Dr Hook | Punchestown Ireland

Dr Hook | Punchestown Ireland

July 29, 2017

#DrHook Starring #DennisLocorriere
Almost showtime #Punchestown #Ireland 🎉🎉🎉


A birds eye view from our Damien Cooper 👌

A Great photo from Helena on FB 😍 :


From Dennis's twitter:

"The backstage staff and onstage crew at the festival were terrific! It's not easy to accommodate so many different needs and wants.🎱~"


"Great crowd at Punchestown Racecourse. Only had 45 min to storm 'em but I think we did just that. 
Thanks everyone! 
Will be back with more!🎱 ~"

Some Posts From Facebook:


Here's our amazing guitarist #DamienCooper at the Punchestown show👌👌 

















And here's our immensely talented musical director #JohnMaher at the Punchestown festival















And here's a link to all the getty images of the Punchestown performance 













DR HOOK Starring Dennis Locorriere live at #Punchestown Music Festival 29.07.17

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