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A Few Words with Dennis Locorriere 

Rick Wakeman Face to Face with Dennis Locorriere

Rick Wakeman 'Face to Face' with DL


Airied on Sky 378 - 7th & 25th October 2009

Classic Media Press Release:


Not only does the charisma and alluring personality of Dennis Locorriere exist in his phenomenal stage peformances, but Face To Face host Rick Wakeman immediately comes to realise, in this incredibly entertaining conversation with ‘The Voice of Dr. Hook’, that Dennis has the energy, sincere love for his audiences and expression, forever present in his demeanour. Although even now, never one to take his crowd for granted, as the lead singer of Dr. Hook, Dennis experienced extensive touring schedules, typically spending some 300 days a year on the road for 15 years. This may go some way to explaining the huge success of his band, who amassed more than 60 Gold and Platinum records, scoring No 1 hits in more than 42 countries… They had massive world-wide success with classics like “Sylvia’s Mother”, “When You’re In Love With A Beautiful Woman”, “A Little Bit More” and “The Ballad Of Lucy Jordan”… But how did it all begin for Dennis and the band? Furthermore, how did they maintain it? What was it like to work alongside Dustin Hoffman and acting in a major movie with him? And now, decades after the musical minstrel was set in motion, Locorriere reflects on his magnificent career, tells us about the one he wrote for Bob Dylan, whilst spilling the secrets of his solo career, unassuming nature and troubadour sensibilities.


Rick Wakeman Face to Face: A series of TV and Radio shows produced by the Classic Media Group and recorded at the legendary Shepperton Film Studios. ‘Face To Face’, presented by rock legend Rick Wakeman features a stellar line-up of guests. Each episode reveals some of the most interesting, candid and in-depth interviews with major recording artists ever to grace our screens. ‘Face To Face’ truly does put a face to the name and profiles the careers of legends, presenting an insight into the minds of the masters of music!

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