The Guest Book Has Now Closed!

GB Post: 5th January 2018 It’s only a few days into 2018 and we’re already gearing up to make it another HAPPY HOOK YEAR!!! It should come as no surprise to anyone that social media has quickly become the surest and most effective way to keep our ever growing number of fans/friends up to date on all the latest Dr Hook Starring Dennis Locorriere news and feeling like a tight knit, well informed community - as soon as we know about something, so do you! For the longest time our guest book was the only forum available to people to come together but we have noticed it being used less and less in recent months. For that reason we have decided to drop the guest book from our services, effective Monday 8th Jan 2018. We enthusiastically encourage everyone to get involved in our social media pages on: Facebook, Instagram & Twitter! For those who are not subscribed to any social media platforms, we have a 'Social Media Wall' that shows all the posts without the need for an account. The latest news is also posted on the Dr Hook Latest News Blog, attached to the website. TeamDrHook NB: DL's Blog will remain open!

"The GUESTBOOK! RIP January 8th 2018 ~

The guestbook was the hub of everything I did for the longest time. It really did serve to connect us all. I’m sorry to see it end, but only in a sentimental way. As far as communication goes, we’re far better off taking advantage of the social media available to us. My blog will remain functional and will no longer be readable by subscription only. All in all, I think we’ll be just fine in our new virtual meeting place. Thanks to Sam and Claire, who told me they wanted to run a website for me way back in the dark ages and damn if they weren’t serious!!! DLx🎱 ~"

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