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Incorporating Dennis' first two Solo CD releases, 
Out of the Dark & One of the Lucky Ones 
with Bonus Studio & Live Tracks:  [Natalie, Dancing Inside, Doesn't Take A Lot to Make Her Cry, The Truth (live), Underneath The Moon (live), Shine Son (2008)].

Disc: 1

1. If I Had a Nickel

2. Passion Street

3. The Slow No

4. The Heat

5. The Right to Walk Away

6. Don't Let the Sun (Catch You Crying)

7. Tough Guy

8. Maybe They Won't Notice

9. The More I Am

10. Tossin' and Turnin'

11. Lazy Day

12. Right Off the Top of My Head

13. Shine, Son

14. Sylvia's Mother (In Remembrance of Shel Silverstein)

15. Love You Now

16. Happy Ever After Love

17. I Think Im In Love

18. Natalie

19. Dancing Inside

Disc: 2

1. The Truth

2. Sure

3. Misty Blue

4. I Don't Wanna Know

5. If You Had a Heart

6. I Light Up

7. Underneath the Moon

8. Me Too

9. If All It Takes Is Time

10. Guess Again

11. Somewhere Round Here

12. Moan in the Moonlight

13. Hearts (Like Yours and Mine)

14.Doesn't Take Alot To Make Her Cry

15. The Truth (Live)

16. Underneath The Moon (Live)

17. Shine Son 2008

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