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DENNIS LOCORRIERE presents DR HOOK Timeless World Tour

Australia 2015

 Post Cool  media 



Adrian Basketfield



Claire Dearman


Website Design & Media

Sam McCormack


Artwork & Design

Emma-Lee Curtis




 Post Cool  media  would like to thank our 2015 Australian Touring Partners and Suppliers:







Layton Lillas, Promoter






Senior Agent, Tony Grace Guarrera

Agent, Colin Baxter


Crew & Suppliers

Simon Woods-Tucker, FOH Engineer

Gavin Downie

Production Manager, Brad Thomson

Tour PR Manager, Deb Edwards atDeb Edwards Publicity


Jim Black, Avalon Guitars, Belfast

Elixir Strings

Hohner Harmonicas

Frank Jacobs at Pearl Drums

 Justin Malseed at Australasian Music Supplies

Dean Bowdery at Protection Racket

Christian Koch

Simon Jayes, London Drum Company

Andy Gillespie, Westside Music

SKB Cases

Fractal Audio

Fret King Bass Guitars

Dunlop Strings

Kinsman Cases

ACS Custom

Gav, JHS




Dennis would like to personally thank:


Dennis would like to personally thank the band -  Accy, Trevor, Michelle, Willie, Damien and John, 

as well as Adrian, Simon and Gavin for their endless spirit, energy and hard work!!!​

It matters so much! ~




Universal Music Australia, Dave Parker, Sarah Smith, Diana Caruso 


Special thanks to Adam Corke, Universal Music UK

John Naher Musical Director Dennis Locorriere Presents Dr Hook World Tour
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