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DR HOOK - Timeless

Dr Hook - Timeless

Dr Hook Timeless is a 40 track collection of chart hits, love songs and lesser known gems from the band's extensive repertoire, hand-picked and sequenced by Dennis Locorriere, Dr Hook's original lead singer.

Timeless' showcases the many musical styles of Dr Hook. 

Across two CDs, the collection features some of the band's most cherished love songs, including the worldwide #1 smash, When You're In Love With A Beautiful Woman, plus Sylvia's Mother, A Little Bit More, Sexy Eyes, Better Love Next Time, Sharing The Night Together, Only 16 and If Not You, as well as classic crowd-pleasers such as Cover Of Rolling Stone and The Millionaire.


Talking about Timeless, Dennis Locorriere said "I went back and listened to every track the band recorded in order to select the 40 songs in the set. It was quite an experience and I can happily say that it rekindled my appreciation for a lot of what we'd left behind. Of course, none of us could have predicted back then that the music we were creating was destined to stand the proverbial test of time. There were so many sides to Dr Hook. I'm proud of this collection because it touches on all the facets of our band's music and is the first release to successfully accomplish that."

Timeless reached the UK Top 10, receiving many 4 and 5 star reviews along the way and is about to be released in other countries around the world. The CD booklet also includes brand new liner notes by Dennis Locorriere.

  Disc 1

  1. Sylvia's Mother  
  2. Carry Me Carrie    
  3. The Ballad Of Lucy Jordan   
  4. Only Sixteen (2002 Remaster)     
  5. A Little Bit More (2002 Remaster)    
  6. If Not You (2002 Remaster)   
  7. A Couple More Years (1996 Digital Remaster)    
  8. More Like The Movies   
  9. The Radio (1996 Digital Remaster)   
10. I Don't Want To Be Alone Tonight (1996 Digital Remaster)   
11. Sharing The Night Together (2002 Remaster)    
12. Storms Never Last  
13. When You're In Love With A Beautiful Woman (1996 Digital Remaster) 14. Knowing She's There  
15. Better Love Next Time (2002 Remaster) 
16. I Gave Her Comfort  
17. In Over My Head    
18. Sexy Eyes (Single Version)  
19. Girls Can Get It  
20. Years From Now (Single Version)

 Disc 2

  1.The Cover Of The Rolling Stone 

  2. Freakin' At The Freakers' Ball 

  3. The Millionaire (2002 Remaster) 

  4. Everybody's Making It Big But Me (1996 - Remaster) 

  5. Levitate 

  6. Making Love And Music (1996 Digital Remaster) 

  7. Walk Right In (2002 Remaster) 

  8. Laying Too Low Too Long 

  9. Sleeping Late 

10. Let The Loose End Drag 

11. Clyde (1996 Digital Remaster) 

12. Up On The Mountain 

13. Jungle To The Zoo (Remastered 1996) 

14. What A Way To Go 

15. Mountain Mary (1996 Digital Remaster) 

16. I Wanna Make The WomenTremble

17. Body Talkin

18. Baby Makes Her Blue Jeans Talk 

19. I Got Stoned And I Missed It (Live In England/1981) 

20. Ooh Poo Pah Doo (Live In England/1981) 

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