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DR HOOK Starring DENNIS LOCORRIERE | Tracks from the Timeless World Tour

Incorporating Dennis' first two Solo CD releases, 
Out of the Dark & One of the Lucky Ones 
with Bonus Studio & Live Tracks:  [Natalie, Dancing Inside, Doesn't Take A Lot to Make Her Cry, The Truth (live), Underneath The Moon (live), Shine Son (2008)].

Track List:

1. Walk Right In

2. If Not You

3. Only Sixteen

4. The Millionaire

5. Queen Of The Silver Dollar

6. The Ballad Of Lucy Jordan

7. Cover of Rolling Stone

8. A Little Bit More

9. Baby Makes Her Blue Jeans Talk

10. Years From Now

This album contains a selection of tracks from the 2016 Timeless World Tour.

Recorded live at the Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow Scotland.

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