an experience in itself, a remarkable experience.

From: cappy - Re: princess theatre launceston Tasmania - a must see show for die hard dr hook fans like myself seen the show bought the cd do yourself a favor for a good nite see the show meet the man

From: Jan Millar - Re: Burswood theatre - The show was simply fantastic.Only complaint was that dennis didn't acknowledge letter I sent with requests.My 3 children and their partners were also at the concert and they also loved it. Have tried in vain to get new cd " Out Of Dark " with no luck at all. best regards Jan Millar

From: mary - Wow Wow Wow...fantastic reintroduction to an old favourite.Where do i start, my favoutite track seems to be a toss between, shine son. .awwwe to anyone who was ever or is a parent of young children his heart pours out and makes us all think , "thats just how i feel". well done dennis!.as a parent of 4 adult or almost adult kids,..you made my eyes fill with tears from the first time i heard it at your australian show in Yallah. there are so many great ones, but another i love is,"The more i am" i cant describe how this song affeects me, for many different meanings, its just one of those songs.and of course dennis singing it, who could help but feel the warmth and love he coveys..i could go through them all from the old favourite "years from now"..awwe the memories that stirs. to the sexy "right off the top of my head" to "happy ever after love". all i can say is....Dennis we missed you , and keep them coming. But mostly thankyou for coming to Aus and wow.ing us all over again, ..as those who know and love you from way back..you have changed.. i must agree, your even more appealing, sexy and wow the voice... can it get any better,? come back soon...my seat is booked,...from a dr hook fan from way back.. Mary..Albion Park

From: Annette - Launceston, Australia - I waited for 16 very long years to see Dennis in concert again. While being excited at the prospect, I was also slightly apprehensive. Dr Hook had never played in Launceston before & after 16 years would there be enough fans to fill the theatre in our city (of only 70,000 people)? Then again, what if he looked and/or sounded awful and all my memories were ruined. Well, what a stupid thing to think!! Dennis was magnificent - he sounded exactly like his recordings, the voice was as good, if not better than ever!!! And he looked pretty darn good from the 3rd row!!! He sang so many great Dr Hook songs, and we were introduced to 4 or 5 new songs, some that brought tears to my eyes. The 16 years of waiting were worth it just to hear him sing "If Not You", after that everything else was a bonus. It was disappointing not to be able to buy his CD on the night & get it autographed, but I bought a copy the next day & between my 8 year old daughter & I, it is nearly worn out!!! The album hasn't got a bad song on it - only 1 good song after another. It deserves awards & accolades galore. Thank you Dennis for sharing your talent with us again after all these years. What a loss it would have been to never hear "Shine, Son" or "The More I Am". Please, please, keep touring & recording. Your talent makes the world (and my life) a better place.

From D.M Re: Twin Towns, Gold Coast After being a Dr.Hook fan for many years, I found the concert by Dennis to be the most exciting and enjoyable concert I have been to for many years. I was initially looked at in a strange way for wanting to go to the concert by many of my friends and work mates, but as the concert grew closer, I found many people who said "Gee I wish I was coming with you" and I replied, too bad, your going to miss a great night. AND THEY DID..

From S.G Re: I would like to thank Dennis for a wonderful concert, it felt like a very private performance with a friend. His interaction with the audience was great.The songs sounded as good as they do on the albums, I enjoyed all the old hits, Only 16 and Baby Makes Her Blue Jeans Talk are my favourite Dr Hook songs, but I also enjoyed hearing some of his new songs, particularly Shine Son, this gave my husband and I goosebumps.I was disappointed that more people didn't take the opportunity to see such a great entertainer, I think that this may be from the misconception that Ray Sawyer "was" Dr Hook. I thought it was great that Dennis came out and met his fans, unfortuneately I missed out as we had an hour & 1/2 drive home. It would have been wonderful to tell him how much I enjoyed the show and wish him luck with his new album, I certainly will be purchasing it. I hope Dennis gets to read this, good luck and thankyou. We certainly will be going to his next concert if he comes back. I have been a fan for a long time, I remember pinching my older sisters Bankrupt cassette when I was 13 or so, every time she went out, I knew that album from start to finish. Thanks and best wishes, Sandra.

From K Re: Perth Hi. Went to Dennis's concert at Burswood Convention Centre, Friday 24th November and had a wonderful time. The guy is so talented and still seems to enjoy his music. His performance was top notch and it is refreshing to find an entertainer who sounds as good in person as he does on CD!! All the Dr Hook songs brought back so many memories, but I also loved his new releases. Kim

From S & N.J Re: Rockhampton As we expected the concert was wonderful, Dennis was a real entertainer thoughout the concert our emotions changed it takes a real master to do this to an audience, he really knows love, he expressed it so well, Dennis knows what love is he could not fake true feeling by puttting his total body and soul into performing such touching and beautiful love songs as he did.If you were in love, before you went to see Dennis you were more in love when you left.Romance Dennis, Dennis sings romance He played songs from the new album it is outstanding we have just purchaced it,again songs from the heart Naomi and I have just started to lobby the radio stations to play his new alblum, Dennis please come back to Rocky you are welcome always and thankyou it's wonderful to think in this day and age we got more than our monies worth.

From P & S. T Re: Perth, Burswood Theatre The day started with a leisurely 415 kilometre drive from Albany to Perth with the two children. We played "Out of the Dark" and Dr Hook "Collection" all the way to Perth. We then dropped the children off with some friends and headed to the Burswood Casino. We had a lovely meal there than sat down ready for the show. We were a little disappointed that there was no programs available, having been told how good they were in the UK. I spoke to an usher asking him where was the most liekly place to catch Dennis and the band after the show. He told me that he was heading for the airport immediately after the completion of the show so the back door was probably the best. With this news I went back to my seat and within two minutes 8:05pm Dennis was on stage. He looked the same as ever and commenced the show with "Better Love Next Time" followed by "I Don't Want to be Alone Tonight". The band was warming up and so were the crowd. He invited us to sing along on the next song "Only Sixteen" and I must admit we sounded good, not in the same league as Dennis though. He followed that with another track from the album "A Little Bit More" the song "More Like the Movies" a great song, sung superbly. Dennis and the band than played two tracks from the new album "The More I am" and "The Heat". Most of the crowd were unfamiliar with these two tracks but they received wild applause. Dennis was well and truly sweating by now and engrossed in putting on a great show. Dennis talked about touring the world with Dr Hook and visiting cities were they had recent chart success but how the next song was succesful everywhere at the same time creating a happy dilemma. He then played "When your in Love with a Beautiful Woman" which was a highlight of the night. Dennis than spoke about how some songs are very personal and hard to share and how it took time to share the next song with the rest of the world. He than played "If not you" which sounded awesome. He followed this with "Sleeping Late" which my wife had never heard before but loved as she loves sleeping in. Dennis spoke about an Australian music show called Countdown, which the audience identified with, and how the teeny boppers swayed to the music. He remembered playing this next song on that show "Sharing the Night Together". Next was "Sexy Eyes" which got the ladies dancing and shouting "I love you". The band left, except Mike on keyboards as he introduced and sang "Shine Son". The crowd listened intently and more than a few tears were shed. Many wanted the new CD, which is extremely hard to obtain in West Australia, and would have purchased it on the spot after the show if it was available. The next song was introduced as being banned because of questionable lyrics in parts of the world "A Little Bit More". This was followed by a rocky version of "Queen of the Silver Dollar" which highlighted the skills of all the band. I must say here that the band were superb. Their musical skills and harmonies added immensely to the enjoyment of the show. Dennis solo then sang "Wild Colonial Boy" and everyone sang along. He encouraged us to sing our part on the next song "Cover of the Rolling Stone" which raised the roof of the Theatre. The band came back for "Hearts Like yours and Mine" showcasing his phenomenal voice, and than said farewell and thanks for coming. One minute later Dennis was back and sang "Sylvia's Mother". The show finished with an excellent rendition of "Walk Right In". He left just under two hours from the time he walked on stage. My wife and I than sprinted through the underground carpark to the rear exit door. ............ ....The Hire bus was there and within 30 seconds Pick Withers came out. He was a lovely gentleman and spoke to us about the rush to get on a plane for the next show. He was not a fan of Perth as a city, with which I agree, but he was very friendly. My wife is a drummer and with all the excitement we missed an opportunity for a photo with and autograph from Pick. Sorry Pick you are a legend you know and if you read this an autographed photo from yourself to Shaz would be greatly treasured. Then out came Benny, Mike and Rod and lastly Dennis. They were all in a rush but obligingly Dennis singned my two CD covers. My wife than went to get a photo of me with Dennis but Rod kindly offered to take a photo of the three of us. I told Dennis how great the Web site of Sam and Claires was and he told me to write you and let you know about the show. I also said hi to Dennis from Judy who emailed me and told me to send her greetings. He said hello to you Judy. Two minutes later they were gone, headed for the airport and thousands more lucky concert goers. We headed home thrilled to have met Dennis and the band and thoroughly overjoyed by a fantastic concert. Thanks Dennis for coming West, we know you were rushed but we appreciate you making the effort. I understand that you cut the concert short to catch a plane but I was a little disappointed not to hear "If I had a Nickel, Passion Street, Lazy Day, Tossing and Turning, Happy Ever After Love, and Tough Guy live in concert. I understand your newer songs were dropped for sake of others who would not know them. It was still one of the best concerts I have ever been to and I have been to over 100. Hurry back soon Dennis and band you are legends. Peter and Shaz T

From M Re: Festival Theatre, Adelaide I really enjoyed his show Dennis is fantastic live and did not disapoint his audience. I was a little disappointed that the venue wasn't booked out Dennis deserved a full house.

From S&C Re: Burswood, Perth fantastic come back soon steve & clare

From P.J.B Re: Adelaide Festival Theatre Brilliant! What else could you say! Obviously in a 2./.2.5hour show you can only sing so many songs and unfortunately many , many of one's favourite songs are left out. However, so many of your favourites are also performed. That was the case on Sunday night. As we all know Dennis is the master and he certainly showed us this. His dialouge with the audiance scattered amongst the songs was brilliant. He knows just how to play them and to milk everything from them as far as getting them involved with the evening. My highlights were his new sonds from the new album, especially Shine Boy. Then there were the revised remditions of Queen of the Silver Dollar and Hearts Like Yours and Mine.....BRILLIANT TO SAY THE LEAST!!! Finally getting to talk to HIM after the show waS A TREMENDOUS EXPERIENCE. Best wishes to all his fans for Christmas and a big Hi to Keith Green in England ( I'll be in touch soon. ) Regards PJB

From T.G Re: Geelong Dennis, like a fine wine, you have improved with age. What a fantastic night. The only complaint I have, I cried and ruined my make-up. That was the first I heard 'Shine Son', I have since bought the CD and nearly worn it out. You put so much meaning in your songs, I'm sure Shel would have been proud. Can't wait for the next tour. Teena

From K.W Re: Regent Theatre, Melbourne:Dennis is so energetic - totally amazing what a buzz. Couldn't believe how fantastic it was. Denis makes you feel like he's singing to you and you can't help but become truly absorbed in the moment. Real value for money and so entertaining. Can't wait for him to come back!! KTW

From: Archie Re: Sydney, Albury & Melbourne I Waited until I had seen Dennis’s concerts before I would write to you. What can I say that has not already been said? The first concert I went to was is Sydney at the State Theatre, I was a little apprehensive because you have to realize the last time I saw Dennis was away back in the seventies, before I went to South Africa, and that was with the hook, so even though I have every piece of music he ever released, listened to it constantly and his new album, you never know what to expect. At precisely 8:00pm on November 11th all my concerns were blown away. From the opening bars of 'better love next time' I knew I was in for a special evening. He is good if not better, and as his concert progressed he got even better, his rapport with the audience is first class, and pretty soon he had them eating out of his hand. My Favourites are mainly the Shel songs and of course his new stuff, if you are not moved by 'Shine Son' and 'Sylvia's Mother' then you aren't a true fan. Also the version of 'hearts like yours and mine' was pretty special. Yes the man is truly back and I for one am ecstatic. I can't forget his friends, the band, what a bunch of brilliant musicians; I hope they stay together for a long time. Three days have passed and I am now in Albury, I chose this venue because I thought, with the smaller arena I would get a more intimate concert and a good seat, and I wasn't wrong, 5 rows for the front and dead centre. He blew me away, the acoustics were brill, and the shear power off his voice, was Amazing. Same deal as in Sydney, standing ovation. Onto Melbourne, my home city, Regent Theatre, if there ever was a place for a star to reside for 2 nights, that was it. A more regal place you couldn't find, first night a sell out, second night, a little less but still as enthusiastic. Dennis had the joint rocking, great concerts, no different from the first two, same emotion, passion and feeling in his voice, in fact the thing that impressed me most, even though the audience was smaller on Saturday night, Dennis still worked his socks off to the same degree the did to full houses. Afterwards at every concert he took time out to sign and be photographed, also he chatted for a while, a true gentleman. As I've said before his voice and talents must rank with the best in the business. A pity we didn't bump into each other, and then I could have really thanked you for setting up this brill site. Big Arch - Melbourne

FROM: Sam & Claire Re: Australia 2000 - Ok, so did we really fly to the other side of the world to see a few more Dennis shows? Well yes and although we already knew how fabulous it would be, nothing prepared us for the enthusiasm and atmosphere of the Australian audiences. Must say gave us Brits a 'run for our money'! The first show we saw, in fact the very first show of the tour; Empire Theatre, Toowoomba - if we're honest, we wouldn't have cared if the show had just been Dennis singing Wild Colonial Boy, alone with his guitar for 2 hours! A song we only heard for the first time last year and never dreamt we'd experience performed live, in the country it was borrowed from! The crowd sang along with gusto and we had tears in our eyes - which is something we were to get used to as the shows and the re-conquering of Australia continued.... Onto our next show at The Festival Hall Brisbane - ahem, a noisy and eager crowd stacked out the auditorium and within minutes of the opening verse of 'Better Love Next Time' there were people marching down towards the stage to be up close and dance around. Everyone in the room felt the magic instantly and not least Dennis himself as he danced and moved around the stage like we've never seen before, he put on the show of a lifetime! The excited crowd refused to sit down or stop moving even as they sang along with 'More Like The Movies' and 'A Little Bit More'. Nobody needed asking if they wanted to sing along, in fact Dennis encouraged them to 'listen to a quiet song' as he put them under the 'Shine Son' spell. As 'Queen Of The Silver Dollar' started up, that was it, no more photos or people watching, down we went for a boogie ourselves! And of course the song we hear about from so many of you, 'Hearts Like Yours & Mine', rounded off the evening and completed the Locorriere hypnotic process. Long after he had left the stage the crowd were still stomping, shouting, dancing and smiling! Our third and final show was at the huge Twin Towns complex on the Gold Coast...again packed and the most children we've seen at one show before, the smiles said it all and the singing along was once again loud and clear. It was quite something to see the joy in peoples faces as they heard their old favourites and clapped and cheered just as loud to the new songs. So not only did we get to see three fantastic performances, we once again experienced the inexplicable atmosphere of the UK shows in 1999 as the Australian fans were reacquainted with someone they had missed so dearly and for so long.

From S.W. RE: Yallah Woolshed: I am still on a high after see one of the best and enjoyable shows I have ever been to in my life. The intimate venue of the Yallah Woolshed made it even better, Dennis' voice is still as good if not better that I remember when I saw Dr Hook in the 70's in Sydney. Loved his past hits and his new songs, some like Shine Sun brought a real tear to my eyes and his love songs made me want to make love to my wonderful husband. His show had everything great music, humour and best of all the feeling that money cannot buy that I was 16 to 20 again, which was the age that I first fell in love with Dr Hooks music. Thank you again for coming downunder and please don't leave it 16 years to come back. Sandra Wesseling.

From S.H. Re Sydney :Saw the show on Saturday and have booked for another. It was fabuous. Saw these guys in the seventies and they are still great entertainers. In fact Dennis's voice is even better. Come back to Australia again very soon please. Sandra Hoey

From F.S. Re:Hills Centre Castle Hill: The best concert I have ever been to. Dennis has the most incredible voice!

From J. Re: State Theatre, Sydney, Australia: Dennis over-ran the State Theatre here in Sydney on Saturday night (Nov. 11). I don't think that man could stand still to save his own life. We were honoured with classic Hook love songs, a great rock version of "Queen Of The Silver Dollar", "Wild Colonial Boy" (was that a hit anywhere besides Oz??), did the audience participation / sing along to "Rolling Stone" and "Walk Right In", and heard great new material such as "The More I Am", "If I Had A Nickel", "I Think I'm In Love", and of course the touching "Shine, Son". Somewhere in there was "Sylvia's Mother" - causing me to shed a couple of tears. The theatre had an intermission policy (there had to be one), which I don't think Dennis was too thrilled about, but, he told us to go and pee while we had the chance!! Dennis did the "there's someone taking photos of me - give me the camera and I'll take a photo of all of you" gag, and told a couple of lively screamers up the back that *he* was the attraction, though he realised they'd have a good time even if he left... Someone asked how old he was - a guessing competition ensued - and he admitted to being 51 and not in need of an ambulance yet. He still kicks, prances and jumps about - ask Rod, who dodged a few of Dennis's manic guitar romps. The show was to end at 10:30PM. Dennis was dooing encore #2 at about 10:55... he then returned to sing "Years From Now" as a thank you to the Sydney fans (couple of more tears shed here - it was obviously the last song...). The old Hook songs were greeted with hoots and holler, & applause of recognition, and received thunderous applause & more hollers at their conclusion. The theatre was full, and we were rocking along. I think we were making more noise than any young girlies at a pretty-boy concert would have! Sydney loves this guy, and I think he kinda like us too...

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