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UK Intimate Show 2019, Chard, Somerset Announced

Dr Hook 50th Anniversary Tour | Norway 2019 - Stavanger & Trondheim Sell Out!

Dr Hook 50th Anniversary Tour | Norway 2019 Announced

Dr Hook 50th Anniversary Tour | UK 2019 Announced

A sell out crowd at the stunning Chepstow Castle for Castel Roc 

A Viral Letter, A Short Film Premier - Sylvia - The Short Film announced

Dr Hook announces that £ 895.28 was raised for Childline at the Kelvingrove shows

Dr Hook heads to Norway for the Summer Nights With Dr Hook Norway 2018 shows

Dennis Locorriere is inducted into the Brighton Walk of Fame

Dr Hook 50th Anniversary Tour | Sweden 2019 Announced

Dr Hook enjoys another rip-roaring weekend in Glasgow, Scotland

Dr Hook 50th Anniversary Tour | Motherwell, Scotland 2019 - Sells Out!!

Dr Hook 50th Anniversary Tour | Denmark 2019 Announced

Dr Hook 50th Anniversary Tour | Scotland 2019 Announced

Behind the scenes rehearsals 2018 video shared

Dr Hook 50th Anniversary World Tour 2019-20 - First territories Announced

Summer Nights With Dr Hook 2018 Announced

The Dr Hook Norway 2018 Announced

The Dr Hook 50th Anniversary World Tour 2019 - 2020 Announced

Dennis Locorriere appears on "For One Night Only - The Old Grey Whistle Test"

TeamDrHook announces the top 3 Dr Hook songs as voted by their social media followers as: 

❶ Years From Now

❷ A Little Bit More

❸ If Not You

Our Designer Emma-Lee announces that she will be running 500 miles in 2018 to raise funds for Shelter - TeamDrHook pledges their support & Dennis meets Emma-Lee at the finish line of her first half marathon!

Our Designer Emma-Lee announces that she will be running 500 miles in 2018 to raise funds for Shelter 

Castell Roc  2018 Announced

Kelvingrove 2018 Sells Out!!

Dr Hook Starring Dennis Locorriere announces that £21,367.26 was raised during the UK 2017 Tour for Childline



The Dr Hook UK 2017 Tour kicks of with a sell out show in Cheltenham

Dr Hook travels to  Denmark for a Sell Out show at Tange Soe Folk Festival, Festivalplasden & Roskilde

Gressvick Somerparty Norway Sells Out 

Kelvingrove Glasgow provides the perfect setting for TeamDrHook's first FB Live video streaming clips of a show.

Iceland Sells Out!

 Kelvingrove, Glasgow - 2nd date Sells Out!

Dr Hook Starring Dennis Locorriere Live - Recorded Live at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall in 2016 - Released

Team Dr Hook shares behind the scenes video of the 2017 band rehearsals.

Dr Hook Starring Dennis Locorriere announces a date in Iceland - a first for Dr Hook.

Dennis Locorriere conducts his first FB Live interview.

Dr Hook Starring Dennis Locorriere Kelvingrove, Glasgow Sells Out & a futher date is added due to overwhelming demand.

Dr Hook Starring Dennis Locorriere Australia & New Zealand 2017 Announced. 

Dr Hook Starring Dennis Locorriere UK & Ireland Timeless Tour Extension 2017 Announced. 



The Dr Hook Starring Dennis Locorriere UK & Ireland Timeless Tour   SELL OUT  Tour raised over   £ 11,000  for Teenage Cancer Trust!  👏 😄 👏

The Dr Hook Starring Dennis Locorriere UK & Ireland Timeless Tour kicks off with two back to back  SELL OUT  Shows and

raises  £ 876.26  for Teenage Cancer Trust!  👏 😄 👏

Dr Hook | King's Lynn | 23.09.16
Dr Hook | King's Lynn | 23.09.16

SOLD OUT! Raised for TCT £ 357.77

Dr Hook | Norwich | 24.09.16
Dr Hook | Norwich | 24.09.16

SOLD OUT!! Raised for TCT £ 518.47 👏

  • Due to OVERWHELMING DEMAND the Wolverhampton show is moved to a larger venue.

  • Dr Hook Starring Dennis Locorriere announces their support for the Teenage Cancer Trust during the UK & Ireland Timeless Tour

  • Glasgow Royal Concert Hall Announces a  SELL OUT  - Quickly followed by King's Lynn, Perth, Norwich, Dublin, Truro Shrewsbury, Canterbury & Worthing.

  • Belfast & Dublin added to the Timeless Tour Schedule

DR HOOK® Starring Dennis Locorriere - The Timeless World Tour - UK 2016 Dates announced


Things change. 

Trends in fashion, film and music are constantly moving to accommodate a new world.

One thing that hasn't seemed to change in over forty years is the love people have for the music of DR HOOK.

Personnel changes were bound to happen over time, but the music and spirit that audiences have come to expect whenever or wherever they see the words DR HOOK is still very much alive and well.

I'm now touring with a group of sensational new musicians who know how important it is to sing and play this timeless music just the way people want to hear it.

My desire is to bring those classic songs and wonderful sense memories flooding back to the forefront of the minds and music collections of people everywhere.

The times may have changed but I'm proud to say that if you want DR HOOK, live in concert today you can get it once again.

Right here!

I hope to see you all down the road somewhere!


Dennis Locorriere

January 2016 ~


Tour Dates - Timeless World Tour 



DR HOOK® Starring Dennis Locorriere - The Timeless World Tour - Scotland 2016 Dates announced


Dr Hook was an internationally recognisable household name throughout the 70’s and 80’s and in many territories throughout the world, it retains that standing to this day.

Not for 30 years have the massive hits of Dr Hook been sung and played live by a band worthy of that title.

Until now.

Following the success of the Universal release Dr Hook Timeless (Executive Producer, Dennis Locorriere) in the UK, New Zealand and Australia,  Dennis Locorriere, who, from the very beginnings of Dr Hook to the height of their success, was the unmistakable voice of the band’s biggest hits and best loved songs, such as Sylvia's Mother, Cover Of Rolling Stone, Only 16, A Little Bit More, If Not You, Sharing The Night Together, Better Love Next Time, Sexy Eyes, When You're In Love With A Beautiful Woman, Years From Now and many more, is touring the world with an incredibly talented band of musicians and singers, playing all of the hits.

This is something that Locorriere has not done since his Dr Hook Farewell Tour in 1985.

In fact, never before have these songs been recreated live to sound just as they did when they were originally recorded in the famous Nashville and Muscle Shoals studios with some of the best session musicians in the world.

Possessing one of the most recognisable voices in popular music, Dennis Locorriere and the band have already performed sell out shows in New Zealand, are headed to Australia in October/November 2015 and will be bringing this unique experience to the rest of the world.

Dennis says “I know that people love the Dr Hook sound on those original recordings and that's what we're bringing back to them, just the way they remember it and want to hear it performed live”.

Dr Hook™ Starring Dennis Locorriere - The Timeless World Tour, is the show Dr Hook fans have been waiting for.


Tour Dates - Timeless World Tour