⚠️ Imposter Instagram Account ⚠️

Very Important Message! Please Read And Share to Protect Others!

It has been brought to our attention and reported to Action Fraud, the UK Police, Instagram and WhatsApp that somebody is impersonating Dr Hook / DrHookOfficial / Dennis Locorriere on both Instagram & WhatsApp!

Please be vigilant! This imposter is using our IG account name, bio/profile and images!

The official #DrHook / #DrHookOfficial / #DennisLocorriere social media channels all operate under @drhookofficial - (please note the use of the '.' in the imposter IG account in the photo below!).

Dr Hook / DrHookOfficial / Dennis Locorriere does not & will not directly message anyone via WhatsApp.

The only official forms of communication with Dr Hook / DrHookOfficial / Dennis Locorriere are via:

the verified facebook account - ✔️facebook.com/DrHookOfficial DennisLocorriere’s verified twitter account - ✔️twitter.com/DrHookOfficial TeamDrHook's twitter account - ✔️twitter.com/TeamDrHook DrHookOfficial Instagram - ✔️instagram.com/DrHookOfficial DrHookOfficial Youtube - ✔️youtube.com/DrHookOfficial

Along with any email address's referred to on our official social media channels and websites.

If you have been following this imposter via dr.hookofficial on Instagram, please unfollow & block them immediately.

If you have had any communications with them that purport or imply you sending monies or refer to an American iTunes account please report to ActionFraud https://www.actionfraud.police.uk/report_fraud


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