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DENNIS LOCORRIERE - Alone With Dennis Locorriere

Live at Liverpool Philharmonic Hall - DVD 

Limited Quantity available to purchase through the website.

* Guess Again
* The Wonderful Soup Stone
* More Like The Movies
* The Heat
* I Think I'm In Love
* Lazy Day
* The Right To Walk Away
* If Not You
* Cooky & Lila
* Dance on Daddy's Feet
* Sharing The Night Together
* I Can't Touch The Sun
* The Millionaire
* Only Sixteen
* Cover Of 'Rolling Stone'
* Queen Of The Silver Dollar
* Don't Seem Right
* When You're In Love With A Beautiful Woman
* Shine Son
* A Little Bit More
* Ballad of Lucy Jordan
* Carry Me, Carrie
* Sylvia's Mother
* Years From Now

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