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I'm never one to stay too long

Say 'hello', play a song

Leave before it all goes wrong 

That's my style 

But I think, maybe, in this case

While I can see a happy face

 I'd like to hang around this place

A little while

© Dennis Locorriere - All Rights Reserved

Extracted from the poem "Closing Time" in DL's Book of poems and cartoons "Whatever's Burning Now"

On these pages you can find out a bit about my past, keep up with what I am doing now and be among the first to know whats coming up next.

It's a big, hurried, ever changing world, folks and this website is my way of staying connected.

Thanks for joining me. Maybe I'll see you down the road somewhere!

Dr Hook | Kelvingrove Glasgow Scotland |
Dr Hook Rehearsals 2019
Dr Hook 50th Anniverary Tour

19.01.18: DR HOOK supported   Childline  on our 2017 Timeless UK/Ireland tour! 

 We raised a HUGE £ 21,367.26 !! 👏  

Massive THANK YOU to everyone!

Visit our   Childline page .

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On this day 1973 ❤️  | ... the rest they say is history!! 

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22.11.16:  Press Reviews! 

...the energetic passion of Locorriere shows the vocalist still has it....A truly timeless performance...

...Dr Hook are still a top tour group. A sold-out audience enjoyed two hours of music, with no need for a support group...

...I can say that this was easily one of the best concerts I have attended this year...

...Dennis Locorriere, the voice of Dr. Hook, a voice that has entranced millions and one that is so easy to rock out to with pleasure seeping out of every pore...

 Read the Press Reviews Here! 
 Face Book Reviews! 
Awesome, Fabulous, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐, Mind-Blowing, Terrific, Fantastic, Brilliant, Best Show Seen in Years, No support act just pure unadulterated magic from Dennis Locorriere and his hugely talented band, great atmosphere and lots of emotion, both on stage and in the audience. Could have listened for hours more, it was awesome!, Utterly fantabulously fabby show, Fantastic show from a lineup that lives up to the legend!
 Read the Face Book Reviews Here! 

(For those of you not on face book, our Social Media Wall can be viewed here!).

19.01.17: DR HOOK supported the  Teenage Cancer Trust  on our 2016 Timeless UK/Ireland tour!  We raised £ 11,633 !! 👏  

Massive THANK YOU to everyone!

Dr Hook Official Supporting | Teenage Cancer Trust

The Historical Significance of Sylvia’s Mother - By Donna Cavanagh - humoroutcasts.com

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DR HOOK 50th Anniversary World Tour | Starring DENNIS LOCORRIERE  - 2019-2020


Territories Announced: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Australia, UK, Ireland, New Zealand

Tickets On Sale: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Australia, UK

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